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Oliver Schroer lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Jigzup (1993) 01. The Victory of Love [Slow Reel] [add]
02. Toby's Reel/The Job [Reel] [add]
03. Laughing in Her Sleep [Love March] [add]
04. Horseshoes & Rainbows [Hornpipe] [add]
05. Far Away by the Sea/Lady Diane Laundy/Seanaghan Kennedy [Air/Strat ...] [add]
06. Ansgar's Jig/ Kari's Jig [Jigs] [add]
07. Blow November Wind/The Sea of Change [Slow Reels] [add]
08. The Devil and the Little Faces [Funk Reel] [add]
09. The Hub of the Wheel [Jig] [add]
10. Jump Up/Ghost Dance Reels [add]
11. Roro [Lullaby] [add]
12. December 16th/The Shooting Star Reels [add]
13. If Geese Could Sing [Jazz Waltz] [add]
14. Bright Eyes [Waltz] [add]

Whirled (1994) 01. Into the Sun [add]
02. Whirled [add]
03. Blue Sun in a Yellow Sky [add]
04. The Humours of Aristotle [add]
05. The Humours of Plato [add]
06. Early in the Morning/Irkuzan [add]
07. Gurka's Retreat [add]
08. Sit by Me [add]
09. Deep Water [add]
10. Marcie's Dzygh [add]
11. Christmas With Poncho/Last Call [add]
12. The Western Door [add]
13. Handgames [add]

Celtica (1998) 01. Wake up Happy [add]
02. A Tale With No Beginning [add]
03. Crazy About You [add]
04. Peter and Diane [add]
05. Shorelines [add]
06. Hannah [add]
07. Celtic Fiesta [add]
08. My Friend Brent [add]
09. Sun on a Cloudy Day [add]
10. Swinging Down the Path [add]
11. A Simple Song [add]
12. Paddy Goes to Heaven [add]

O2 (1999) 01. Joy [add]
02. Life on the River [add]
03. Light Passes Through [add]
04. The Lord's Prayer [add]
05. The North Side of the Tree [add]
06. Mask Without a Memory [add]
07. Stories She Told [add]
08. Frank Zappa's Reel [add]
09. Whistle in the Dark [add]
10. Aphrodite [add]
11. How Heart Came into the World [add]
12. John Cage's Reel [add]
13. Across the Valley [add]
14. Clowns [add]
15. The Bizness of Izness [add]
16. Body Memory [add]
17. The Breaking Point [add]
18. Just a Plain Girl/Slowly Butt Shirley [add]
19. Calling the Ancestors [add]
20. A Charm to Weave the Way By [add]
21. Signals [add]
22. The Beating of My Heart [add]
23. Dance for a New Beginning [add]
24. Grace [add]
25. John Cages Reel [Extended Version] [add]

A Million Stars (2006) 01. Oso Mimoso [add]
02. The Love March [add]
03. Walking and Talking [add]
04. Coming to Come [add]
05. She-Males from the He-Brides [add]
06. Head Shaped Like an Orange [add]
07. Birds in Flight [add]
08. The Siren's Call [add]
09. Ode to Canada [add]
10. Elddif [add]
11. The One I Remember [add]
12. The Old Rocking Chair [add]
13. Before Dreaming [add]
14. A Million Stars [add]
15. A Walk in the Park for the New World [add]

Camino (2006) 01. Field of Stars [add]
02. Camino Overture [add]
03. Ultreia [add]
04. The Tears of Mary [add]
05. The Pilgrims' Prayer [add]
06. Bellplay, Santiago de Compostela [add]
07. The Lord's Prayer [add]
08. Astorga, Afternoon Bells [add]
09. And Everyone Was Smiling [add]
10. Window of Peace [add]
11. Bells and Birds [add]
12. The Garden of Birds and Flowers [add]
13. Cowbarn Bells [add]
14. Forest Walkby [add]
15. The Light of Day [add]
16. Santiago Streetsounds [add]
17. In Memory of Friends Past [add]
18. Alleluia [add]
19. Grace [add]
20. Moissac Bellswirl [add]

Celtic Devotion (2006) 01. Carrickfergus [add]
02. Gaelic Air [add]
03. The Tiree Love Song [add]
04. Green Grow the Rushes [add]
05. Waltz of the Young Maidens [add]
06. The Dark Island [add]
07. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose [add]
08. Annachie Gordon [add]
09. Give Me Your Hand [add]
10. The Lakes of Pontchartrain [add]
11. She Moved Through the Fair [add]

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