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Nobuo Uematsu lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII (0000) 01. F.F. VII [add]
02. J-E-N-O-V-A [add]

Final Fantasy, Vol. 7 (1997) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Opening: Bombing Mission [add]
03. Makou Reactor [add]
04. Anxious Heart [add]
05. Tifa's Theme [add]
06. Barett's Theme [add]
07. Hurry! [add]
08. Lurking in the Darkness [add]
09. Shinra Company [add]
10. Fighting [add]
11. Fanfare [add]
12. Flowers Blooming in the Church [add]
13. Turk's Theme [add]
14. Underneath the Rotting Pizza [add]
15. Oppressed People [add]
16. Honeybee Manor [add]
17. Who Are You? [add]
18. Don of the Slums [add]
19. Infiltrating Shin Ra Tower [add]
20. Still More Fighting [add]
21. Red Xiii's Theme [add]
22. Crazy Motorcycle [add]
23. Holding My Thoughts in My Heart [add]
24. Ffvii Main Theme [add]
25. Ahead on Our Way [add]
26. Good Night, Until Tomorrow [add]
27. On That Day, 5 Years Ago [add]
28. Farm Boy [add]
29. Waltz de Chocobo [add]
30. Electric de Chocobo [add]
31. Cinco de Chocobo [add]
32. Chasing the Black-Caped Man [add]
33. Fortress of the Condor [add]
34. Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony [add]
35. It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It? [add]
36. Trail of Blood [add]
37. J - E - N - O - V - A [add]
38. Continue? [add]
39. Costa del Sol [add]
40. Mark of the Traitor [add]
41. Mining Town [add]
42. Gold Saucer [add]
43. Cait Chit's Theme [add]
44. Sandy Badlands [add]
45. Cosmo Canyon [add]
46. Lifestream [add]
47. Great Warrior [add]
48. Descendant of Shinobi [add]
49. Those Chosen by the Planet [add]
50. The Nightmare's Beginning [add]

Final Fantasy, Vol. 8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec - The Orchestral Soundtrack (2000) 01. Liberi Fatali [add]
02. Blue Fields [add]
03. Don't Be Afraid [add]
04. Balamb Garden [add]
05. Fisherman's Horizon [add]
06. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec [add]
07. Eyes on Me [add]
08. The Man With the Machine Gun [add]
09. Dance With the Balamb-Fish [add]
10. Love Grows [add]
11. The Oath [add]
12. Ending Theme [add]
13. Fragments of Memories [add]

Final Fantasy, Vol. 9 (2001) 01. Vamo' Alla Flamenco [add]
02. Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy [add]
03. CCJC TVCM 15 [Untranslated] [add]
04. CCJC TVCM 30 [Untranslated] [add]
05. Melodies of Life (The Layers of Harmony) [add]

Final Fantasy Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy (2001) 01. Tina [add]
02. Kids Run Through the City [add]
03. Melody of Lute [add]
04. Eyes on Me [add]
05. Tenderness in the Air [add]
06. Fragments of Memories [add]
07. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [add]
08. Balamb Garden [add]
09. Lenna's Theme [add]
10. The Sucessor [add]
11. Music Box [add]
12. Theme of Love [add]
13. Welcome to Our Town [add]
14. Rydia [add]
15. Shinai Naru Tomo E [*] [add]

Final Fantasy, Vol. 10 (2001) 01. Otherworld [add]
02. The Splendid Performance [add]
03. Blitz Off [add]
04. Ending Theme [add]

Final Fantasy: Music Inspired by Final Fantasy (2001) 01. Final Fantasy VI/Opening Theme [From Final Fantasy VI] [add]
02. Final Fantasy VI/Tina [From Final Fantasy VI] [add]
03. Final Fantasy VI/New Continent [From Final Fantasy VI] [add]
04. Final Fantasy VII/Prelude [From Final Fantasy VII] [add]
05. Final Fantasy VII/Main Theme [From Final Fantasy VII] [add]
06. Final Fantasy VII/Cosmo Canyon [From Final Fantasy VII] [add]
07. Final Fantasy VII/Shinra Army Wages a Full Scale Attack [From Final Fantasy VII] [add]
08. Final Fantasy VIII/Liberi Fatali [From Final Fantasy VIII] [add]
09. Final Fantasy VIII/My Mind [From Final Fantasy VIII] [add]
10. Final Fantasy VIII/The Spy [From Final Fantasy VIII] [add]
11. Final Fantasy VIII/Mods de Chocobo [From "Final Fantasy VIII"] [add]
12. Final Fantasy IX/Alexandria (Vivi's Theme) [From Final Fantasy IX] [add]

Final Fantasy: Feel/Go Dream - Yuna & Tidus (2001) 01. Feel [add]
02. Go Dream [add]
03. Endless Love Endless Road [add]
04. Feel [instrumental] [add]
05. Go Dream [instrumental] [add]
06. Endless Love Endless Road [instrumental] [add]

