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War lyrics
Genre: R&B
War (1971) 01. Sun Oh Son [add]
02. Lonely Feelin' [add]
03. Back Home [add]
04. War Drums [add]
05. Vibeka [add]
06. Fidel's Fantasy [add]

All Day Music (1971) 01. All Day Music lyrics
02. Get Down [add]
03. That's What Love Will Do [add]
04. There Must Be a Reason [add]
05. Nappy Head [Theme from Ghetto Man] [add]
06. Slippin' into Darkness [add]
07. Baby Brother [add]

The World Is a Ghetto (1972) 01. The Cisco Kid lyrics
02. Where Was You At [add]
03. City, Country, City [add]
04. Four Cornered Room [add]
05. The World Is a Ghetto [add]
06. Beetles in the Bog [add]

Deliver the Word (1973) 01. H2overture [add]
02. In Your Eyes [add]
03. Gypsy Man [add]
04. Me and Baby Brother [add]
05. Deliver the Word [add]
06. Southern Part of Texas [add]
07. Blisters [add]

War Live (1973) 01. Introduction by E. Rodney Jones of Radio Station Wvon, Chicago, Ill [add]
02. Sun Oh Son [add]
03. The Cisco Kid lyrics
04. Slippin' into Darkness [add]
05. Slippin', Pt. 2 [add]
06. All Day Music lyrics
07. Ballero [add]
08. Lonely Feelin' [add]
09. Get Down [add]

Live (1974) 01. All Day Music lyrics
02. Introduction by E. Rodney Jones of Radio Station Wvon, Chicago, Ill [add]
03. Ballero [add]
04. Sun Oh Son [add]
05. The Cisco Kid lyrics
06. Lonely Feelin' [add]
07. Get Down [add]
08. Slippin' into Darkness [add]
09. Slippin', Pt. 2 [add]

Why Can't We Be Friends? (1975) 01. Don't Let No One Get You Down lyrics
02. Lotus Blossom [add]
03. Heartbeat [add]
04. Leroy's Latin Lament: Lonnie Dreams/The Way We Feel/La Fiesta/Lament [add]
05. Smile Happy [add]
06. So lyrics
07. Low Rider lyrics
08. In Mazatlan [add]
09. Why Can't We Be Friends? lyrics

Galaxy (1977) 01. Galaxy lyrics
02. Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do) [add]
03. Sweet Fighting Lady [add]
04. Hey Se?orita [add]
05. The Seven Tin Soldiers [add]

Youngblood (1978) 01. Youngblood (Livin' in the Streets) [add]
02. Sing a Happy Song [add]
03. Keep on Doin' [add]
04. The Kingsmen Sign [add]
05. Walking to War [add]
06. This Funky Music Makes You Feel Good [add]
07. Junk Yard [add]
08. Superdude [add]
09. Youngblood and Sybil [add]
10. Flying Machine (The Chase) [add]
11. Searching for Youngblood and Rommel [add]
12. Youngblood (Livin' in the Streets) (Reprise) [add]

The Music Band 2 (1979) 01. Don't Take It Away [add]
02. I'll Take Care of You [add]
03. World Is a Ghetto [add]
04. I'll Be Around [add]
05. Night People [add]
06. The Music Band, No. 2 (We Are the Music Band) [add]

The Music Band (1979) 01. Music Band [add]
02. Corns and Callouses (Hey Dr. Shoals) [add]
03. I'm the One (Who Understands) [add]
04. Good, Good Feelin' [add]
05. Millionaire [add]
06. All Around the World [add]

Outlaw (1982) 01. Cinco de Mayo [add]
02. Outlaw [add]
03. The Jungle: Beware It's a Jungle Out There/The Street of Walls/The ... [add]
04. Just Because [add]
05. Baby, It's Cold Outside [add]
06. I'm About Somebody [add]
07. You Got the Power [add]
08. Cinco de Mayo [Extended Version] [add]

Life (Is So Strange) (1983) 01. Life (Is So Strange) [add]
02. Happiness [add]
03. WW III Medley:/Dawning of Night/Waiting at the Church/When the ... [add]
04. Shake It Down [add]
05. Summer Dreams [add]
06. U-2 Medley: U-2, Pt. 1//Automatic Eyes/U-2, Pt. 2/U-2, Pt. 3 [add]

Peace Sign (1994) 01. Peace Sign [add]
02. East L.A. [add]
03. Wild Rodriguez [add]
04. I'm the One (Who Understands) [add]
05. Da Roof [add]
06. The Smuggler (The Light in the Window) [add]
07. U B O.K. [add]
08. Let Me Tell You [add]
09. Smile for Me [add]
10. What If [add]
11. Angel [add]
12. Homeless Hero [add]

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