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DJ Garth lyrics
Genre: Electronica
US Underground 01 (1998) 01. Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory [add]
02. 23 Minutes of Your Love [add]
03. Resurrection Hex [Deep Dish Luv 'N' Dub Mix] [add]
04. Open Sesame [add]
05. Reach for the Dub [add]
06. Bowlfire [add]
07. You Feel That? [add]
08. X2010 [add]
09. Fuzz Against Junk [add]
10. Hypocrites [Nake Funk Mix] [add]
11. It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day [add]
12. House Music [Marques Does Yo Mama Know? Revival Mix] [add]
13. Sitting in the Sun [Derrick Carter Crazy Winter Reprise] [add]
14. Between the Lines [add]
15. Moonraker [add]
16. Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory [Simon's Come-Unity Mix] [add]

The Cisco System (2000) 01. Open Sesame [G's Talking Drum Mix] [add]
02. For Your Love [add]
03. See the Music (1AM) [add]
04. People [add]
05. Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory [Simon's Come-Unity Remix] [add]
06. Cisco System [add]
07. Twilight Trilogy [add]
08. Never Can Say Goodbye [Rocket's Space Dub Remix] [add]
09. Love's Theme (Climax) [add]
10. Between the Lines [Original Full-Length Mix] [add]
11. Slow Burner [add]
12. Is This Love? [add]

San Francisco Sessions, Vol. 3 (2000) 01. Shadows [Don Air Remix] [add]
02. Never Tell You [Burial Mix] [add]
03. Held Over [add]
04. Humanity [Ashley Beedle Love and Compassion Remix] [add]
05. Summer [add]
06. Shuff [add]
07. Burnin' [Subterranean Mix] [add]
08. Running Towards a Dream [Salmon Re-Edit] [add]
09. Back to Joy [add]
10. Bent Halos [add]
11. Rise up and Walk [add]
12. Vai Minha Tristeza [Dub in Weston] [add]
13. Dave on Guitar [add]
14. Ritual de Rua [Dreamtime House Dub] [add]
15. Past and Future Things [Ananda Remix] [add]

Nite:Life 07 (2001) 01. Guiding Light [Moon Dust Remix] [add]
02. Lovin' Me [Dubtribe Sound System Remix] [add]
03. Oh Baby [add]
04. Ghetto in the Wax [Dub in the Wax Mix] [add]
05. The Slippery Track [Dano's Pre-Flight Dub] [add]
06. Bellz [add]
07. Multiple Mirrors [Orbit 1.4] [add]
08. Children of Israel [Original Mix] [add]
09. Instant Zen [add]
10. Container #2 [Rocket Mix] [add]
11. Pasion Descalza [Swayzak Vocal Mix 1] [add]
12. Up All Night [DJ Buck Mix] [add]
13. Remember Chicago [add]
14. Swell 1 [add]

Revolutions in Sound (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Figures on a Wall [add]
03. Out With the Tide [Jen?'s Keyed in Mix] [add]
04. Never Let Go [add]
05. Ez Rider [Dano's Meloncholy Dub'] [add]
06. I Know What You Mean [add]
07. Lifted Sou [Persuasive Percussion Mix] [add]
08. En Route [add]
09. Transitions [add]
10. Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory [Mirror Boys Mix] [add]
11. Revolution [add]
12. Anthem #1 [add]
13. U Don't Know [add]
14. Gettin' Tha Feeling [add]
15. People [Jen?'s Stormy Weather Mix] [add]
16. Koncussive [add]
17. The Price [add]
18. Outro [add]

Unleash the Hound (2006) 01. Over Her Under [add]
02. Shaped [add]
03. Busted [add]
04. Back Breakin' [add]
05. Machine Life [add]
06. 2 Souls Alone [Patrick Turner's Artificial Insemination Dub] [add]
07. Punky Brewster [add]
08. 2 Bullets (Disaster) [add]
09. Carlton Hotel [add]
10. Say Something [add]
11. Beats and Tings [add]
12. Don't Push Me [add]
13. Fairy Trails [add]
14. Galactic [add]

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