Final Fantasy IV (2002) 01. The Prelude [add]
02. The Red Wings [add]
03. Kingdom of Baron [add]
04. Theme of Love [add]
05. Prologue [add]
06. Welcome to Our Town! [add]
07. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [add]
08. Battle 1 [add]
09. Fanfare [add]
10. Enter Fat Chocobo! [add]
11. Chocobo Chocobo [add]
12. Into the Darkness [add]
13. Battle 2 [add]
14. Bomb Ring [add]
15. Rydia [add]
16. Damcyan Castle [add]
17. Sorrow and Loss [add]
18. Edward's Harp [add]
19. Mt. Ordeals [add]
20. Faboul [add]
21. Run! [add]
22. Suspicion [add]
23. Golbez, Clad in Darkness [add]
24. Hey, Cid! [add]
25. Mystic Mysidia [add]
26. A Long Way to Go [add]
27. Palom and Porom [add]
28. Battle With the Four Fiends [add]
29. The Airship [add]
30. Troian Beauty [add]
31. Samba de Chocobo! [add]
32. Tower of Babil [add]
33. Somewhere in the World... [add]
34. Land of Dwarves [add]
35. Giott, King of the Dwarves [add]
36. Dancing Calbrina [add]
37. Tower of Zot [add]
38. The Land of Summons [add]
39. Lunar Whale [add]
40. Another Moon [add]
41. The Lunarians [add]
42. Within the Giant [add]
43. The Final Battle [add]
44. Epilogue [add]
45. Theme of Love [*] [add]

Final Fantasy N Generation (2002) 01. Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene III (Ffi) [add]
02. Roaming Sheep [Arranged Version (Ffiii)] [add]
03. Theme of Love (Ffiv) [Arranged Version] [add]
04. Legend of the Deep Forest (FFV) [Arranged and Remixed Version (FFV)] [add]
05. The Water Maiden (Ffiii) [Arranged Version] [add]
06. Welcome to Our Town (Ffiv) [Arranged Version] [add]
07. Moogles' Theme (FFV) [Arranger Version (Ffiv)] [add]
08. The Breeze (Ffiii) [Arranged Version] [add]
09. Troian Beauty (Ffiv) [Arranger Version (Ffiv)] [add]
10. Home, Sweet Home (FFV) [Arranger Version (Ffiv)] [add]
11. Dear Friends (FFV) [Piano Version] [add]
12. Aria Di Mezzo Caratte (Ffvi) [Arranged and Remixed Version (FFV)] [add]
13. Rydia (Ffvi) [Arranged Version] [add]
14. Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: Scene VII (Ffii) [add]
15. Songo de Chocobo (FFV) [Arranged Version] [add]
16. Final Fantasy (FFV) [Piano Version] [add]

Final Fantasy S Generation (2002) 01. Liberi Fatali [Ffviii] [add]
02. Eyes on Me [version] [add]
03. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII [Arranged Version] [add]
04. Fisherman's Horizon [version] [add]
05. The Man With the Machine Gun [Arranged Version] [add]
06. Vamo' Alla Flamenco [version] [add]
07. Daguerreo, The Hermit's Library [version] [add]
08. One-Winged Angel [Arranged Version] [add]
09. Fragments of Memories [Arranged Version] [add]
10. Dark City Treno [version] [add]
11. The Oath [Arranged Version] [add]
12. Unrequited Love [version] [add]
13. Aeris's Theme [Arranged Version] [add]
14. Ami [version] [add]
15. Behind the Door [Ffix] [add]
16. Melodies of Life/Final Fantasy ... [Original Japanese Version] [add]

Uematsu's Best Selection: Music from the Final Fantasy IX Video Game (2002) 01. A Place to Call Home [add]
02. Memory Erased by a Stom [add]
03. Sky of Alexandria [add]
04. Vivi's Theme [add]
05. Vamo' Allá Flamenco [add]
06. Steiner's Theme [add]
07. Danger in the Forest [add]
08. Battle 1 [add]
09. Over the Hill [add]
10. Village of Dali [add]
11. Zidane's Theme [add]
12. Cid's Theme [add]
13. A Song Form Her Memory [add]
14. Quina's Theme [add]
15. Ukulele de Chocobo [add]
16. Freya's Theme [add]
17. Tantalus's Theme [add]
18. Wicked Melody [add]
19. Garnet's Theme [add]
20. Black Mage Village [add]
21. Eiko's Theme [add]
22. Amarant's Theme [add]
23. Something to Protect [add]
24. Look Back, See the Frog! [add]
25. Daguerreo, The Hermit's Library [add]
26. Bran Bal, The Souless Village [add]
27. Not Alone [add]
28. Unforgettable Sorrow [add]
29. The Final Battle [add]
30. Behind the Door [add]
31. Melodies of Life/Final Fantasy [add]
32. Prelude [add]
33. Fu-Ru-Sa-To (Homeland) [*] [add]

Final Fantasy IX Plus (2002) 01. [Milennium Version] [add]
02. [Milennium Version] [add]
03. Main [add]
04. Waltz [add]
05. Kogaku Motet 1 [Ancient Music Version] [add]
06. Organum [Ancient Music Version] [add]
07. Mediteiranean [Ancient Music Version] [add]
08. Dokodade [add]
09. Weuber [add]
10. Kuja5 [add]
11. Melodies of Life [*] [add]

Final Fantasy: Battle Arrange (2003) 01. Battle Scene (Final Fantasy I) [add]
02. Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V) [add]
03. Force Your Way (Final Fantasy VIII) [add]
04. Battle, Scene II (Final Fantasy II) [add]
05. The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI) [add]
06. Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VI) [add]
07. J-E-N-O-V-A (Final Fantasy VII) [add]
08. Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy VII) [add]
09. Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI) [add]
10. Fight With Seymour (Final Fantasy X) [add]

Final Fantasy, Vol. 4 (2006) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Prologue [add]
03. Chocobo Chocobo [add]
04. Into the Darkness [add]
05. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV [add]
06. Welcome to Our Town [add]
07. Theme of Love [add]
08. Melody of Lute [add]
09. Parom & Polom [add]
10. Giotto the Great King [add]
11. Dancing Calcobrena [add]
12. Mystic Mysidia [add]
13. Illusionary World [add]
14. Rydia [add]
15. Troian Beauty [add]

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