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Jeff Neves lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Waltz for Lisa (1998) 01. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish [add]
02. Waltz for Lisa [add]
03. Flying Home (Reprise) [add]
04. In Search of the Miraculous [add]
05. Spain in Blue [add]
06. No Matter Where You Go, There You Are [add]
07. I Sing the Body Electric [add]
08. Zazen Pajamas [add]
09. The Isles of Langerhan [add]
10. The Philosopher's Stone [add]
11. Make the Morning [add]
12. Socrates' Dream (Reprise) [add]
13. Lullabies I [add]
14. Lullabies II [add]
15. Lullabies III [add]

Semi-Suite Guitar (2000) 01. Brubeck Stew [add]
02. Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [add]
03. Flying Home [add]
04. Philosophical Funk [add]
05. Monhegan Island Suite [add]
06. Hocus Pocus [add]
07. Socrates' Dream [add]
08. Speechless [add]
09. Time and the Riddle [add]
10. Star Dust Whispers [add]

Ibid (2003) 01. Lizard Music [add]
02. Spain in Blue II [add]
03. Toto Too [add]
04. Klaatu Barada Nikto (An Ode to Bernard Herrmann) [add]
05. Too Late Funk [add]
06. Man on the Moon Marigolds [add]
07. Copland's Dance [add]
08. C Minor Blues [add]
09. Home Fries [add]
10. Crowley [add]
11. Julia and the Mandlebrot Affair [add]
12. Sometimes Blue [add]

Horse Feathers (2005) 01. Summertime Gone [add]
02. Midway Though the Journey of My Life [add]
03. The Starry Messenger [add]
04. Horse Feathers [add]
05. Between the Darkness and the Dawn [add]
06. The Gordian Knot [add]
07. Breathe Under Water [add]
08. Bartleby's Waltz [add]
09. Blood and Chocolate [add]
10. Stephen Hawking's Dance [add]

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