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Evan Lurie lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Pieces for Bandoneon (1989) 01. #VIII Intro [add]
02. #III Determination [add]
03. #I Inevitable [add]
04. #VI the Colour of the Sky [add]
05. #VIII Post Script [add]
06. #II Travel [add]
07. #V Folly [add]
08. #VI the Punch and Judy Tango [add]
09. #VII Intention [add]
10. #VIII Epilogue [add]

Selling Water by the Side of The River (1990) 01. The Spinster's Waltz [add]
02. Those Monkey's Weren't Typing [add]
03. Terraces [add]
04. The Orderly Retreat [add]
05. Rintrah Roars [add]
06. Coda [add]
07. Tarantella [add]
08. Ballad of a New York Peasant [add]
09. Moment [add]
10. Liam [add]
11. Sun in Rome [add]
12. Alfredo's Response [add]

How I Spent My Vacation (1998) 01. Fired! [add]
02. The Call of the Wylie [add]
03. Mary Melody to the Hollywood Hills [add]
04. The Glass [add]
05. You Can't Go Home Again [add]
06. Cut Trees [add]
07. The Salesman [add]
08. Waiting for X [add]
09. Departure in New Noise [add]
10. Jerry's Theme [add]
11. Languid Rooftop and the Plan [add]
12. Baseball [add]
13. Possible Love [add]
14. Threads [add]
15. Jerry Sad [add]
16. Christie's Day [add]
17. Guitarras Solo Guitarras [add]
18. Rambling [add]
19. Funeral [add]
20. The Phinehas J. Platypus Show [add]
21. Darkening [add]
22. The Project [add]
23. I Won't Use This Needle, This Needle Has Been Used Before [add]
24. Wishes Becoming Madness [add]
25. Exit Puppeteer [add]
26. Love Lost [add]

Il Piccolo Diavolo [Original Soundtrack] (1999) 01. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Devil Tango [add]
02. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Dance [add]
03. Il Piccolo Diavolo/The Happy Tango [add]
04. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Fashion Show [add]
05. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Giuditta's Confession [add]
06. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Excerpt from Folly [add]
07. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Devil Tango (Reprise) [add]
08. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Exorcism [add]
09. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Radio [add]
10. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Gloria's Theme [add]
11. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Possession [add]
12. Il Piccolo Diavolo/To the Station [add]
13. Violinotzigano [add]
14. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Station [add]
15. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Bed and Bath [add]
16. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Thanks Luigi [add]
17. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Another Fashion [add]
18. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Devil Tango Casino [add]
19. Il Piccolo Diavolo/Thanks Luigi (Original Movie Version) [add]

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