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Shirley Brown lyrics
Genre: R&B
Woman to Woman (1974) 01. It Ain't No Fun [add]
02. Long as You Love Me [add]
03. Stay With Me Baby [add]
04. I've Got to Go on Without You [add]
05. Woman to Woman [add]
06. So Glad to Have You [add]
07. Passion [add]
08. I Can't Give You Up [add]
09. I Need You Tonight [add]
10. Between You and Me [add]

For the Real Feeling (1979) 01. When, Where, and What Time [add]
02. Crowding in on My Mind [add]
03. After a Night Like This [add]
04. Dirty Feelin' [add]
05. Hang on Louie [add]
06. Eyes Can't See [add]
07. Move Me -- Move Me [add]
08. Love Starved [add]

Fire & Ice (1989) 01. What 'Cha Gonna' Do When the Money Runs Out [add]
02. Ain't Nothin' Like the Lovin' We Got [add]
03. Tell Me Something Good [add]
04. Silent Treatment [add]
05. King Size Love [add]
06. If This Is Goodbye [add]
07. Take Me to Your Heart [add]
08. Sowed to the Wind [add]
09. I Wonder Where the Love Has Gone [add]
10. Anticipation [add]

Timeless (1990) 01. Still in Love [add]
02. Let's Make Love Tonight lyrics
03. I Had a Talk With My Man [add]
04. Three Way Love Affair [add]
05. Lovin' Too Soon [add]
06. Share Your Love [add]
07. If I Didn't Love You [add]
08. I Feel Your Love Changing [add]
09. Time [add]

Joy & Pain (1993) 01. Joy and Pain [add]
02. Hearts Are Make to Be Loved [add]
03. Take It Like a Women [add]
04. It's a Pleasure Easin' Your Pain [add]
05. You're Gonna Make Me Cry [add]
06. A Two-Way Thang [add]
07. 'Bout to Make Me Leave Home [add]
08. You Know What You're Gettin' at Home [add]
09. It Don't Hurt Like It Used To [add]
10. Long on Lovin' [add]

Diva of Soul (1995) 01. You Ain't Got to Hide Your Man [add]
02. If You're Weak Enough [add]
03. Good Loving Man [add]
04. One More Time [add]
05. You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) [add]
06. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is [add]
07. Talk to Me [add]
08. Sprung on His Love [add]
09. Better You Go Your Way [add]
10. Left Over Love [add]

The Soul of a Woman (1997) 01. Why You Want to Love Me Like That [add]
02. You're Never Gonna Find Another Love Like Mine [add]
03. Don't Go Lookin' for My Man [add]
04. The Power of a Women [add]
05. Who Is Betty? [add]
06. Female Player [add]
07. The Search Is Over [add]
08. The Last Time I Cry (Over a Man) [add]
09. You Left a Good Woman for a Good Time [add]
10. I Caught You With Your Pants Down lyrics
11. He Looked Beyond My Faults [add]

Three Way Love Affair (1998) 01. Silent Treatment [add]
02. Three Way Love Affair [add]
03. Let's Make Love Tonight lyrics
04. It Don't Hurt Like It Used To [add]
05. Joy and Pain [add]
06. Sprung on His Love [add]
07. Tell Me Something Good [add]
08. A Two-Way Thang [add]
09. If I Didn't Love You [add]
10. Lovin' Too Soon [add]

Holding My Own (2000) 01. Sweet Lips, Big Hips [add]
02. If You Keep Using My Love [add]
03. How Close We Came [add]
04. Is There a Lover in the House [add]
05. Sticking by My Man [add]
06. Walking or Crawling [add]
07. Cold Turkey [add]
08. The Best Woman [add]
09. Wrapped up in Your Love [add]
10. If I Were Your Woman [add]
11. When a Woman Loves a Man [add]
12. Through the Storm [add]

Woman Enough (2004) 01. Poon Tang Man [add]
02. Think Again [add]
03. My Heart Can't Take Another Break [add]
04. (I'd Have to Be) Stuck on Stupid [add]
05. Too Much Candy [add]
06. I'm So Fed Up [add]
07. I've Got to Sleep with One Eye Open [add]
08. Hook, Line & Sinker [add]
09. Woman Enough! (Why Can't You Be Man Enough) [add]
10. It's Best We Say Goodbye [add]
11. Miss Lizzie's Daughter [add]

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