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Little Charlie & the Nightcats lyrics
Genre: Blues
All the Way Crazy (1987) 01. T.V. Crazy [add]
02. Right Around the Corner [add]
03. Clothesline [add]
04. Living Hand to Mouth [add]
05. Suicide Blues [add]
06. Poor Tarzan [add]
07. When Girls Do It [add]
08. Eyes Like a Cat [add]
09. I'll Take You Back [add]
10. Short Skirts [add]

Disturbing the Peace (1988) 01. That's My Girl [add]
02. Nervous [add]
03. My Money's Green [add]
04. If This Is Love [add]
05. I Ain't Lyin' [add]
06. She's Talking [add]
07. My Last Meal [add]
08. The Booty Song (I Love to Watch You Walk Away) [add]
09. Don't Boss Me [add]
10. V-8 Ford [add]
11. I Feel So Sorry [add]
12. Run Me Down [add]

The Big Break (1989) 01. The Big Break [add]
02. Don't Do It [add]
03. Dump That Chump [add]
04. I Beg Your Pardon [add]
05. Kansas City Woman [add]
06. Hurry up and Wait [add]
07. That's O.K. [add]
08. Jump Start [add]
09. Side Stuff [add]
10. Some Nerve [add]
11. Lottery [add]
12. Me and Miss Ann [add]

Captured Live (1991) 01. Tomorrow Night [add]
02. Run Me Down [add]
03. Rain [add]
04. Dump That Chump [add]
05. Ten Years Ago [add]
06. Thinking With the Wrong Head [add]
07. Wildcattin' [add]
08. Crawling Kingsnake [add]
09. Smart Kike Einstein [add]
10. Eyes Like a Cat [add]

Night Vision (1993) 01. My Next Ex-Wife [add]
02. I'll Never Do That No More [add]
03. You Win [add]
04. Sure Seems Strange [add]
05. Can't Keep It Up [add]
06. Dog Eat Dog [add]
07. I Dare You, Baby [add]
08. Crying Won't Help You [add]
09. Grow up, Baby [add]
10. California on My Mind [add]
11. Backfire [add]
12. Pressin' On [add]
13. Buzzsaw [add]

Straight Up! (1995) 01. I Could Deal With It lyrics
02. I Can't Speak No Spanish (No Hablo Espa?ol) [add]
03. I'm Just Lucky That Way [add]
04. Turn My Back on You [add]
05. Me and My Big Mouth lyrics
06. You Gonna Lie [add]
07. Hey Gold Digger [add]
08. Homicide [add]
09. Too Close Together [add]
10. Gerontology [add]
11. Playboy Blues [add]
12. Is That It? [add]
13. On the Loose [add]
14. My Way or the Highway [add]

Shadow of the Blues (1998) 01. Never Trust a Woman [add]
02. New Old Lady [add]
03. When Your Woman Is Gone [add]
04. You Got Your Hooks in Me [add]
05. Big and Fat [add]
06. You Don't Love Me That Way [add]
07. Walkin' in the Shadow of the Blues [add]
08. Got It Good [add]
09. Dirty Dealin' Mama [add]
10. Percolatin' [add]
11. I Don't Drink Much [add]
12. Murmur Low [add]
13. You Got to Rock [add]

That's Big (2002) 01. Real Love [add]
02. Weekend Off [add]
03. Desperate Man [add]
04. Livin' Good [add]
05. That's Big [add]
06. Bluto's Back [add]
07. I'll Never Cross Your Mind [add]
08. I Know She Used to Be Your Woman [add]
09. Money Must Think I'm Dead [#2] [add]
10. Coastin' Hank [add]
11. It Better Get Better [add]
12. Bayview Jump [add]
13. Steady Rollin' Man [add]
14. Go on If You're Goin' [add]

Nine Lives (2005) 01. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [add]
02. Handle With Care [add]
03. So Good [add]
04. Got to Have a Job [add]
05. Circling the Drain [add]
06. Don't Cha Do Nothin' [add]
07. Cool Johnny Twist [add]
08. Tag (You're It) [add]
09. Quittin' Time [add]
10. Deep Pockets [add]
11. Wall to Wall [add]
12. Sugar Daddy Sweet [add]
13. Slap Happy [add]

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