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Terry Callier lyrics
Genre: R&B
The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier (1964) 01. 900 Miles [add]
02. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be? [add]
03. Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be [add]
04. Cotton Eyed Joe [add]
05. It's About Time [add]
06. Promenade in Green [add]
07. Spin, Spin, Spin [add]
08. I'm a Drifter [add]

Occasional Rain (1972) 01. Segue #1 - Go Ahead On [add]
02. Ordinary Joe [add]
03. Golden Circle [add]
04. Segue #5 - Go Head On [add]
05. Trance on Sedgewick Street [add]
06. Do You Finally Need a Friend [add]
07. Segue #4 - Go Head On [add]
08. Sweet Edie-D [add]
09. Occasional Rain [add]
10. Segue #2 - Go Head On [add]
11. Blues for Marcus [add]
12. Lean on Me [add]
13. Last Segue - Go Head On [add]

What Color Is Love (1973) 01. Dancing Girl [add]
02. What Color Is Love [add]
03. You Goin' Miss Your Candyman [add]
04. Just as Long as We're in Love [add]
05. Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) [add]
06. I'd Rather Be With You [add]
07. You Don't Care [add]

I Just Can't Help Myself (1975) 01. (I Just Can't Help Myself) I Don't Want Nobody Else [add]
02. Brown-Eyed Lady [add]
03. Gotta Get Closer to You [add]
04. Satin Doll [add]
05. Until Tomorrow [add]
06. Alley-Wind Song [add]
07. Can't Catch the Trane [add]
08. Bowlin' Green [add]

Fire on Ice (1978) 01. Be a Believer [add]
02. Holdin' On (To Your Love) [add]
03. Street Fever [add]
04. Butterfly [add]
05. I Been Doin' Alright, Pt. 2 (Everything's Gonna Be Alright) [add]
06. Disco in the Sky [add]
07. American Violet [add]
08. Love Two Love [add]
09. Martin St. Martin [add]

Turn You to Love (1979) 01. Sign on the Times [add]
02. Pyramids of Love [add]
03. Turn You to Love [add]
04. Do It Again [add]
05. Ordinary Joe [add]
06. Occasional Rain [add]
07. Still Water (Love) [add]
08. You and Me (Will Always Be in Love) [add]
09. A Mother's Love [add]

TC in DC [live] (1996) 01. Mrs. Beasley [add]
02. Butterfly [add]
03. Holdin' On (To Your Love) [add]
04. Intro to African Violet [add]
05. African Violet [add]
06. Big City [add]
07. Be a Believer [add]
08. What Color Is Love [add]

Timepeace (1998) 01. Ride Suite Ride (Intro) [add]
02. Lazarus Man lyrics
03. Keep Your Head High [add]
04. AKA New York [add]
05. Trailer to the Race [add]
06. C'Est la Vie [add]
07. Java Sparrow [add]
08. Coyote Moon lyrics
09. People Get Ready/Brotherly Love [add]
10. Love Theme from "Spartacus" [add]
11. No More Blues [add]
12. Time Peace/No One Has to Tell You/Build a World of Love [add]

LifeTime (1999) 01. When My Lady Danced [add]
02. Sunset Boulevard [add]
03. Comin' up Babylon [add]
04. Holdin' On (To Your Love) [add]
05. Where a Lark Is Singing [add]
06. Nobody But Yourself [add]
07. 4 Miles [add]
08. Love Can Do [add]
09. When the Music Is Gone [add]
10. Fix the Blame [add]
11. I Don't Want to See Myself (Without You) [add]
12. Lifetime [add]

Live at Mother Blues: 1964 (2000) 01. Work Song [add]
02. Drill, Ye Tarriers [add]
03. The Gambler Song [add]
04. Lizzy Mae [add]
05. Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be [add]
06. Be My Woman [add]
07. It Will Not Be Long Love, 'Til Our Wedding Day [add]
08. It's About Time [add]

Alive (2001) 01. Ordinary Joe [live] [add]
02. Step into the Light [add]
03. Lazarus Man lyrics
04. Lament for the Late Ad [add]
05. African Violet [add]
06. You Goin' Miss Your Candyman [add]
07. What Color Is Love [add]
08. Dancing Girl [add]
09. People Get Ready [add]
10. I Don't Want to See Myself (Without You) [add]

Speak Your Peace (2002) 01. Monuments of Mars [add]
02. Running Around [add]
03. Darker Than a Shadow [add]
04. Brother to Brother [add]
05. Turn This Mutha [add]
06. Caravan of Love [add]
07. Sierra Leone [add]
08. Speak Your Peace [add]
09. Tokyo Moon [add]
10. We Are Not Alone [add]
11. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) [add]
12. Imagine a Nation [add]
13. Chelsea Blue [add]
14. Got to Get It All Straightened Out [add]

Lookin' Out (2005) 01. Truth in Tears (Intro) [add]
02. Jazz My Rhythm and Blues [add]
03. We R One [add]
04. Midnite Mile [add]
05. Truth in Tears, Pt. 2 [add]
06. What About Me (What You Gonna Do About Me) [add]
07. Blues for Billie Holiday [add]
08. Stripper [add]
09. And I Love Her [add]
10. Truth in Tears, Pt. 3 [add]
11. Africa Now [add]
12. Lookin' Out [add]
13. Truth in Tears, Pt. 4 [add]
14. Paris Blues [add]
15. Faithful (O.B.'s Song) [add]
16. Truth in Tears, Pt. 5 [add]
17. Look in 2 U [add]

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