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David Thomas Roberts lyrics
Genre: Rock
New Orleans Streets 1981-1985 Suite for Piano (1994) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Decatur Street [add]
03. Burgundy Street [add]
04. Franklin Avenue [add]
05. Jackson Avenue [add]
06. Waltz [add]
07. Napoleon Avenue [add]
08. Magazine Street [add]
09. Toulouse Street [add]
10. Annunciation Street [add]
11. Broad Avenue [add]
12. Interlude [add]
13. Fontainebleau Drive [add]
14. Revenge [add]
15. Farewell [add]

American Landscapes (1995) 01. Pinelands Memoir [add]
02. The Girl Who Moved Away [add]
03. Back to Marion County [add]
04. Through the Bottomlands [add]
05. Muscatine [add]
06. Kreole [add]
07. Dixon [add]
08. The Girl on the Other Side [add]
09. Franklin Avenue [From New Orleans Streets] [add]
10. Fontainebleau Drive [From New Orleans Streets] [add]
11. Napoleon Avenue [From New Orleans Streets] [add]
12. Madison Heights Girl [add]
13. Anna [add]
14. Last Days of the Polo Grounds [add]
15. Roberto Clemente [add]
16. For Kansas City [add]

Best of New Orleans Ragtime Piano (1995) 01. Pretty Baby [add]
02. Kansas City Stomps [add]
03. Mamanita [add]
04. Fat Frances [add]
05. Honky Tonk Music [add]
06. Stratford Hunch [add]
07. The Pearls [add]
08. Tom Cat Blues [add]
09. Mr. Jelly Lord [add]
10. New Orleans Joys [add]
11. The Naked Dance [add]
12. Sponge [add]

Folk Ragtime 1899-1914 (1998) 01. Blue Blazes [add]
02. A Tennessee Tantalizer (A Southern Tickler) [add]
03. A Tennessee Jubilee [add]
04. Tickled to Death [add]
05. Poison Rag [add]
06. Scizzor Bill [add]
07. The Dockstader Rag [add]
08. Camp Meeting Melodies [add]
09. Blind Boone's Southern Rag Medley No. 2 (Strans from the Flat Branch) [add]
10. Felix Rag (A Phenomenal Double Ragtime Two Step) [add]
11. The Pirate Rag [add]
12. Medic Rag [add]
13. Just Ask Me [add]
14. Why We Smile [add]
15. Cotton Bolls [add]
16. Possum and Taters [add]
17. The Black Cat Rag [add]
18. X.L. Rag [add]
19. A Bran Dance Shuffle [add]
20. Whittling Remus [add]
21. Lover's Lane Glide [add]

The Collected Brun Campbell (2003) 01. Essay in Ragtime 1 [add]
02. Ginger Snap Rag [add]
03. Barber Shop Rag [add]
04. Reminiscences [add]
05. Slow and Easy [add]
06. Salome Slow Drag 1 [add]
07. Blue Rag [add]
08. Brun's Slow Drag [add]
09. Short Rag [add]
10. Frankie and Johnny Rag [add]
11. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
12. Chestnut Street in the 90s [add]
13. Tent Show Rag [add]
14. Grandpa's Stomp [add]
15. Campbell Cakewalk [add]
16. Rendezvous Rag [add]
17. Fragment [add]
18. Lulu White [add]
19. Salome Slow Drag II [add]
20. Barrel House Rag [add]
21. Essay in Ragtime II [add]

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