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The Staple Singers lyrics
Genre: R&B
This Land (0000) 01. This Land [add]
02. Old Time Religion [add]
03. Blowin' in the Wind [add]
04. Wish I Had Answered [add]
05. Twelve Gates to the City [add]
06. Didn't It Rain [add]
07. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
08. Cotton Fields [add]
09. Motherless Children [add]
10. A Better Home [add]
11. Let That Liar Alone [add]
12. Gamblin' Man [add]

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (1961) 01. I'm So Glad [add]
02. Swing Down, Chariot [add]
03. The Old Landmark [add]
04. Good News [add]
05. Each Day [add]
06. Uncloudy Day [add]
07. Let's Go Home [add]
08. Pray On [add]
09. Help Me Jesus [add]
10. Going Away [add]
11. Don't Knock [add]
12. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]

Hammer and Nails (1962) 01. Hammer and Nails [add]
02. Gloryland [add]
03. Everybody Will Be Happy [add]
04. Hear My Call, Here [add]
05. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
06. Great Day [add]
07. I'm Willin', Pts. 1-2 [add]
08. Do You Know Him? [add]
09. New Born Soul [add]
10. A Dying Man's Plea [add]
11. New Home [add]

Swing Low (1962) 01. Born in Bethlehem [add]
02. Stand by Me [add]
03. I've Been Scorned [add]
04. Two Wings [add]
05. Calling Me [add]
06. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [add]
07. Sit Down Servant [add]
08. The Day Has Passed and Gone [add]
09. Good News [add]
10. Let's Go Home [add]
11. This May Be the Last Time [add]

The 25th Day of December (1962) 01. The Virgin Mary Had One Son [add]
02. The Last Month of the Year [add]
03. The Virgin Mary Had One Son [add]
04. There Was a Star [add]
05. Joy to the World [add]
06. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
07. Joy to the World [add]
08. The Savior Is Born [add]
09. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
10. The Savior Is Born [add]
11. Wasn't That a Mighty Day [add]
12. The Last Month of the Year [add]
13. Sweet Little Jesus Boy [add]
14. Holly Unto the Lord [add]
15. No Room at the Inn [add]
16. There Was a Star [add]
17. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
18. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
19. Sweet Little Jesus Boy [add]
20. Wasn't That a Mighty Day [add]
21. No Room at the Inn [add]
22. Silent Night [add]

This Little Light (1964) 01. This Little Light of Mine [add]
02. Let Jesus Lead You [add]
03. My Dying Bed [add]
04. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [add]
05. You Got Shoes [add]
06. What Are They Doing (In Heaven Today) [add]
07. Will the Lord Remember Me [add]
08. Praying Time [add]
09. I Can't Help from Cryin' Sometime [add]
10. Use What You Got [add]
11. Masters of War [add]

Freedom Highway (1965) 01. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
02. Move Along Train [add]
03. Are You Sure [add]
04. Wade in the Water [add]
05. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again [add]
06. Glory, Glory Hallelujah! [add]
07. The Lord's Prayer [add]
08. Jacob's Ladder [add]
09. Why? (Am I Treated So Bad) [add]
10. Praying Time [add]
11. For What It's Worth [add]
12. Hammer and Nails [add]
13. Freedom Highway [add]
14. What You Gonna Do? [add]
15. Samson and Delilah [add]
16. Nobody's Fault But Mine [add]
17. Be Careful of Stones That You Throw [add]
18. This Train [add]

Soul Folk in Action (1968) 01. We've Got to Get Ourselves Together [add]
02. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay [add]
03. Top of the Mountain [add]
04. Slow Train [add]
05. The Weight [add]
06. Long Walk to D.C. [add]
07. Got to Be Some Changes Made [add]
08. The Ghetto [add]
09. People, My People [add]
10. I See It [add]
11. This Year [add]
12. The Lady's Letter [#/*] [add]
13. Pop's Instrumental [#/*] [add]

We'll Get Over (1970) 01. We'll Get Over [add]
02. Give a Damn [add]
03. Everyday People [add]
04. The End of Our Road [add]
05. Tend to Your Own Business [add]
06. Solon Bushi [add]
07. The Challenge [add]
08. God Bless the Children [add]
09. Games People Play [add]
10. A Wednesday in Your Garden [add]
11. The Gardner [add]
12. When Will We Be Paid [add]
13. Brand New Day [*] [add]
14. Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas? [*] [add]

