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Genre: R&B
Feels Like Love (1992) 01. Walk Away from Love [add]
02. Missing U [add]
03. Make Me Yours [add]
04. Suspended Animation [add]
05. That's the Way I Feel About You [add]
06. Feels Like Love [add]
07. Special Lady [add]
08. Dear Lover [add]
09. Your Sweetness [add]

Let's Get Together (1993) 01. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed) [add]
02. Don't Make Me Pay [add]
03. Back Street Love Affair [add]
04. Let's Get Together [add]
05. Does Your Mama Know [add]
06. Walk Away [add]
07. Welcome Home [add]
08. Party Down [add]
09. I Love Stealing It [add]
10. How Do You Love 2 [add]
11. Let Me Love You [add]
12. Feels Lioke Love [add]

Simply Beautiful (1994) 01. Lose What You Got [add]
02. Dancing With My Baby [add]
03. Love Stealing Ain't Worth Stealing [add]
04. Crazy for You [add]
05. Ain't No Way [add]
06. Oops There It Is [add]
07. Tell Me [add]
08. So Glad You're Mine [add]
09. Simply Beautiful [add]
10. Once upon a Time [add]
11. Stay [add]
12. Do to You [add]

No Getting over Me (1995) 01. No Getting over Me [add]
02. Never Knew Love [add]
03. We Did It [add]
04. Meet Me Tonight [add]
05. Soap Opera Love Affair [add]
06. Tell Me [add]
07. Somebody [add]
08. Love 4 Tonite [add]
09. Midnight Doctor [add]
10. That's the Way I Feel About You [add]
11. Weak 4 U [add]
12. Missing You [add]

Ace in the Hole (1996) 01. Equal Opportunity [add]
02. Three People (Sleeping in My Bed) [add]
03. Hurt by Love [add]
04. In Need of a Good Woman [add]
05. My Baby's Cheating on Me [add]
06. Rockin' Chair [add]
07. Careless [add]
08. Bartender Blues [add]
09. I Love Stealing It [add]
10. Happy [add]
11. Running in Life [add]
12. Stone Good Lover [add]
13. Equal Opportunity (Solo) [*] [add]

Chapter One (1997) 01. Bust My Bubble [add]
02. Rock and Hold Ya [add]
03. So Very Hard to Go [add]
04. Last Rendevous [add]
05. Once upon a Time [add]
06. Sweet Thang [add]
07. Our Love [add]
08. She's Your Woman [add]
09. The Blues [add]
10. Arms of Another Man [add]
11. Prove It [add]
12. Living With Me [add]
13. Bust My Bubble [*] [add]

Something to Talk About (1998) 01. Mine All Mine [add]
02. Heart of the City [add]
03. Let Me Be (Your Spare Time) [add]
04. Love Is Something Beautiful [add]
05. Are You Married? [add]
06. One Last Kiss [add]
07. Hot Stuff [add]
08. Ain't Nothing I Can Do [add]
09. Something to Talk About [add]
10. Help You Pay Him Back [add]
11. God Has a Plan [add]
12. I Love You (But I Can't Feel a Thing) [add]
13. I'm Going to Your Wife [add]
14. Unconditional Love [add]

God Has a Plan (1998) 01. God Has a Plan [add]
02. Put God First (In Your Life) [add]
03. Jesus Is Love [add]
04. Holy Ghost Party [add]
05. You Did [add]
06. Satisfied [add]
07. Free My Soul [add]
08. That's Heaven to Me [add]
09. Jesus I Love You [add]
10. Stairway to Heaven [add]
11. Been Good to Me [add]

It's About Love (1999) 01. Everytime You Go Away [add]
02. Caught Up [add]
03. This Broken Heart [add]
04. I Gotta Good Woman [add]
05. You May Need This Road [add]
06. Stop Running from Love [add]
07. Cheatin' on Me [add]
08. Let's Stay Together [add]
09. Talk to Me [add]
10. I Got Beat Out [add]
11. That Woman Ain't Havin' It [add]
12. You Don't Know It [add]
13. Jesus Will Make a Way [add]

Call Me Mr. C (2000) 01. Scandalous [add]
02. Party Like We Use to Do [add]
03. Simply Beautiful [add]
04. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone [add]
05. Heart Have a Change of Mind [add]
06. He Don't Love You Like I Do [add]
07. Good Enough to Keep Me [add]
08. Same Thang Make You Laugh [add]
09. Talk to Me [add]
10. A Woman Need to Be Loved [add]
11. Without You in My Life [add]
12. My Heart Can't Let You Go [*] [add]

The Little Giant of Soul (2001) 01. Wiggle [add]
02. Love for Sure [add]
03. I'm Coming Home [add]
04. Shake It [add]
05. The Blues [add]
06. Stuck on You [add]
07. Baby I'm Ready [add]
08. Is This Love [add]
09. Love Is So Good When You Are Stealing It [add]
10. Cheatin' Game [add]
11. Tongue Bath [*] [add]

Essential Love Songs (2002) 01. Love Pains [add]
02. What a Way to Put It [add]
03. So Tied Up [add]
04. Best Years of My Life [add]
05. In the Mood [add]
06. Show Me [add]
07. No Getting Over Me [add]
08. Meet Me Tonite [add]
09. Soap Opera Love Affair [add]
10. That's the Way I Feel About You [add]
11. Missing U [add]
12. Special Lady [add]

The Last Man Standing (2002) 01. Lookin' to Hook [add]
02. I Found Love (When I Found You) [add]
03. I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much [add]
04. Ohh Baby, Baby [add]
05. Old Fashioned Girl [add]
06. Drowning in the Sea of Love [add]
07. How to Treat Your Lady [add]
08. Living With Me [add]
09. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
10. I Love Me Some You [add]
11. Good Woman [add]
12. Jesus Will Make a Way [add]

Changing the Game (2004) 01. Fact, No Rumor [add]
02. Love Mechanic [add]
03. Whipped [add]
04. Come on Over [add]
05. I Want You [add]
06. I Wanna Get It On [add]
07. Take 'Um Off [add]
08. Love Zone [add]
09. So in Love [add]
10. Keep Steppin' [add]
11. Woman's World [add]
12. What Cha' Do to Me [add]
13. Monkey See, Monkey Do [add]
14. Unconditionally [add]
15. A Thang 4 You [add]
16. My Mama Song [add]
17. Monkey See Monkey Do [The Remix] [add]

Full Circle (2005) 01. Going Crazy [add]
02. If You Ever Get Lonely (Call Me) [add]
03. Stay Together [add]
04. All My Love [add]
05. Playing Your Game Baby [add]
06. Can We Talk [add]
07. I'll Make It Good to You [add]
08. Take It 2 da Club [add]
09. It's a Good Feeling [add]
10. Meet Me Tonight [add]
11. Georgia on My Mind [add]
12. Hold Me [add]

Gifted (2006) 01. Boom Boom Boom [add]
02. Beautiful [add]
03. Can I Change My Mind [add]
04. When I Think About Cheating [add]
05. A Little Bit More [add]
06. My Lover My Friend [add]
07. Running out of Lies [add]
08. She Holding Back [add]
09. Missing You [add]
10. Sweet Lady [add]
11. Dreams [add]
12. My Miss America [add]
13. Trust [add]

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