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Howard Tate lyrics
Genre: R&B
Get It While You Can (1966) 01. Ain't Nobody Home [add]
02. Part Time Lover [add]
03. Glad I Knew Better [add]
04. How Blue Can You Get? [add]
05. Get It While You Can [add]
06. Baby I Love You [add]
07. I Learned It All the Hard Way [add]
08. Every Day I Have the Blues [add]
09. How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark [add]
10. Look at Granny Run Run [add]

Howard Tate's Reaction (1969) 01. Question [add]
02. Have You Ever Had the Blues [add]
03. Plenty of Love [add]
04. That's What Happens [add]
05. Little Volcano [add]
06. It's Too Late [add]
07. Hold Me Tight [add]
08. Come into My Heart [add]
09. What'll I Do [add]
10. Chain Gang [add]
11. My Soul's Got a Hole in It [add]
12. These Are the Things That Make Me Know You're Gone [add]

Howard Tate (1972) 01. She's a Burglar [add]
02. 8 Days on the Road [add]
03. You Don't Know Anything About Love [add]
04. When I Was a Young Man [add]
05. Girl from the North Country [add]
06. Where Did My Baby Go [add]
07. Keep Cool (Don't Be a Fool) [add]
08. Jemima Surrender [add]
09. Strugglin' [add]
10. It's Heavy [add]
11. It's Your Move [add]
12. The Bitter End [add]

Rediscovered (2003) 01. Mama Was Right [add]
02. Show Me the Man [add]
03. Organic Love (100% Natural) [add]
04. Sorry Wrong Number [add]
05. Either Side of the Same Town [add]
06. All I Know Is the Way I Feel [add]
07. Don't Compromise Yourself [add]
08. Don't Need No Monkey on My Back [add]
09. She May Be White (But She Be Funky) [add]
10. Kiss [add]
11. Eternity [add]
12. Get It While You Can [add]

Live (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Stop [add]
03. Part-Time Love [add]
04. Look at Granny Run Run [add]
05. Show Me the Man [add]
06. Eight Days on the Road [add]
07. Sweet Sixteen [add]
08. Every Day I Have the Blues [add]
09. Ain't Nobody Home [add]
10. Sorry Wrong Number [add]
11. Mama Was Right [add]
12. Get It While You Can [add]
13. She's a Burglar [add]
14. I Learned It All the Hard Way [add]
15. Eternity [add]

A Portrait of Howard (2006) 01. I'll Be Home [add]
02. Close to You [add]
03. Homewrecker [add]
04. With You No More [add]
05. Gone [add]
06. How Do You Think It Feels [add]
07. One Hit [add]
08. Every Time It Rains [add]
09. Louisiana 1927 [add]
10. Dear Lord (Intro) [add]
11. Dear Lord [add]
12. Hell (Is Just a Place on Earth) [add]
13. Left for Dead (On Hold) [add]
14. The Lord Is Listenin' to Ya, Hallelujah [add]
15. Every Time It Rains (Interlude) [add]
16. Solid Ground [add]
17. I'll Be Home [*] [add]
18. Close to You [*] [add]

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