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Mark Rae lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Ordered from the Catalogue (2001) 01. When 6 Loves 9 [add]
02. Second Street Go Go [add]
03. Catch a Rude Awakening [add]
04. Head to Head [add]
05. I've Got a Right [Nextmen Remix] [add]
06. Following the Noughties [add]
07. Getting It On [Aquanote Remix] [add]
08. Come on Girls [add]
09. Underground Crown Holders [add]
10. It Ain't Nothing Like [Nextmen Remix] [add]
11. You Fly Me [add]
12. Cold Water Music [Deadbeats Remix] [add]
13. Swimming Pool [add]
14. Habib [add]
15. Space Disco Latino [add]
16. The Squirrel [add]
17. Take Control [add]
18. Wake Up Everybody [R&C Remix] [add]

Rae Road (2002) 01. Lobster [add]
02. Lavish lyrics
03. Make No Mistake [add]
04. Skio [add]
05. Bamburgh Dunes [add]
06. Candystripe [add]
07. Dime Train [add]
08. I Need a Fix [add]
09. I'm Fast and Hot [add]
10. Fold or Flower [add]
11. Sick Chick [add]
12. Throne [add]

Into the Depths (2004) 01. Into the Depths [add]
02. Mind, Body and Soul [add]
03. Without You Now [add]
04. Medicine [add]
05. Rise Up [add]
06. Reach Out to Me [add]
07. Put It Back Together [add]
08. Clip My Wings [add]
09. Depth Charge [add]
10. Gato [add]
11. San Francisco [add]

Ode to a Dying DJ (2005) 01. Ton of Bricks [add]
02. Till I Left the Music [add]
03. Hot Like We [add]
04. Nuff Time to Waste [add]
05. String Vibe [add]
06. Walk in Space [add]
07. Mind, Body & Soul [add]
08. Blackout Rhythm [add]
09. The Quickness [Acappella] [add]
10. Dirty Shirt [add]
11. Picture Dis [Acappella] [add]
12. Medicine [add]
13. Loose Lips [add]
14. Stereotyp Meets Al'Haca [add]
15. Nice Up [add]
16. Get with It [add]
17. He's not Dead (Skit) [add]

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