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Genre: Rock
Millions of Dead Cops (1982) 01. Business on Parade [add]
02. Dead Cops/America's So Straight [add]
03. Born to Die [add]
04. Corporate Deathburger [add]
05. Violent Rednecks [add]
06. I Remember [add]
07. John Wayne Was a Nazi [add]
08. Dick for Brains [add]
09. I Hate Work [add]
10. My Family Is a Little Weird [add]
11. Greedy & Pathetic [add]
12. Church & State [add]
13. Kill the Light [add]
14. American Achievements [add]

Smoke Signals (1986) 01. No More Cops [add]
02. King of Thrash [add]
03. Drink to Forget [add]
04. The Big Picture [add]
05. Skateboards from Hell [add]
06. Tofutti [add]
07. South Africa Is Free [add]
08. Acceptable Risks [add]
09. Missile Destroyed Civilization [add]
10. Soup Kitchen Celebrity [add]
11. Country Squawk [add]
12. Paradise Lost [add]
13. Smoke Signals [add]

This Blood's for You (1987) 01. Millions of Damn Christians [Dante's River Styx] [add]
02. This Blood's for You [add]
03. Who's the Terrorist Now [add]
04. Bye Bye Ronnie [add]
05. Chock Full of Shit [add]
06. Mao Tse Tung [add]
07. Henry Kissmyassinger [add]
08. Guns for Nicaragua [add]
09. Politician [add]
10. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D. [add]
11. Sexy and Christian [add]
12. Your Death Wish Is Sick [add]
13. Massacred and Dismembered Culture [add]
14. Police Related Death [add]

Elvis: In the Rheinland [live] (1989) 01. Dead Cops [add]
02. Greedy and Pathetic [add]
03. The Big Picture [add]
04. I Remember [add]
05. Church and State [add]
06. Kill the Light [add]
07. Chicken Squawk [add]
08. Multi-Death Corporations [add]
09. Selfish Shit [add]
10. Corporate Deathburger [add]
11. My Family Is a Little Weird [add]
12. No More Cops [add]
13. Chock Full of Shit [add]
14. Henry Kissmyassinger [add]
15. Mao Tse Tung [add]
16. Pay to Come (Cum) Along [add]
17. Dick for Brains [add]
18. Violent Redneck [add]
19. Fog Town [add]
20. Kleptomaniac [add]
21. American Achievements [add]
22. John Wayne Was a Nazi [add]
23. Dead Cops Rock [add]
24. Born to Die [add]
25. Secret to a Long Life [add]

It's the Real Thing (1989) 01. Huddled Masses [add]
02. Dirty Harry for President [add]
03. White Men in Suits [add]
04. Three Blind Mice [add]
05. Tofu Spaghetti [add]
06. Snuffed Out [add]
07. Deep in the Heart (Of Racist Amerikkka) [add]
08. Acid Reindeer [add]
09. I Was a Dupe for the RCP [add]
10. Metal Devil Cokes [add]
11. Hole in My Soul [add]
12. Knucklehead [add]
13. Ain't It Funny (How It All Works Out) [add]
14. Mongoloid [add]
15. Love Potion No. 9 [add]
16. Something for Everyone [add]

Hey Cop, If I Had a Face Like Yours... (1991) 01. Millions of Dead Cops [add]
02. Mark of the Farmer [add]
03. U.S. War #54 [add]
04. Gig and Die in L.A. [add]
05. Beat Somebody Up [add]
06. Nowhere to Go [add]
07. I Do Not Wish [add]
08. If I Had a Face [add]
09. It's Later Than You Think [add]
10. Lambada Me [add]
11. The Jew That Got Away [add]
12. Money Pile [add]
13. Cockrocker [add]
14. Crime of Rape [add]
15. Black Christmas [add]

Shades of Brown (1993) 01. Shades of Brown [add]
02. Winter of 92' [add]
03. Someone's Behind You Again [add]
04. This Land [add]
05. Thanks for Giving Me What I Didn't Want [add]
06. Greenwash [add]
07. Slow, Stupid and Hungry [add]
08. Hail Satan [add]
09. Borrowed Time [add]
10. Squat Dogs [add]
11. Welfare Line [add]
12. Spare Change [add]
13. Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets [add]
14. Long Time Gone [add]
15. Last Train to Castro [add]

Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004) 01. Destroying the Planet [add]
02. Going Nowhere Faster Than You [add]
03. Founding Fathers - Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? [add]
04. Poseur Punk [add]
05. Let's Kill All the Cops [add]
06. Life But How to Live It [add]
07. Prime Evil [add]
08. Time Out [add]
09. Girls Like You Make Me Queer [add]
10. Sleep a Little Less, Dream a Little More [add]
11. Walking on Thin Ice [add]
12. No More Cops [add]
13. Long Day, Short Life [add]
14. Timmy Yo [add]
15. Nazis Shouldn't Drive [add]
16. Sick of It [add]
17. Prick Faced Bastard [add]
18. Ballad of G.W. [add]

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