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The Temptations lyrics
Genre: R&B
Meet the Temptations (1964) 01. The Way You Do the Things You Do [add]
02. I Want a Love I Can See [add]
03. Dream Come True lyrics
04. Paradise lyrics
05. May I Have This Dance [add]
06. Isn't She Pretty lyrics
07. Just Let Me Know lyrics
08. Your Wonderful Love lyrics
09. The Further You Look, the Less You See [add]
10. Check Yourself lyrics
11. Slow Down Heart [add]
12. Farewell My Love lyrics
13. Oh, Mother of Mine [*] [add]
14. Romance Without Finance [*] [add]

The Temptations Sing Smokey (1965) 01. The Way You Do the Things You Do [add]
02. Baby, Baby I Need You [add]
03. My Girl [add]
04. What Love Has Joined Together lyrics
05. You'll Lose a Precious Love lyrics
06. It's Growing lyrics
07. Who's Lovin' You lyrics
08. What's So Good About Goodbye? [add]
09. You Beat Me to the Punch [add]
10. Way Over There [add]
11. You've Really Got a Hold on Me lyrics
12. (You Can) Depend on Me lyrics

The Temptin' Temptations (1965) 01. Since I Lost My Baby [add]
02. The Girl's Alright with Me [add]
03. Just Another Lonely Night lyrics
04. My Baby lyrics
05. You've Got to Earn It lyrics
06. Everybody Needs Love [add]
07. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) [add]
08. Don't Look Back lyrics
09. I Gotta Know Now [add]
10. Born to Love You [add]
11. I'll Be in Trouble [add]
12. You're the One I Need [add]

Gettin' Ready (1966) 01. Say You lyrics
02. Little Miss Sweetness [add]
03. Ain't Too Proud to Beg [add]
04. Get Ready lyrics
05. Lonely, Lonely Man Am I [add]
06. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby lyrics
07. I've Been Good to You [add]
08. It's a Lonely World Without Your Love [add]
09. Fading Away lyrics
10. Who You Gonna Run To lyrics
11. You're Not an Ordinary Girl [add]
12. Not Now, I'll Tell You Later [add]

Temptations Live! (1967) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) [add]
03. What Love Has Joined Together lyrics
04. My Girl [add]
05. Yesterday/What Now My Love lyrics
06. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep lyrics
07. Group Introduction [add]
08. I Wish You Love lyrics
09. Ain't Too Proud to Beg [add]
10. Ol' Man River lyrics
11. Get Ready lyrics
12. Fading Away lyrics
13. My Baby lyrics
14. You'll Lose a Precious Love lyrics
15. Baby, Baby I Need You [add]
16. Don't Look Back lyrics
17. The Way You Do the Things You Do [*] [add]

In a Mellow Mood (1967) 01. Hello, Young Lovers [add]
02. A Taste of Honey [add]
03. For Once in My Life [add]
04. Somewhere lyrics
05. Ol' Man River lyrics
06. I'm Ready for Love [add]
07. Try to Remember [add]
08. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) lyrics
09. What Now My Love? [add]
10. That's Life lyrics
11. With These Hands lyrics
12. The Impossible Dream [add]

With a Lot o' Soul (1967) 01. (I Know) I'm Losing You [add]
02. Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone lyrics
03. All I Need lyrics
04. (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need [add]
05. No More Water in the Well [add]
06. Save My Love for a Rainy Day [add]
07. Just One Last Look lyrics
08. Sorry Is a Sorry Word [add]
09. You're My Everything lyrics
10. Now That You've Won Me [add]
11. Two Sides to Love [add]
12. Don't Send Me Away lyrics

Wish It Would Rain (1968) 01. I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) [add]
02. Cindy lyrics
03. I Wish It Would Rain lyrics
04. Please Return Your Love to Me [add]
05. Fan the Flame lyrics
06. He Who Picks a Rose lyrics
07. Why Did You Leave Me Darling [add]
08. I Truly, Truly Believe lyrics
09. This Is My Beloved [add]
10. Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got [add]
11. I've Passed This Way Before lyrics
12. No Man Can Love Her Like I Do [add]

Live at the Copa (1968) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Get Ready lyrics
03. You're My Everything lyrics
04. I Truly, Truly Believe lyrics
05. I Wish It Would Rain lyrics
06. For Once in My Life [add]
07. I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) [add]
08. Introduction of Band and Group [add]
09. Hello, Young Lovers [add]
10. With These Hands lyrics
11. Swanee [add]
12. The Impossible Dream [add]
13. Please Return Your Love to Me [add]
14. (I Know) I'm Losing You [add]

