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Sex and Reverb lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sex and Reverb (2003) 01. Live Wire [add]
02. Where Have All the Good Things Gone? [add]
03. Running With Scissors [add]
04. Remain Lucid [add]
05. When I Die [add]
06. Breathe [add]
07. Six Gun [add]
08. Can't Do It by Myself [add]
09. Surrender [add]
10. Sarah Gon' Let Me Down [add]
11. Symphony #6 [add]
12. Tear Stained [add]
13. Here She Comes Now [add]
14. Satallites [add]

Anthems (2005) 01. Anthem for Americans [add]
02. Don't Make Me Beg for It [add]
03. You Run Like a Girl [add]
04. Another Man on the Moon [add]
05. Little Gold Needle [add]
06. Coroner [add]
07. Bulletproof [add]
08. Is It Too Late to Be Redeemed? [add]
09. Dirty Lullabye [add]
10. Marigold [add]
11. Gone Past Jaded [add]
12. Paint [add]
13. You Better Be Right [add]
14. Faith Came on the 'A' Train [add]
15. Vagabonds to Heaven [add]
16. Take a Hammer to Trouble Town [add]
17. Lucy Get on with Your Life [add]
18. Go Violent [add]
19. Supermall [add]

Sonic (2005) 01. Everything's Going My Way [add]
02. Looking Down [add]
03. Descending [add]
04. Time Is Gonna Make It Better [add]
05. Lord, What Have I Done? [add]
06. Baby Blue [add]
07. People Forget [add]
08. Dare [add]
09. Thump! What's Behind [add]
10. I Stood with the Shadow People [add]
11. Love Don't Love Nobody [add]
12. My Baby Throws Stones [add]
13. Friday Song [add]
14. Come Down to Me [add]
15. Mad on the Inside [add]
16. Butterflies in the Dead of Night [add]
17. That Was Then [add]
18. Racing [add]

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