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Barbara Carr lyrics
Genre: R&B
Good Woman Go Bad (1994) 01. Messing With Your Mind [add]
02. See Saw [add]
03. Summer Nites [add]
04. Good Woman Go Bad [add]
05. Not a Word [add]
06. Oh What a Price [add]
07. What's Wrong [add]
08. Let Me Entertain You [add]
09. Reaching Out to You [add]
10. When You Love Somebody [add]

Footprints on the Ceiling (1997) 01. Good Looks Can Get Him But It Takes Good Lovin' to Keep Him Home [add]
02. Footprints on the Ceiling [add]
03. God Blessed Our Love [add]
04. If You Can't Cut the Mustard [add]
05. I Just Wanna Make Love to You [add]
06. The Bo Hawk Grind [add]
07. The Right Kind of Love [add]
08. Anybody's Man Tonight [add]
09. Make Me Feel It Like You Feel It Too [add]
10. We're Gonna Boogie [add]

Bone Me Like You Own Me (1998) 01. Long on Talk, Short on Love [add]
02. Bone Me Like You Own Me [add]
03. Livin' a Lie [add]
04. Show Me No Mercy [add]
05. Juke Joint Jumpin' [add]
06. Not a Word [add]
07. If the Lord Keeps the Thought of You Out of My Head, I'll Keep ... [add]
08. I'm a Woman [add]
09. Bit Off More Than You Could Chew [add]
10. Let's Do It [add]

What a Woman Wants (1999) 01. If I Don't Holler [add]
02. A Woman Always Gets Her Way [add]
03. Got My Name on Your Thang [add]
04. Rainbow [add]
05. Your Kind of Lovin' Ain't Good Enough [add]
06. That Old Booty Green [add]
07. Let a Real Woman Try [add]
08. Blues in the Bed [add]
09. Good Woman Go Bad [add]
10. The Man Knows How to Love [add]

Stroke It (2000) 01. Good With Your Hips [add]
02. I Love Him With a Feeling [add]
03. Hootchie Dance [add]
04. Make Me Feel It Like You Feel It Too [add]
05. A Woman Can Take It and She Can Dish Out [add]
06. Love Call [add]
07. A Good Woman Ain't Got No Time for a Cheatin' Man [add]
08. Stroke It [add]
09. Be a Woman [add]
10. Give a Woman What She Wants [add]

On My Own (2002) 01. Not a Word [add]
02. Mr. Big Mouth [add]
03. That's My I'm Gonna Leave You [add]
04. Sick and Tired of Your Mess [add]
05. Street Woman [add]
06. You've Been Doing Wrong for So Long [add]
07. Take Care of Your Own Business [add]
08. Love Thang [add]
09. Please No More [add]
10. Leave That Fool Alone [add]
11. Whatcha Doing With the Money [add]
12. You Take Away My Blues [add]

Talk to Me (2003) 01. Talk to Me [add]
02. Front, Back & Side to Side [add]
03. Drop It Like It's Hot [add]
04. Your Love [add]
05. What Goes Around, Comes Around [add]
06. Love Me With a Feeling [add]
07. Forever & Always [add]
08. Getting My Groove On [add]
09. I've Got a Love Jones (For You Baby) [add]
10. Drop It Like It's Hot [Remix] [add]
11. Front, Back & Side to Side [Remix] [add]

Down Low Brother (2006) 01. You've Got to Right the Wrong [add]
02. Down Low Brother [add]
03. Y'All Know How to Party [add]
04. Freedom [add]
05. You Gonna Mess Around and Get Bit by My Dog Trying to Get to My Cat [add]
06. Just Be a Woman About It [add]
07. You're a Liar [add]
08. Ain't Nothing in the Streets That You Can't Get at Home [add]
09. When You're Cheatin' [add]
10. I'm Not Going Down Without a Fight [add]

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