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Back To Earth lyrics
Genre: World
First (1990) 01. Flying Over the Clouds [add]
02. Back to Earth [add]
03. The New Day [add]
04. Heureka [add]
05. Bird on a Beach [add]
06. For You [add]
07. Breakfast in Vienna [add]
08. Out in the Green [add]
09. Tired of Walking [add]
10. Living in Balance [add]
11. Song for Helga [add]
12. 42nd Street Club [add]
13. Between Heaven and Earth [add]
14. Mystery in the Dark [add]
15. Miss You [add]
16. A Friday Night in June [add]
17. Mona Lisa [add]
18. All Alone [add]

Dreams and Hopes (1991) 01. When You Open Up Your Heart [add]
02. Borderline [add]
03. Poem for Shy Hearts [add]
04. Hymn for the Universe [add]
05. Dreams and Hopes [add]
06. Sensual Touch [add]
07. So Close to You [add]
08. Pages of Our Mind [add]
09. Emotions in Motion [add]
10. Into Eternity [add]
11. Blue Sky [add]
12. Toscana Nights [add]
13. Roads from Nowhere [add]
14. The Return of the Silent Sound [add]
15. Coming Home [add]
16. Still Alone [add]

From Deep Inside (1993) 01. For the Two of Us [add]
02. Silent Sea [add]
03. From Deep Inside [add]
04. Yin & Yang [add]
05. Fly Towards the Inner Eye [add]
06. Phases of the Moon [add]
07. Under the African Sky [add]
08. The Call of Silence [add]
09. The Night Morning Came to Soon [add]
10. Pour la Cause des Femmes [add]
11. The Rhythm of Romance [add]
12. The Smile in Your Eyes [add]
13. Whispered Dreams [add]
14. Earthwinds [add]
15. From Deep Inside (Reprise) [add]

Rivers of Life (1995) 01. Aurora Magica [add]
02. The Hidden Smile of Naiad [add]
03. Behind the Mask [add]
04. Into the Myth [add]
05. Echoes of East and West [add]
06. Sister Moonshine [add]
07. Desert Dance [add]
08. Rivers of Life [add]
09. Source of Life [add]
10. Floating Through the Time [add]
11. To Touch the Sky [add]
12. Pictures of My Soul [add]
13. Earth Wisdom - Back to Earth 1995 [add]
14. In Search of the White Shadow [add]
15. White Shadow [add]

Secret Spaces (1998) 01. Elysium [add]
02. In the Garden of Morpheus [add]
03. Vision of Change [add]
04. Jakaranda [add]
05. The Illusion of Certainty [add]
06. The Certainty of Illusion [add]
07. Little Lullaby [add]
08. Your Beautiful Love [add]
09. Secret Spaces Suite - Secret... [add]
10. Secret Spaces Suite - Out of the Dark [add]
11. Secret Spaces Suite - Dancing With the Past [add]
12. Secret Spaces Suite - Eastern Sky Lights [add]
13. Secret Spaces Suite - Venus Valley [add]
14. Secret Spaces Suite - On My Way Home [add]
15. Secret Spaces Suite - Spaces [add]

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