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What Nonsense lyrics
Genre: Rock
Holy Turnips (2005) 01. Turnip Vendor [add]
02. The Hassle Free Help Line [add]
03. Chicken Sandwichology [add]
04. Beaver Builds a God-Blessed Museum [add]
05. The Sweaty Yeti [add]
06. Mac Truck in the Wrong Side of the Forest [add]
07. Alcoholic Businessmen [add]
08. The Swollen Colon of Johnny Browlin [add]
09. Love Song to a Cassie [add]
10. Bench in Central Park [add]
11. The Hassle Free Llama Line [add]
12. The Ugliest Song Ever [add]
13. I Hate Gorillas [add]
14. Cardigan [add]
15. The Waterlogged Turkey Buzzard [add]
16. The Ninja of Heck [add]
17. Hassle-Free (Sick Note) [add]

Christmas Jihad (2006) 01. Tub of Lard (Deck the Halls) [add]
02. KKK Christmas (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) [add]
03. Joy to the Hottness in FL (Joy to the World) [add]
04. Wassling with Muslims [add]
05. Muslims Are Gay (Carol of the Bells) [add]
06. Mexicans Have a Low Center of Gravity (Hark the Harold Angels) [add]
07. The +4 Valence Electron Song (Oh Christmas Tree) [add]
08. Santa's Holy Night (Oh Holy Night) [add]
09. Snufagoos [add]
10. Klick Clack Titter Smatter [add]

Songs in the Key of Suck Flat Minor (2006) 01. Hey There [add]
02. Eugene's Pinto Beans [add]
03. Spam for Pregnant Women [add]
04. Scotch Tape Is Air Adhesive [add]
05. Ohoossss [add]
06. Ninja of Hell [add]
07. James Is a Boat Salesman [add]
08. Ouch Song and Thomas the Ugly Flower [add]
09. Wilmore Plavacaco [add]
10. Ma Noom Na Needum [add]
11. Day at Publix [add]
12. Chemical Fire in My Eyes [add]
13. Ninja of Heck vs Ninja of Hell [add]
14. Liquid Liquid [add]
15. Tom Jones Bones [add]
16. Ohooo [add]
17. Chicken at Fair [add]
18. Cletus and the Tree Baracuda [add]
19. Stamps and Chlorox [add]
20. My Momma's Bubble Gum [add]
21. Bad Knees at 21 [add]
22. Jeopardeeeeee [add]
23. Ohoossss [add]
24. James Is a Whaler [add]
25. Rabit Llama - Save Yourself [add]
26. Praise the Gerbil [add]
27. Holding Music [add]
28. Prophecy [add]
29. The Backhoe Don't Know Where to Go [add]
30. Ah! [add]
31. Wearin' the Pants in the Family [add]
32. Blue Gills and Fur [add]
33. Minerical [add]
34. The Answering Machine [add]
35. G [add]
36. Ha [add]
37. WTF? [add]
38. News [add]
39. Pink Eye [add]
40. Drop the Kids off at the Pool [add]
41. Prosthetic Penis [add]
42. Ribbit [add]
43. Scarlet [add]
44. Lemur in Underpants [add]
45. Orange Green Juice [add]
46. Otterthing [add]

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