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NataniŽl lyrics
Genre: Rock
Recital (1993) 01. Paradise [add]
02. That Hand [add]
03. Startling Revelation [add]
04. Hot Breath Hennie [add]
05. Burning like The Sun [add]
06. Take Me From The Moon [add]
07. Gimme Soul [add]
08. All Our Sins [add]
09. Love Makes You [add]

Dying for Master (1994) 01. Overture [add]
02. By Birth [add]
03. My Priest [add]
04. Who Will I Be [add]
05. Move In [add]
06. The Way of Love [add]
07. A Room in the House [add]
08. Box [add]
09. If I Can Dream [add]
10. Those Ordinary Lives [add]
11. Dixieland / Glory Glory [add]

The Wallflower (1995) 01. Juice [add]
02. He Moves Me (The Concerto) [add]
03. You've Taken All [add]
04. Beauty Spot [add]
05. He Moves Me [add]
06. The Wallflower [add]
07. Moon Jazz [add]
08. Give Me the Spirit [add]
09. I'll Be More [add]
10. Verschwiegene Liebe [add]

The Cover Concert [live] (1996) 01. Some Enchanted Evening [add]
02. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows [add]
03. I'd Give Anything [add]
04. Troukoek (Monologue) [add]
05. Supper Time [add]
06. Help Me Make It Through the Night [add]
07. Here's to Life [add]
08. Misty [add]
09. La Mťmoire d'Abraham [add]
10. Oh, Glory/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
11. Butterfly [add]
12. The Last Waltz [add]
13. You're My World [add]
14. This Bus [add]

Portfolio (1997) 01. Maybe Time [add]
02. Open Road, Open Mind [add]
03. Waiting for the Day [add]
04. Dancing Out My Baby Shoes [add]
05. Motorcar [add]
06. Roses and Jazz [add]
07. Golden Child [add]
08. Dancing With John [add]
09. Hey Hey Blues [add]
10. Gimme the Bread [add]
11. Hot Breath Hennie [add]
12. Cold [add]
13. There Is a Storm [add]
14. A Room in the House [add]
15. Ordinary Lives [add]
16. Your Mother [add]
17. Harmony [add]
18. Juice [add]
19. Now I Can Die [add]

Slow Tear (1998) 01. Slow Tear [add]
02. Gossip Tower [add]
03. Danger to My Heart [add]
04. You Are My Blessing [add]
05. Want Your Jam [add]
06. The Other Side [add]
07. Poison [add]
08. Take That Body [add]
09. None of Them [add]
10. Easy Shadow [add]
11. Way Away Out Somewhere [add]
12. I Saw Someone [add]

Fall (2000) 01. Blonde [add]
02. The Seasons That You Bring [add]
03. Hold on to the Moon [add]
04. The Man Who Runs from Water [add]
05. Oh Rose [add]
06. Madness for You [add]
07. Fall [add]
08. For a Father [add]
09. Living Day [add]
10. Saam [add]

Dance 'Til I Break (2002) 01. Hopeless Hand [add]
02. Dance 'Til I Break [add]
03. Each Time It Ends [add]
04. Inside the Storm [add]
05. Poison Shoe [add]
06. Who Blew Away the Sand [add]
07. The Ones We Don't Know [add]
08. Orchid [add]
09. House of Love [add]
10. Wolf [add]

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