The Staple Swingers (1971) 01. This Is a Perfect World [add]
02. What's Your Thing [add]
03. You've Got to Earn It [add]
04. You're Gonna Make Me Cry [add]
05. Little Boy [add]
06. How Do You Move a Mountain [add]
07. Almost [add]
08. I'm a Lover [add]
09. Love Is Plentiful [add]
10. Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom) [add]
11. I Like the Things About You [add]
12. Give a Hand, Take a Hand [add]

Be Altitude: Respect Yourself (1972) 01. This World [add]
02. Respect Yourself lyrics
03. Name the Missing Word [add]
04. I'll Take You There lyrics
05. This Old Town (People in This Town) [add]
06. We the People [add]
07. Are You Sure [add]
08. Who Do You Think You Are (Jesus Christ the Superstar) ? [add]
09. I'm Just Another Soldier [add]
10. Who [add]

Be What You Are (1973) 01. Be What You Are [add]
02. If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) [add]
03. Love Comes in All Colors/Tellin' Lies [add]
04. Touch a Hand (Make a Friend) [add]
05. Drown Yourself [add]
06. I Ain't Raisin' No Sand [add]
07. Grandma's Hands [add]
08. Bridges Instead of Walls [add]
09. I'm on Your Side [add]
10. That's What Friends Are For [add]
11. Heaven [add]

City in the Sky (1974) 01. Back Road into Town [add]
02. City in the Sky [add]
03. Washington We're Watching You [add]
04. Something Ain't Right [add]
05. Today Was Tomorrow Yesterday [add]
06. My Main Man [add]
07. There Is a God [add]
08. Blood Pressure [add]
09. If It Ain't One Thing It's Another [add]
10. Who Made the Man [add]
11. Getting Too Big for Your Britches [add]
12. Oh la de Da [*] [add]
13. I Like the Things About You [*] [add]
14. Respect Yourself [*] [add]
15. I'll Take You There [*] [add]

Let's Do It Again (1975) 01. Let's Do It Again lyrics
02. Funky Love [add]
03. A Whole Lot of Love [add]
04. New Orleans [add]
05. I Want to Thank You [add]
06. Big Mac [add]
07. After Sex [add]
08. Chase [add]

Pass It On (1976) 01. Real Thing Inside of Me/Party [add]
02. Take Your Own Time [add]
03. Sweeter Than the Sweet [add]
04. Love Me, Love Me, Love Me [add]
05. Pass It On [add]
06. Making Love [add]
07. Take This Love of Mine [add]
08. Precious, Precious [add]

Unlock Your Mind (1978) 01. Chica Boom [add]
02. Don't Burn Me [add]
03. (Shu-Doo-Pa-Poo-Poop) Love Being Your Fool [add]
04. Showdown [add]
05. Unlock Your Mind [add]
06. Handwriting on the Wall [add]
07. Mystery Train [add]
08. Leave It All Up to You [add]
09. I Want You to Dance [add]
10. God Can [add]

Turning Point (1984) 01. This Is Our Night [add]
02. Slippery People [add]
03. Bridges Instead of Walls [add]
04. Turning Point [add]
05. Right Decision [add]
06. H-A-T-E (Don't Live Here Anymore) [add]
07. On My Own Again [add]
08. That's What Friends Are For [add]

The Staple Singers (1985) 01. Introduction/Ease on Down the Road [live] [add]
02. Let's Do It Again [live] [add]
03. If You're Ready (Come Go with Me) [live] [add]
04. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) [live] [add]
05. Don't Knock [add]
06. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
07. Get Right Church [add]
08. He's Alright [live] [add]
09. Touch a Hand, Make a Friend [live] [add]
10. Encore: Touch a Hand, Make a Friend (Reprise) [live] [add]

Reach Out And Touch...Live! (2004) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Ease on Down the Road [add]
03. Let's Do It Again lyrics
04. Come Go with Me [add]
05. Why Am I Treated So Bad [add]
06. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
07. He's Alright [add]
08. Reach Out and Touch a Hand [add]
09. Closing & Encore [add]

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