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Bob Margolin lyrics
Genre: Blues
The Old School (1988) 01. Just Keep Loving Her [add]
02. The Old School [add]
03. Later for You [add]
04. River's Invitation [add]
05. Lonesome Blues [add]
06. The Window [add]
07. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
08. At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama) [add]
09. Memory Pain [add]
10. Young Fashioned Ways [add]
11. Ooh Wee [add]
12. My Life Is Ruined [add]
13. Mean Woman Blues [add]

Down in the Alley (1993) 01. Boogie at Midnight [add]
02. Brown Liquor [add]
03. Tough Times [add]
04. While You're Down There [add]
05. Down in the Alley [add]
06. Boston Driving Blues [add]
07. Lonesome Bedroom Blues [add]
08. Baby Can't Be Found [add]
09. Big Tree Blues [add]
10. Twelve Year Old Boy [add]
11. Dream of Nothing [add]
12. Look What You've Done [add]
13. Wee Wee Hours [add]
14. Now Who's the Fool [add]
15. Worried Life Blues [add]

My Blues & My Guitar (1995) 01. Moving South [add]
02. Maybe the Hippies Were Right [add]
03. The Same Thing [add]
04. Rip It Up [add]
05. Blues Lover [add]
06. Drip Drop [add]
07. Falling Star [add]
08. The Door Was Open [add]
09. Just a Bad Dream [add]
10. See Me in the Evening [add]
11. Going Home [add]
12. I Can Get Behind That [add]
13. The Last Time [add]
14. Peace of Mind [add]
15. My Old Friend [add]

Up & In (1997) 01. The Window [add]
02. Alien's Blues [add]
03. Imagination [add]
04. She and the Devil [add]
05. Blues for Bartenders [add]
06. Why Are People Like That? [add]
07. Goin' Back Out on the Road [add]
08. Up & In [add]
09. Coffee Break [add]
10. 'bout Out [add]
11. Not What You Said Last Night [add]
12. Long Ago (And Far Away) [add]
13. Just Because [add]
14. Later for You [add]

Hold Me to It (1999) 01. All You Left Behind [add]
02. Hold Me to It [add]
03. Mean Old Chicago [add]
04. Slam 'Em Down [add]
05. No Consolation [add]
06. Consolation [add]
07. Ice or Fire [add]
08. Lost Again [add]
09. Hard Feelings [add]
10. Not Dark Yet [add]
11. Stick Out Your Can [add]
12. Wee Baby Blues [add]

All-Star Blues Jam (2003) 01. Brutal Hearted Woman [add]
02. Sweet (Little) Black Angel [add]
03. One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky [add]
04. I'll Take Care of You [add]
05. Juke [add]
06. Mean Old Chicago [add]
07. Always on My Mind [add]
08. Easy to Love You [add]
09. The Last Time [add]
10. Maybe the Hippies Were Right [add]
11. Country Boy [add]
12. Crazy 'Bout You Baby [add]
13. My New Baby Owns a Whiskey Store [add]
14. Goin' Down Slow [add]
15. Just a Closer Walk With Thee [add]

In North Carolina (2006) 01. Tell Me Why [add]
02. In North Carolina [add]
03. You Rascal You [add]
04. Just Before Dawn [add]
05. Colleen [add]
06. Lonely Man Blues [add]
07. Tears of Rage [add]
08. Natural Blues [add]
09. Bring Me Your Blues [add]
10. Red Hot Kisses [add]
11. Hard Feelings [add]
12. Floyd's Guitar Blues [add]
13. She and the Devil [add]
14. Baby, Baby, Baby [add]
15. You Never Know [*] [add]

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