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Candi Staton lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Candi Staton (1973) 01. Looking for Love [add]
02. Halfway to Heaven [add]
03. One More Try [add]
04. If You Feel the Need [add]
05. Hunter Gets Captured by the Game [add]
06. It's Real [add]
07. Betcha I'm Gonna Get Ya [add]

Young Hearts Run Free (1976) 01. Here I Am Again [add]
02. As Long as He Takes Care of Home [add]
03. Six Nights and a Day [add]
04. He's Making Love to You [add]
05. Young Hearts Run Free lyrics
06. One More Chance on Love lyrics
07. A Dreamer of a Dream [add]
08. Run to Me [add]
09. Honest I Do Love You [add]
10. When You Wake up Tomorrow [add]
11. Victim [add]
12. I Ain't Got Nowhere to Go [add]
13. Halfway to Heaven [add]
14. Take My Hand, Precious Lord [add]

Music Speaks Louder Than Words (1977) 01. Nights on Broadway [add]
02. You Are [add]
03. A Dreamer of a Dream [add]
04. Music Speaks Louder Than Words [add]
05. Cotton Candy [add]
06. Listen to the Music [add]
07. When You Want Love [add]
08. One More Chance on Love lyrics
09. On Love [add]
10. Main Thing [add]
11. Before the Next Teardrop Falls [add]
12. Music Speaks Louder Than Words (Reprise) [add]

House of Love (1978) 01. Victim [add]
02. Honest I Do Love You [add]
03. Yesterday Evening [add]
04. I Wonder Will I Ever Get over It [add]
05. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me [add]
06. So Blue [add]
07. Take My Hand, Precious Lord [add]

Chance (1979) 01. I Ain't Got Nowhere to Go [add]
02. When You Wake up Tomorrow [add]
03. Rock [add]
04. Chance [add]
05. I Live [add]
06. Me and My Music [add]

Nightlites (1981) 01. Love and Be Free [add]
02. Suspicious Mind [add]
03. In the Still of the Night [add]
04. The Sunshine of Our Love [add]
05. Hurry Sundown [add]
06. Tender Hooks [add]
07. Count on Me [add]

Stand Up and Be a Witness (1990) 01. Stand Up (And Be a Witness) [add]
02. I'm Depending on You [add]
03. You Don't Know the God You Serve [add]
04. He's Always Been There [add]
05. Advance [add]
06. God's Got the Answer [add]
07. The Glory of Jesus [add]
08. Hallel [add]
09. You Got the Love [add]

Standing on the Promises (1991) 01. The Blood Rushes [add]
02. Standing on the Promises [add]
03. No Not One [add]
04. There Is the Power in the Word [add]
05. Glory to His Name [add]
06. Living on the Edge of Time [add]
07. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [add]
08. Oh, I Want to See Him [add]
09. When He Reached Down His Hand for Me [add]
10. Finally, Finally [add]

It's Time (1995) 01. When I See the Blood (The Passover) [add]
02. Mama [add]
03. Somebody's Knocking [add]
04. I'm Changed [add]
05. The Greatest Worship [add]
06. Prelude [add]
07. Born Again [add]
08. You Can Make It [add]
09. He Steps In [add]
10. Rapture Me [add]
11. I Want to Grow [add]
12. Prelude (Reprise) [add]

Cover Me (1997) 01. Cover Me [add]
02. Bridge Over Troubled Water [add]
03. Fix It [add]
04. 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus [add]
05. Tears That Mama Cried [add]
06. Hold on, I'm Coming [add]
07. It's the Anointing [add]
08. Rock of Salvation [add]
09. It Won't Be Too Long [add]
10. Old Landmark [add]
11. Your Face Is the First Face I Want to See [add]
12. He Set My Spirit Free [add]
13. Cover Me (Reprise) [add]

Outside In (1999) 01. Love Yourself [add]
02. Young Hearts Run Free [Danny D Remix] [add]
03. Love on Love [add]
04. Outside In [add]
05. You're Still the Lightning [add]
06. Whadda You Want? [add]
07. Bouncing Back [add]
08. Musical Freedom [add]
09. Reach [add]
10. Love Has Come to Stay [add]
11. Wake Up Everybody [add]
12. Young Hearts Run Free lyrics
13. You Got the Love [Now Voyager Mix] [add]

Here's a Blessing (2000) 01. Shut Up and Start Praying [add]
02. What Would Jesus Do? [add]
03. Each Time I Turn the Page [add]
04. Come Ye Disconsolate [add]
05. Since Jesus Came into My Heart [add]
06. My Faith Looks Up to Thee [add]
07. Savior More [add]
08. Have Thine Own Way, Lord [add]
09. God Will Take Care of You [add]
10. God Leads His Children Along [add]
11. Mama Testimony [add]
12. Mama [add]
13. Your Face Is the First Face I Want to See [add]
14. Love Yourself [add]
15. Shut up and Start Praying (Solo) [add]

Glorify (2001) 01. Sing a Song [add]
02. He Is Lord [add]
03. To Glorify Your Name [add]
04. It's Not Easy [add]
05. Have You Tried God [add]
06. The First Face I Want to See [add]
07. God's Got It [add]
08. He's Coming Back [add]

Christmas in My Heart (2001) 01. Christmas in My Heart lyrics
02. What Kind of Child Is This [add]
03. Joy to the World [add]
04. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
05. Silent Night [add]
06. Wise Men Still Seek Him [add]
07. Come Let Us Adore Him [add]
08. Christmas Is on the Way [add]
09. On a Christmas Night [add]
10. Change in My Life [add]

Proverbs 31 Woman (2002) 01. Proverbs 31 Woman [add]
02. Hallelujah Anyway [add]
03. I Need to Make Some Changes (For Abused Women) [add]
04. Change in My Life [add]
05. Tell It [add]
06. I Rest My Case [add]
07. When There's Nothing Left But Good [add]
08. Glory Glory Glory [add]
09. Just Because You Are [add]
10. You Gonna Be Alright [add]
11. Les Brown's Prayer for America [add]
12. We Are Americans Medley: My Country Tis of Thee/God Bless ... [add]
13. Brand New Hope [add]
14. Did You Finish Your Assignment? [add]

His Hands (2006) 01. You Don't Have Far to Go lyrics
02. When Hearts Grow Cold lyrics
03. It's Not Easy Letting Go lyrics
04. His Hands [add]
05. How Do I Get Over You? [add]
06. You Never Really Wanted Me [add]
07. I'll Sing a Love Song to You [add]
08. In Name Only [add]
09. Running Out of Love [add]
10. Cry to Me [add]
11. When Will I? [add]

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