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Genre: Easy Listening
One Off the Top (1993) 01. The Touch of a Woman [add]
02. Can't You Feel My Love in This Song [add]
03. One Off the Top [add]
04. Monterey, Home Away [add]
05. Your Love for Me [add]
06. Spinnin' My Wheels [add]
07. The Touch of a Woman [add]
08. Two Romantics [add]
09. Deanna (I Can't Go Wrong) [add]
10. If I Told You [add]
11. Purified Joy [add]
12. Now She's Gone [add]

From Here to There (1994) 01. From Here to There [add]
02. Only You [add]
03. If This Is Love [add]
04. Michael's Dad [add]
05. With Megan, They'll Be Beggin' [add]
06. New World Order [add]
07. In Flight [add]
08. Is It Really Love? [add]
09. Look What We've Found [add]
10. Time Has a Way [add]
11. Love Has Caught Up to Me [add]
12. Jesse's Jam [add]

You've Got To (1995) 01. You've Got To [add]
02. Forever Yours, Forever Mine [add]
03. She's My Linda [add]
04. Go for It [add]
05. No Ordinary Lines [add]
06. Land on Your Feet [add]
07. You've Got To [add]
08. Go Now [add]
09. Spiritual Awakening [add]
10. R.J. [add]
11. Kianu's Piano [add]
12. Stop the Violence, Stop the Greed [add]

Twelve Tracks (1999) 01. Sending Out This Song to You [add]
02. With Megan, They'll Be Beggin' [add]
03. A Little of This, A Little of That [add]
04. Enough to Go Around [add]
05. In Tune [add]
06. Michael's Dad [add]
07. U.R. the Woman [add]
08. Foolish in Love [add]
09. Aspen [add]
10. Jump Start Your Heart [add]
11. Take What You Want [add]
12. Jess the Blues [add]

Open Up the Power Within (2001) 01. I Sing Soft, I Sing Loud [add]
02. If This Is Love [add]
03. Open Up [add]
04. The Power Within [add]
05. Every Time I Look Look in Your Eyes [add]
06. Same Old Same Old [add]
07. Davida [add]
08. The Jim Rome Song [add]
09. Rags to Riches to Rags [add]
10. Happy Endings [add]

Try This On (2003) 01. Try This On [add]
02. Land on Your Feet [add]
03. Bumped Around [add]
04. Raising the Bar [add]
05. No One's Listening [add]
06. Smooth Vegas [add]
07. Time Peace [add]
08. Heading for Home [add]
09. Mocha Magic [add]
10. No One's Listening (Vocal)/Shoreline Secrets [add]

In Your Dreams (2007) 01. Sundown Sunday [add]
02. No Cover Charge [add]
03. Resolution Begins [add]
04. Straight Forward [add]
05. Crystal Clear Sailing Ahead [add]
06. Shoreline Secrets [add]
07. Kickin' Back [add]
08. In Your Dreams [add]
09. Friday Afternoon [add]
10. You've Got To [add]
11. It's All About Smokey (Tribute to Smokey Robinson) [add]
12. Sundown Sunday (Complete) [add]

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