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The Gok lyrics
Genre: Rock
Oh God, Accident (1994) 01. Rachelle, Eat Your Dinner [add]
02. The Lake [add]
03. Brillow Pad [add]
04. Song for Gilda Radner [add]
05. Darby Duppy News [add]
06. Pregnant Too Early This Year [add]
07. People Who Don't Tuck [add]
08. Gok Music (Tremblin Times) [add]
09. Drained and Sucked [add]
10. I've Been a Bad Boy [add]
11. Jaque Cousteau [add]
12. Eye Recovery [add]
13. Sittin in the Tree [add]
14. Killer Chips [add]
15. The Band-Aid Song [add]
16. Pit Stops in Utah [add]
17. Have You Ever Heard of This Word [add]
18. The World's a Funny Place [add]
19. Telephone Pad [add]
20. Work [add]

Black Day in July (1998) 01. Black Day in July [add]
02. Pizza & Tonic [add]
03. Pretty Good, How Are You? [add]
04. Kneemer Give Me Back My Bath Soap [add]
05. Such a Good Little Boy [add]
06. Texas Falls [add]
07. The Pro Shop [add]
08. Pancake Parlor [add]
09. Toss & Turn [add]
10. Las Vegas Party [add]
11. Married for a Year [add]
12. You've Got Friends [add]
13. Can You Hear Me Talking? [add]
14. Pass the Party Milk and Taste It [add]
15. The Mantle [add]
16. Frances II [add]
17. Suck [add]
18. Breathing Is Not an Option [add]
19. Frogwatch [add]
20. Grouch [add]
21. I Knew It, But I'm Too Fucked Up to Know It! [add]
22. Let There Be Peace in Pine Valley [add]
23. Echo Location [add]
24. Carol Chloride [add]
25. Thatsth Awsthum [add]
26. Fireplace Faces [add]
27. A Clown Is Not Always Funny [add]
28. Out of My Feathers With Harper [add]
29. Carrie II [add]
30. Little Precious Puppy, Give Me Your Paw [add]
31. Starting My Career at a Small Radio Station [add]
32. Crack the Code [add]
33. Toejam Forever! [add]
34. Visa Lisa [add]
35. Poppy Mummy [add]
36. Who Be Takin' the Walkman from Ya? [add]
37. Black Day in July [add]
38. Anyone Would Want to Hang Out With Me [add]
39. I Donate This Song to My Heart [add]

God Bless You, God (2002) 01. The Shoreline Is All Mine [add]
02. Magic Thong [add]
03. Cults & Gangs [add]
04. I Saw It First [add]
05. Pilgrim Fight Song [add]
06. Amazing Pond/Where Is My Dog? [add]
07. Aqua-Kegger [add]
08. Karen [add]
09. Bobby's Backyard [add]
10. Caramel & Fire [add]
11. God Bless You, God [add]
12. Fourteen Kinds of Mushrooms in My World [add]
13. Airport Requiem [add]
14. Macho Oil [add]
15. Truck Thesis [add]
16. Wet Bottems (Everyone's Got) [add]
17. Patience Is a Virtue [add]
18. Circle of Goats [add]
19. Gingevitus of the Heart [add]
20. Bitches in the World [add]
21. Fold It, I Unfold It [add]
22. Angels [add]
23. Twenty-Nine Muscles in My Head [add]
24. When My Body Feels Better [add]
25. A Pine Valley Thanksgiving [add]
26. My Hometown [add]
27. A Matter of Time [add]
28. I Can Barely See [add]

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