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Vasoline Tuner lyrics
Genre: Rock
Beyond Repair (1998) 01. Pharmacy [add]
02. Mr. Ugly [add]
03. Waiting for Granny to Die [add]
04. My Summer Vacation [add]
05. Half a Leg and a Lottery Ticket [add]
06. Aeroplane [add]
07. Hole in the Head [add]
08. Zipperman [add]
09. What's So Special About Your Pussy [add]
10. Ketchup for Domino's [add]
11. Homo in a Wheelchair [add]

Rock Out With Your Cock Out (2003) 01. Ugly Girls Fuck Better [add]
02. Staying at the Y [add]
03. Your Mom Is a Man [add]
04. The Power of Mariah Carey's Pussy [add]
05. Creepy Creepy [add]
06. Rock Out With Your Cock Out [add]
07. Clouds Are Sexy [add]
08. Midgets Will Rule the World [add]
09. Transvestite Zorro [add]
10. Buttsweat Is Not Butter [add]
11. First Call the Police Then Suck My Dick [add]
12. Cellphone [add]
13. Skinny Model Girl [add]
14. Marylin Monroe Was an Overrated Ho [add]
15. Dracula Was a Ding Dong [add]
16. When Mermaids Learn to Swim [add]

Solid Gold Shopping Cart (2006) 01. Nobody Takes My Calls [add]
02. Trying to Be a Pimp [add]
03. Shirley's Camel [add]
04. Satellite 666 [add]
05. Engine Animal People [add]
06. Little Bubbles [add]
07. Dentist Lives on Saturn [add]
08. The Groongy Men [add]
09. Bambi Meat [add]
10. Up and Down Happy Like a Clown [add]
11. New Age Sugarmommy [add]
12. Jesus Lives in Las Vegas [add]

Sensitive Artist Beachball (2006) 01. I' No Gangsta [add]
02. Boning Old Bags in Beverly Hills [add]
03. Dogwalker [add]
04. The Power of Mariah Carey's Pussy Part 1 [add]
05. She Don't Know Where I Live [add]
06. Dead Celebreties Are Dead [add]
07. Balooney Pop [add]
08. Period Face [add]
09. She Stole My Astronaut [add]
10. Employee of the Month [add]
11. Williams Mom [add]
12. Every Snowman Needs a Carrot for a Nose [add]
13. People at the Wedding [add]
14. Psychic Cow Reader [add]

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