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Foamy the Squirrel lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Rants for the Masses (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. Waking Up [add]
03. School and Cashiers [add]
04. Foamy's Rant [add]
05. Music [add]
06. Comic Books and the Goth Genre [add]
07. Politics [add]
08. Squirrel Talk Radio [add]
09. White Trash BBQ [add]
10. Noisey People [add]
11. Foamy's Rant II [add]
12. Sports [add]
13. Coffee [add]
14. Movies [add]
15. Affirmative Action [add]
16. Problems Solved [add]
17. Cell Phones [add]
18. Diet Soda [add]
19. Fat-Kins Diet [add]
20. People and Relationships [add]
21. List to Avoid [add]
22. Dating Advice [add]
23. Hand Dryers [add]
24. Modern Art [add]
25. Religion [add]
26. Small, Medium , Large [add]
27. Foamy's Rant III [add]
28. Pot Heads, Crack-Addicts, & Pill Popping Morons [add]
29. FCC vs FCC [add]
30. Political Rant [add]
31. Political Correctness, Add, WWII, And Kwanza [add]
32. Jack Osbourne [add]
33. Re-Master, Re-Package [add]
34. Whatever Happened to Punk [add]
35. Sunday Comics [add]
36. Auto Response (The Foamy Interview) [add]
37. Squirrely Wrath [add]
38. I'm the Lord and Master [add]
39. So I'm a Squirrel [add]
40. The Foamy Cult Song [add]
41. Neurotically Yours Theme [add]

Habla Inglese por Favore (2006) 01. Habla Inglese por Favore [add]
02. Biggest Fear [add]
03. Form Letter [add]
04. Friends [add]
05. Channels [add]
06. Email Malady [add]
07. Remade Movies [add]
08. Old Aquaintances, Welfare, & Mood Crystals [add]
09. Cloud Talk [add]
10. Drugs in Your Head [add]
11. Role Models [add]
12. Open-Mic Night [add]
13. Foamy's Rant IV [add]
14. Yogurt Covered Everything [add]
15. A Poetic Meal [add]
16. Rap Music & Porn Stars [add]
17. Cardiofork [add]
18. Gas-E-Pop [add]
19. Foamy's Rant V [add]
20. Eye Stigmata [add]
21. Advertising [add]
22. Yesterday Mail [add]
23. Tech Support [add]
24. So I Said to My Doctor [add]
25. Sitcom Silliness [add]
26. Open Mic Night II [add]
27. Manager (Man-Ager) [add]
28. Rules for the Masses [add]
29. No Christmas for You [add]
30. Fuck Everyone [add]
31. Dear Song Boy [add]
32. Am I Breakin' (Your Concentration) [add]
33. Go Boom [add]
34. Walkin' Down the Street [add]

Veins in My Head (2006) 01. Cell Phones & Car Ads [add]
02. Save the People [add]
03. Music Awards [add]
04. Foamy Fan Mail [add]
05. Are You Sure? [add]
06. CDs (Extended) [add]
07. Activists [add]
08. Hurricane Special [add]
09. White Pride (In a Non-Racist Way) [add]
10. Foamy Fan Mail II (Postage Due) [add]
11. News [add]
12. Fat People & Skinny People [add]
13. Squirrels, Squirrels, Everywhere [add]
14. Foamy Fan Mail III (Return to Sender) [add]
15. Dubbed in English [add]
16. Cartoons & Ads [add]
17. Hatta's Rant [add]
18. Foamy Fan Mail IV (Burn, Baby, Burn) [add]
19. Lesbian Test Tubes [add]
20. Regal Illegal [add]
21. Restaurants [add]
22. Illegal Immigrant Special [add]
23. Foamy Fan Mail V (Ashes to Ashes) [add]
24. Tech Support III [add]
25. Sensitivity [add]
26. Words & Phrases (Extended) [add]
27. Halloween Hoopla [add]
28. Radio Radio [add]
29. Foamy Humming [add]
30. The Fat Song [add]
31. Just Go to Hell [add]
32. Talkin' Squirrelly Wrath [add]
33. Sad State of Affairs [add]

Entertaining Ulcers (2007) 01. Online Shopping [add]
02. Auto-Ignorance [add]
03. The Quaid Factor [add]
04. Foamy Fan Mail VI [add]
05. Bull Fighting [add]
06. Unpredictable Bread [add]
07. Camping Episode [add]
08. Evil Corporate Zombies [add]
09. Service [add]
10. Foamy Fan Mail VII [add]
11. Girls, Girls, Girls [add]
12. Failed Male [add]
13. Accidents at Home [add]
14. Island or Continent [add]
15. Free Society & The People Who Hate It [add]
16. Hatta's Rant II [add]
17. Picky Eater [add]
18. Once You Go Black [add]
19. Foamy Fan Mail VIII [add]
20. Pick a Flick [add]
21. Bra Bashing [add]
22. Piece of a Puzzle [add]
23. Foamy Fan Mail IX [add]
24. White Pride (In a Non-Racist Way) Version Two [add]
25. Reptile Crunch [add]
26. Oral Meal [add]
27. Foamy Fan Mail X [add]
28. Poker People [add]
29. Deck Waving (Extended) [add]
30. Sympathy for d' Hoes [add]
31. Tutor of the Stupids [add]
32. False Reality [add]
33. A Pilz-E Song [add]
34. The Germaine Song [add]
35. The Rape Song [add]
36. Rule the World [add]
37. Don't You Know Anything [add]
38. I'll Say It Again [add]

Live at Gbcb's (2007) 01. Welcome One and All [add]
02. Useless [add]
03. You Didn't Introduce Me [add]
04. Squirrelly Wrath [add]
05. Do We Have to Play That Song [add]
06. Something So Vile [add]
07. I Broke a Nail ! [add]
08. Start from the Middle [add]
09. On to the Next Song [add]
10. Homicidal Maniac [add]
11. What, Am I Losing You People? [add]
12. Talkin' Squirrelly Wrath [add]
13. I Got to See Up Her Skirt [add]
14. The Foamy Cult Song [add]
15. There's Someone Who Takes the Cult Seriously [add]
16. Suffocating Now [add]
17. I'd Like to Change Things Up a Bit [add]
18. High Quality [add]
19. Someone Has to Throw That Guy out of Here [add]
20. The Smurf Song [add]
21. Everybody Likes the Smurf Song [add]
22. Victorian Mob [add]
23. Workin' for the Man, Man! [add]
24. All That You Get [add]
25. Foamy Getting' All Sentimental [add]
26. Where Are You? [add]
27. Pay Attention & Get More Involved [add]
28. Last Stand [add]
29. The Beer Bottle Incident [add]
30. Molotov Cocktail at Table 9 [add]

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