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Boozoo Chavis lyrics
Genre: Cajun
Paper in My Shoe (1987) 01. Paper in My Shoe [add]
02. Motor Dude Special [add]
03. Blues All Around My Bed [add]
04. Leona Had a Party [add]
05. Dance All Night [add]
06. Deacon Jones [add]
07. Dog Hill [add]
08. Oh Yes I Want My Baby [add]
09. Boogie Woogie All Nite Long [add]
10. Worried Life Blues [add]
11. My Toot Toot [add]
12. La Women Love Uncle Bud [add]

Zydeco Homebrew (1988) 01. Johnnie Billy Goat [add]
02. Suzy-Q [add]
03. Make It to Me [add]
04. Last Dance Waltz [add]
05. Pray for Me [add]
06. Zydeco Hee Haw [add]
07. Keep Your Dress Tail Down [add]
08. Sugar Bee [add]
09. Jolie Catin [add]
10. Zydeco Homebrew [add]
11. Make up Your Mind [add]
12. Jealous Man Two-Step [add]
13. Dancin' Sassy One-Step [add]
14. You Ack Sick When Your Man Is Here [add]
15. Boozoo's Baby [add]

Boozoo Chavis (1990) 01. Boozoo's Theme Song [add]
02. I'm Ready Me [add]
03. Dog Hill [add]
04. Keep Your Dress Tail Down [add]
05. Johnnie Billy Goat [add]
06. Gilton [add]
07. Goin' to la Maison [add]
08. Forty One Days [add]
09. Oh Yae Yae [add]
10. Tee Black [add]
11. Zydeco Hee Haw [add]
12. Don't Worry About Boozoo [add]
13. Bernadette [add]

The Lake Charles Atomic Bomb (1990) 01. Paper in My Shoe [add]
02. Forty One Days [add]
03. Hamburgers and Popcorn [add]
04. Oh Yae Yae [add]
05. My Love Just for You [add]
06. Pallet on the Floor [add]
07. Oh Ho She's Gone [add]
08. Bye Bye Catin [add]
09. Brand New Mojo [add]
10. Telephone Won't Ring [add]
11. Tee Black [add]
12. Bottle up and Go [add]
13. Comma Lemma Chapo Sha [add]
14. Lost the Paper in My Shoe [add]

Boozoo, That's Who! (1993) 01. Lula Lula Don't You Go to Bingo [add]
02. Boozoo's Payback [add]
03. I'm Going to the Country to Get Me a Mojo Hand [add]
04. Grand Mary's Two Step [add]
05. You Used to Call Me [add]
06. Boozoo, That's Who! [add]
07. Oh Bye Mon Neg [add]
08. Billy Goat Number Three [add]
09. Oh Black Gal [add]
10. Oh Bye Bye [add]
11. Went to New York [add]
12. Big Leg Woman [add]
13. Oh Ya Oh Ya My Foot Hurts [add]
14. Boozoo's Shuffle [add]

Live! At the Habibi Temple (1994) 01. Do It All Night [add]
02. Suzy-Q [add]
03. Motor Dude Special [add]
04. Grand Mary's Two Step [add]
05. Tee Black [add]
06. Johnnie Billy Goat [add]
07. Tell Me What's the Matter [add]
08. Boozoo's Breakdown [add]
09. Paper in My Shoe [add]
10. Boozoo, That's Who! [add]
11. Lula Lula Don't You Go to Bingo [add]
12. Don't Worry About Boozoo [add]
13. Worried Life Blues/Oh Bye Bye/Farewell [add]

Hey Do Right (1997) 01. Zydeco Cha Cha [add]
02. Bosco Stomp [add]
03. You're Gonna Look Like a Monkey [add]
04. What You Gonna Do [add]
05. I Got a Camel [add]
06. Mother's Blues [add]
07. Jump the Boogie [add]
08. Goin' to the Zydeco [add]
09. Pass Me a Dozen Eggs [add]
10. Hey Do Right [add]
11. Crying Waltz [add]
12. The Spotted Cow Died [add]
13. Message from the Master [add]
14. Zydeco Lady [add]

Who Stole My Monkey (1999) 01. Dance All Night [add]
02. Who Stole My Monkey? [add]
03. Marksville Slide [add]
04. I'm Going Away to Stay [add]
05. I Went to the Dance [add]
06. Oh Yeah [add]
07. I Want to Go Home [add]
08. Lucille [add]
09. Ay, Cayenne [add]
10. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
11. Valse de Derniere Fois [add]
12. Sock It to Me [add]
13. Bottle Up and Go [add]
14. Allons ? Lafayette [add]
15. Uncle Bud [add]
16. Deacon Jones [add]

Down Home on Dog Hill (2001) 01. Tell Me What You Want [add]
02. Keep Your Dress Tail Down [add]
03. Negre Est Pas L? [You Act Sick When I'm Around] [add]
04. I'm Still Blinkin' [add]
05. Sugar Bee [add]
06. Rock Me Mama [add]
07. Crying Blues [add]
08. Tite Fille [add]
09. Johnnie Billy Goat [add]
10. The Twist [add]
11. La Poule Pend P'us [The Hen Won't Lay] [add]
12. Broke and Hungry [add]
13. Henry Martin Two Step [add]

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