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Lee Murdock lyrics
Genre: Folk
Between Two Worlds (2005) 01. Mill Towns [add]
02. On Gravelly Bay [add]
03. Between Two Worlds [add]
04. Tommy's Gone to Hilo [add]
05. 1913 Massacre [add]
06. Eddystone Light [add]
07. The Song in the Shifting Sands [add]
08. Load 'em and Stack 'em [add]
09. A Trip on the Schooner Kolfage [add]
10. My Mother's Eyes [add]
11. Sailor's Alphabet [add]
12. Old Port [add]
13. Homeward Bound [add]
14. Casting Your Cares to the Deep [add]
15. Fair Winds at Twilight [add]

Great Lakes Chronicle (2005) 01. The Great Lakes Song [add]
02. The Persia's Crew [add]
03. Low Bridge, Everybody Down (The Erie Canal Song) [add]
04. Lost on the Lady Elgin [add]
05. Queen of the Beach [add]
06. The Mules That Walked the Fo'c's'le Deck [add]
07. White Squall [add]
08. Shores of Lake Michigan/May Day (Bannockburn) [add]
09. No Nets Will Be Found [add]
10. The Christmas Ship [add]
11. Cold Winds/Living Gale [add]
12. Requiem for the Mesquite [add]
13. The Illinois and Michigan Canal [add]
14. The Ghost of Red Monroe (Recitation) [add]
15. Watching Lake Michigan Roll [add]
16. Banks of Cold Waters [add]
17. Voices Across the Water [add]
18. The Longing That I Feel [add]
19. Safe in the Harbor [add]
20. Encore: Christmas Medley [add]

Lake Rhymes (2005) 01. The Erie Canal [add]
02. The Illinois and Michigan Canal [add]
03. Haul Away Joe [add]
04. Rolling Home [add]
05. The Sailor's Alphabet [add]
06. The Lumberman's Alphabet [add]
07. The Deep Blue Horizon [add]
08. The Great Lakes Song [add]
09. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd [add]
10. Shenandoah-Shenandore [add]
11. The Persia's Crew [add]
12. Lost on the Lady Elgin [add]
13. Yankee Brown [add]
14. The Housewife's Lament [add]
15. The Red Iron Ore (E.C. Roberts) [add]
16. The Christmas Ship [add]
17. The Bigler's Crew [add]
18. The Crack Schooner Moonlight [add]

Standing at the Wheel (2005) 01. Let the Light from the Lighthouse Shine on Me [add]
02. Reuben Ranzo [add]
03. Standing at the Wheel [add]
04. Drop the Mitt [add]
05. Sailing into History [add]
06. The Ballad of Seul Choix [add]
07. Scrubber Murphy [add]
08. In a Handy Four-Master [add]
09. Marquette Range [add]
10. A Trip on the Lavindy [add]
11. Regatta [add]
12. Raise the Pipes in Glory [add]
13. Rolling Home [add]
14. The Men and the Old-School Craft [add]

The Lost Lake Sailors (2005) 01. The Crack Schooner Moonlight [add]
02. Saint Martin Island [add]
03. The Wreck of the Erie Bell [add]
04. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd [add]
05. When the Willie Went Down [add]
06. Perry's Victory on Lake Erie [add]
07. Shanty Boy on the Big Eau Claire [add]
08. Lament for the Lost Lake Sailors [add]
09. The Ward Line [add]
10. The Mermaid of Ontario [add]
11. Charles Conrad on the SS Badger [add]
12. Shallo Brown [add]
13. The Scottish Hero [add]
14. The Returning [add]
15. Phantom Ships That Pass in the Night [add]

Voices Across the Water (2005) 01. Deep Blue Horizon [add]
02. Hangin' Johnny [add]
03. The Longing That I Feel [add]
04. The Stomach Robber [add]
05. Below Niagara Falls [add]
06. Voices Across the Water [add]
07. We Have to Go Out [add]
08. Rio Grande [add]
09. The Mules That Walked the Fo'c's'le Deck [add]
10. Queen of the Beach [add]
11. Red Iron Ore/Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald [add]
12. Shenandore [add]
13. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning [add]

Freshwater Highway (2005) 01. The Great Lakes Song [add]
02. Heaver Her Up and Bust Her [add]
03. No Nets Will Be Found [add]
04. The Scow Nettie Fly [add]
05. Fire on the Water [add]
06. Haul Away Joe [add]
07. The Illinois and Michigan Canal [add]
08. Requiem for the Mesquite [add]
09. The Glendy Burk [add]
10. The Ghost of Red Monroe [add]
11. It's Time for Us to Leave Her [add]
12. The Cold Freshwater Trade [add]

Christmas Goes to Sea (2005) 01. A Maritime Christmas [add]
02. When Big Mack Comes to This Harbor [add]
03. Silent Night [add]
04. Sandro's Gift [add]
05. The Bell Buoy on Christmas Day [add]
06. Sailor's Carol [add]
07. The Christmas Ship [add]
08. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [add]
09. Blessed Christmas Morn [add]
10. A Maritime Christmas (Reprise) [add]
11. Christmas Goes to Sea [add]

Where the Pinery Narrows (2006) 01. The Farmer Is the Man [add]
02. Where the Pinery Narrows [add]
03. The Boss Is a Bastard [add]
04. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
05. The Ghost in Blue [add]
06. Bouncing on the Bed [add]
07. Marianna Sloan [add]
08. The Housewife's Lament [add]
09. Minuet in F#minor [add]
10. Smoke in the Air [add]

Cold Winds (2006) 01. Prelude/The Captain and the Mystic [add]
02. Shores of Lake Michigan/May Day (Bannockburn) [add]
03. Foxfire Light [add]
04. Last Winter Was a Hard One [add]
05. Downbound on Superior [add]
06. Low Bridge, Everybody Down/The Erie Canal Song [add]
07. Cold Winds [add]
08. Living Gale [add]
09. Rebecca's Lament [add]
10. Wreck of the Carl D Bradley [add]
11. Banks of Cold Waters [add]
12. E C Roberts/The Red Iron Ore [add]
13. Walk-In-The-Water [add]
14. I'll Be with You [add]

Fertile Ground (2006) 01. Fertile Ground [add]
02. St Louis Tickle [add]
03. The Eastland [add]
04. Trouble in Mind [add]
05. Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady [add]
06. Lakes of Pontchartrain [add]
07. The Bigler's Crew [add]
08. Gilderoy/Flowers of the Forest [add]
09. Lady Franklin's Lament [add]
10. Dollar Down and a Dollar Week [add]
11. Charles O'Connor [add]
12. The Christmas Ship [add]

Safe in the Harbor (2006) 01. The Downtowner Motel [add]
02. Lost on the Lady Elgin [add]
03. Yankee Brown [add]
04. White Squall [add]
05. The Spirits of Long Point [add]
06. Rendezvous [add]
07. Keeper of the Light [add]
08. Watching Lake Michigan Roll [add]
09. You Damned Old Piney Mountains [add]
10. The Gallagher Boys [add]
11. Joshua Johnson [add]
12. Indiana/Eleanor Plunkett [add]
13. Safe in the Harbor [add]

Wayfaring Stranger (2006) 01. Persia's Crew [add]
02. Frankie [add]
03. Pavanne for the Sleeping Beauty [add]
04. Cremonea/Carolan's Welcome [add]
05. Lumberman's Alphabet [add]
06. The Billboard Song [add]
07. On Top of Old Smoky [add]
08. Erik's Lullaby [add]
09. Blind Mary [add]
10. After You've Gone [add]
11. Wayfaring Stranger [add]

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