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Leroy Hutson lyrics
Genre: R&B
Love Oh Love (1973) 01. So in Love With You lyrics
02. Love, Oh Love lyrics
03. When You Smile [add]
04. Getting It On [add]
05. Time Brings on a Change [add]
06. I'll Be There, I'll Still Care [add]
07. I'm in Love With You Girl [add]
08. As Long as There's Love Around [add]

The Man! (1974) 01. Can't Say Enough About Mom [add]
02. Gotta Move-Gotta Groove [add]
03. Ella Weez [add]
04. Give This Love a Try [add]
05. The Ghetto '74 [add]
06. After the Fight [add]
07. Could This Be Love [add]
08. Dudley Do-Right [add]

Hutson (1975) 01. All Because of You [add]
02. I Bless the Day [add]
03. It's Different [add]
04. Cool Out [add]
05. Lucky Fellow [add]
06. Can't Stay Away [add]
07. So Much Love [add]

Feel the Spirit (1976) 01. It's the Music [add]
02. Let's Be Lonely Together [add]
03. Never Know What You Can Do (Give It a Try) [add]
04. A Lover's Holiday [add]
05. Feel the Spirit (In '76) [add]
06. Don't Let It Get Next to You [add]
07. Butterfat [add]

Hutson II (1976) 01. Love the Feeling [add]
02. Situations [add]
03. I Do, I Do (Want to Make Love to You) [add]
04. I Think I'm Falling in Love [add]
05. Love to Hold You Close [add]
06. Flying High [add]
07. Blackberry Jam [add]
08. Sofunkstication [add]
09. Don't It Make You Feel Good [add]

Closer to the Source (1978) 01. In the Mood [add]
02. Where Did Love Go? [add]
03. They've Got Love [add]
04. Get to This (You'll Get to Me) [add]
05. Closer to the Source [add]
06. Heaven Right Here (On Earth) [add]
07. Everybody's a Masterpiece [add]
08. You're a Winner [add]

Unforgettable (1979) 01. Unforgettable [add]
02. (You Put the) Funk in My Life [add]
03. Right or Wrong [add]
04. So Nice [add]
05. Lonely Without You [add]
06. More Where That Came From [add]

Paradise (1982) 01. Classy Lady [add]
02. Nice and Easy [add]
03. You Make It Happen [add]
04. Paradise [add]
05. She's Got It [add]
06. Nobody But You [add]
07. Stay at It [add]

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