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Overlord [US] lyrics
Genre: Rock
Filler (1997) 01. Am I Wrong? [add]
02. Esspy [add]
03. Colliding Circles [add]
04. 90 Seconds of Nirvana [add]
05. Filler [add]
06. Delayed Past Thinking [add]
07. The Dream Song [add]
08. The Cedar Room [add]
09. Bring Us Another [add]
10. Why Can't I? [add]

A Finishing Picture (1998) 01. Universal Reversal [add]
02. Hello Kitty (Genovese) [add]
03. Gone [add]
04. The Beautiful People [add]
05. Automating [add]
06. Supernovocaine [add]
07. My Karen Carpenter Story [add]
08. Number 8 [add]
09. All My Idols [add]
10. The Big Sad [add]

The World Takes (2003) 01. Room Enough [add]
02. Warm Body [add]
03. A Boy in Name Only [add]
04. The Brand New Panic [add]
05. One and Only One [add]
06. Human to the Corps [add]
07. Landlubber [add]
08. Secrets in Pairs [add]
09. Give It Up! Let It Go! [add]
10. Stillbornagain [add]

Ticker Symbols (2006) 01. Is This Thing On? [add]
02. The Family Plot [add]
03. Pure O. [add]
04. Boy Shiva [add]
05. I'm So Sick of Falling in Love [add]
06. Should've Done Drugs [add]
07. When You Were Crazy [add]
08. The Very Next Person to Hold My Hand Can Have Me [add]
09. Evergreen [add]
10. The Walking Microphone [add]
11. We'll Never Get Away [add]
12. World Without Mirrors [add]
13. The Song That Saved the World [add]
14. Cruel People Don't Lie [add]

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