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Genre: Electronica
Hearing Solar Winds (1983) 01. Rainbow Voice [add]
02. Multiplying Voices at the Heart of the Body of Sound [add]
03. Arc Descents [add]
04. Gravity Waves [add]
05. Lens by Lens [add]
06. Telescoping [add]
07. Two Poles; Ascent [add]
08. Ascending and Descending [add]

Harmonic Meetings (1986) 01. Lines to a Great Lord [add]
02. Harmonic Relation [add]
03. Kyrie Opening [add]
04. Foregather in the Name [add]
05. Kyrie Fragments [add]
06. Eleison Closing [add]
07. Brotherhood [add]
08. Hallelujah [add]

Windhorse Riders (1989) 01. Raised by a Power [live] [add]
02. Shaman's Column [live] [add]
03. Crossing Over [live] [add]
04. Right at the Time [add]
05. Flock of Hands [add]
06. Windhorse Riders [add]
07. "...the Unknown, Now..." [live] [add]
08. Just Between Ourselves [add]
09. A Quiet Place in a Quiet Time [add]

Current Circulation (1992) 01. Subject to Change [add]
02. Current Circulation, Pt. 1: Ascending Mount Summation/ Pt. 2/Pt. 3 [add]
03. Solstice Kyrie [add]
04. Inward Calling [add]

True to the Times (How to Be?) [live] (1993) 01. Worldwind Psalm [add]
02. True to the Times, Pt. 2 [live] [add]
03. Harmonic Times, Pt.1 [add]
04. Harmonic Times, Pt.2 [add]
05. Prayer Songs for the Sorrow/Pythagoras over Persia [add]
06. Worldwind Turning [add]
07. Danse Harmonique No. 1 [add]
08. True to the Times, Pt. 1 [live] [add]

Earth to the Unknown Power (1996) 01. Flight of Prayer [add]
02. Brotherhood Returning [add]
03. Le Souffle du Seigneur [add]
04. Earth to the Unknown Power [add]
05. Earth to the Unknown Power [add]

Breath of the Heart (1997) 01. Harmonic Opening [add]
02. Breath of the Heart [add]
03. The Lord's Breathing [add]
04. Unknown Powers [add]

Rainbow Dances (2000) 01. Rainbow Heart Dances (First Steps) [add]
02. Spectral Breath Prayer Calls [add]
03. Withinward Whirls [add]
04. Omage to Rainbow Body/Seven Ring True [add]
05. Spirits Dance 1 & 2 [add]
06. Aero Channel Stream/Intro [add]
07. Rainbow Dancers [add]

Harmonic Meditations (2005) 01. Unity Meditation One [add]
02. Trio Meditation One [add]
03. Unity Meditation Two [add]
04. Trio Meditation Two [add]
05. Unity Meditation Three [add]
06. Trio Meditation Three [add]
07. Unity Meditation Four [add]
08. The Silent Ground [live] [add]
09. Times to the True [live] [add]
10. Special Times Three [live] [add]

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