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Genre: R&B
Fully Exposed (1973) 01. I Wanna Be Where You Are [add]
02. Can't Get Ready for Losing You [add]
03. I Just Wanted to Make Her Happy [add]
04. California My Way [add]
05. Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold [add]
06. Sunshine Lady [add]
07. I'll Be There [add]
08. If You Ain't Got No Money (You Can't Get No Honey) [add]
09. Ain't Nothing Like Togetherness [add]

The Mack (1973) 01. Vampin' [add]
02. Theme of the Mack [add]
03. I Choose You [add]
04. Mack's Stroll/The Getaway (Chase Scene) [add]
05. Slick [add]
06. Mack Man (Got to Get Over) [add]
07. Mother's Theme (Mama) [add]
08. Now That It's All Over [add]
09. Brother's Gonna Work It Out [add]

Foxy Brown (1975) 01. Chase [add]
02. Theme of Foxy Brown [add]
03. Overture of Foxy Brown [add]
04. Hospital Prelude of Love Theme [add]
05. Give Me Some of That Good Old Love [add]
06. Out There [add]
07. Foxey Lady [add]
08. You Sure Know How to Love Your Man [add]
09. Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why (All About Money Game) [add]
10. Ain't That (Mellow, Mellow) [add]
11. Whatever You Do (Do It Good) [add]

Mark of the Beast (1975) 01. Get Ready for the Get Down [add]
02. The Mark of the Beast [add]
03. Try It You'll Like It [add]
04. Life's No Fun Living in the Ghetto [add]
05. I'm Gonna Stay [add]
06. Woman You Touched Me [add]
07. Do the Thing That's Best for You [add]
08. Don't You Let Nobody Tell You How to Do Your Thing [add]
09. (I Wanted to Be a Rock and Roll Star) Woman I Still Got Loving You ... [add]

Ode to My Lady (1975) 01. Party Down [add]
02. The Way We Were [add]
03. Since I Found You Everything's Alright [add]
04. (I'm Gonna) Hold On [add]
05. Ode to My Lady [add]
06. Love Power lyrics
07. Just Another Day [add]
08. Talk to Me [add]
09. Love Me Back [add]
10. You Gotta Give Love Up [add]

Color Her Sunshine (1976) 01. Come on Girl Let's Get It On [add]
02. I Feel Like We Can Make It [add]
03. Color Her Sunshine [add]
04. I Like Everything About You [add]
05. Shake It, Shake It [add]
06. Let Me Be the One [add]
07. She's Just Doing Her Thing [add]
08. We Can Make It Baby [add]
09. I'm Gonna Be Around [add]

Concert in Blues [live] (1976) 01. Party Down [add]
02. I Finally Made the Headlines [add]
03. Baby Come Home [add]
04. Stormy Weather [add]
05. I Wish You Love [add]
06. Come on Let's Do the Thang [add]
07. Don't Let a Little Money Keep You Acting Funny [add]
08. Stormy Monday [add]
09. Precious Pearl [add]
10. Shake Rattle and Roll [add]

Havin' a House Party (1977) 01. Willie's Boogie [add]
02. We Gonna Have a House Party [add]
03. What You Gonna Do After the Party [add]
04. I Can Sho' Give You Love lyrics
05. I Never Had It So Good [add]
06. We Gonna Party Tonight [add]
07. After Love Is Gone [add]
08. Soul Strut [add]
09. Train of Love [add]

In Tune (1979) 01. And All Hell Broke Loose [add]
02. Paradise [add]
03. All American Funkathon [add]
04. Anything Is Possible If You Believe in Love [add]
05. Come on and Dance With Me [add]
06. Easy Does It [add]
07. Hip Shakin' Sexy Lady [add]
08. Nothing Lasts Forever [add]

In & Out (1983) 01. In and Out [add]
02. Slick [add]
03. Brother's Gonna Work It Out [add]
04. Sunshine Lady [add]
05. Get Ready for the Get Down [add]
06. You Sure Know How to Love Your Man [add]
07. Theme of Foxy Brown [add]
08. Love Power lyrics
09. Tell Me Why Our Love [add]
10. Shake It, Shake It [add]
11. Party Down [add]
12. If You Ain't Got No Money (You Can't Get No Honey) [add]
13. We Gonna Party Tonight [add]
14. What You Gonna Do After the Party [add]

Making a Game out of Love (1985) 01. She's Making a Game Out of Love [add]
02. Super Sexy [add]
03. The Very Best of Love [add]
04. The Glow [add]
05. Don't Act Like That [add]
06. Sexy Feelin' [add]
07. Always [add]
08. Keep on Jammin' [add]
09. Inside You [add]

From the Heart (1994) 01. She's a Super Lover [add]
02. So Excited [add]
03. Love You With a Feeling [add]
04. You Ought to Be With Me [add]
05. Rock This House [add]
06. Deva [add]
07. She's So Fine [add]
08. Precious Little Girl [add]
09. Imagine If [add]
10. Never Be for Me (Another You) [add]

The Mack Is Back (1996) 01. Ode 2 da Mack [add]
02. Here Comes Slick [add]
03. You're the One I Choose [add]
04. Brother's Theme [add]
05. Living Water [add]
06. Working for a Living [add]
07. Feeling Sexual [add]
08. Rock Your Body [add]
09. The Other Woman [add]
10. Too Right to Be Wrong [add]
11. Hiding Place [add]
12. Real Deal [add]

Sexalicious (2002) 01. I've Got to Get You Back [add]
02. Sexalicious [add]
03. All the Way [add]
04. Leave It Alone [add]
05. You Can't Take It Back [add]
06. Talk to Me [add]
07. Rock Your Body [add]
08. Super Lover [add]
09. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way [add]
10. Piece of the Action [add]
11. Keep It Real [add]
12. Rock This House [add]
13. Sexy Dancer [add]
14. Um, Hum Good [add]
15. Do It to Ya [add]

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