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The Wimshurst's Machine lyrics
Genre: Electronica
A Traveller Who Didn't Ask for Glory (2004) 01. Mountain Sunrise [add]
02. Fatherland [add]
03. Up to the Road and Back Again [add]
04. Mystical Sea [add]
05. Freedom Calls [add]
06. A Long Journey [add]
07. Magic Lights [add]
08. Celtic Death Ballad [add]
09. Indian Shores [add]
10. Intermezzo: The Folly [add]
11. Variations Over the Folly [add]
12. Electrolife [add]
13. Night Celebrations [add]
14. Rainbow [add]
15. The Fall of the Ancient Town: Preludio (King's Hall) [add]
16. The Fall of the Ancient Town (The Siege) [add]

The Alchemist (2005) 01. Wind Sailer [add]
02. New Horizons [add]
03. Charming Mechanics [add]
04. Across the Seas (Of Space) [add]
05. Dance of the Earth [add]
06. Library of Alexandria [add]
07. O Alquimista (Unplugged Tribute to Paulo Coelho) [add]
08. Nemesis [add]
09. Ghosts of Fallow Grounds [add]
10. Discovery (John Glenn's Adventure) [add]
11. The Call of Adventure (The Alchemist, Pt. 1) [add]
12. Phylosopher's Stone (The Alchemist, Pt. 2) [add]
13. Captured (The Alchemist, Pt. 3: Intermezzo) [add]
14. Prisoner (The Alchemist, Pt. 4) [add]
15. Meditations (The Alchemist, Pt. 5) [add]
16. The Torture Machine (The Alchemist, Pt. 6: Intermezzo) [add]
17. Torquemada (The Alchemist, Pt. 7) [add]
18. The Escape (The Alchemist, Pt. 8: Finale) [add]

Time Traveller (2007) 01. Ouverture [add]
02. Porsenna [add]
03. Mountains of Mourn [add]
04. Hundred Years' War [add]
05. Saqqara [add]
06. Magic Lights of the Tribe (With Andrea Ferroni) [add]
07. Nostradamus [add]
08. Whistle and Luke [add]
09. Gardens of Babylon (With Gamma Leonis) [add]
10. Adriatica (With Scott Hill and Mediterranea) [add]
11. Seven Lost Cities [add]
12. Bayside Waltz [add]
13. Iron Forge (With Corrado Rossi) [add]
14. Broken Silence (With Lisa & KMP) [add]
15. Russian Winter/The Battle of Qadesh [add]
16. Rise and Fall of the Anasazi [add]
17. Ruins of the Anasazi (Reprise) [add]
18. Opening the Last Gate [add]
19. Wind Roses (Pt.1) [add]
20. The Moon (With Queenie) [add]
21. Elven Dolls [add]
22. Le Voyage dans le Temps [add]
23. Romanza [add]
24. Dream Processor (With Dcallen) [add]
25. Mystic Science [add]
26. Afterlife (With Queenie & Corrado Rossi) [add]
27. Freefall [add]
28. Coming Home [add]
29. Funky Cairo [add]
30. Return to Freedom [add]
31. Water Drops [add]
32. Timeless [add]
33. Wind Roses (Pt.2) [add]
34. S.E.T.I. (With Gamma Leonis) [add]
35. Rise from the Ashes (With Trulala) [add]
36. Dance of the Moon Tribe (Happy Ending) [add]
37. Epilogue: Bach in History [add]

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