Cloud Nine (1969) 01. Cloud Nine lyrics
02. I Heard It Through the Grapevine [add]
03. Runaway Child, Running Wild lyrics
04. Love Is a Hurtin' Thing [add]
05. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) lyrics
06. Why Did She Have to Leave Me (Why Did She Have to Go?) [add]
07. I Need Your Lovin' lyrics
08. Don't Let Him Take Your Love from Me [add]
09. I Gotta Find a Way (To Get You Back) [add]
10. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love [add]

Puzzle People (1969) 01. Hey Jude lyrics
02. I Can't Get Next to You [*/dub] [add]
03. Hey Jude lyrics
04. Don't Let the Joneses Get You Down [add]
05. Don't Let the Joneses Get You Down [add]
06. Message from a Black Man [add]
07. Message from a Black Man [add]
08. It's Your Thing lyrics
09. It's Your Thing lyrics
10. Little Green Apples lyrics
11. Little Green Apples lyrics
12. You Don't Love Me No More [add]
13. You Don't Love Me No More [add]
14. Since I've Lost You lyrics
15. Since I've Lost You lyrics
16. Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) [add]
17. Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) [add]
18. That's the Way Love Is lyrics
19. That's the Way Love Is lyrics
20. Slave [add]
21. Slave [add]
22. I Can't Get Next to You [*/dub] [add]

On Broadway (1969) 01. G.I.T. On Broadway [add]
02. Broadway Medley [add]
03. Malteds over Manhattan [add]
04. Leading Lady Medley [add]
05. Fiddler on the Roof Medley [add]
06. Student Mountie [add]
07. The Rhythm of Life [add]
08. Finale: Let the Sunshine In [add]
09. Funky Broadway lyrics
10. G.I.T. On Broadway (Reprise) [add]

Psychedelic Shack (1970) 01. Psychedelic Shack lyrics
02. You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth [add]
03. Hum Along and Dance lyrics
04. Take a Stroll Through Your Mind [add]
05. It's Summer lyrics
06. War [add]
07. You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You?) [add]
08. Friendship Train lyrics

Christmas Card (1970) 01. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
02. My Christmas Tree lyrics
03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
04. Silent Night lyrics
05. Someday at Christmas [add]
06. White Christmas lyrics
07. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [add]
08. Silver Bells lyrics
09. The Christmas Song lyrics
10. The Little Drummer Boy [add]

Together (1970) 01. Stubborn Kind of Fellow [add]
02. I'll Be Doggone [add]
03. The Weight [add]
04. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing [add]
05. Uptight (Everything's Alright) [add]
06. Sing a Simple Song [add]
07. My Guy, My Girl [add]
08. For Better or Worse [add]
09. Can't Take My Eyes Off You [add]
10. Why (Must We Fall in Love) [add]

Sky's the Limit (1971) 01. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love [add]
02. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) [add]
03. I'm the Exception to the Rule lyrics
04. Smiling Faces Sometimes lyrics
05. Man [add]
06. Throw a Farewell Kiss [add]
07. Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World) [add]
08. Love Can Be Anything (Can't Nothing Be Love But Love) [add]

All Directions (1972) 01. Funky Music Sho' Nuff Turns Me On [add]
02. Run Charlie Run lyrics
03. Papa Was a Rollin' Stone [add]
04. Love Woke Me up This Morning [add]
05. I Ain't Got Nothing lyrics
06. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [add]
07. Mother Nature [add]
08. Do Your Thing [add]

Masterpiece (1973) 01. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) lyrics
02. Masterpiece lyrics
03. Ma lyrics
04. Law of the Land lyrics
05. Plastic Man [add]
06. Hurry Tomorrow [add]

1990 (1973) 01. Let Your Hair Down [add]
02. I Need You [add]
03. Heavenly [add]
04. You've Got My Soul on Fire [add]
05. Ain't No Justice [add]
06. 1990 lyrics
07. Zoom [add]

Song for You (1975) 01. Happy People [add]
02. Glasshouse [add]
03. Shakey Ground lyrics
04. The Prophet [add]
05. Happy People [instrumental] [add]
06. A Song for You [add]
07. Memories lyrics
08. I'm a Bachelor [add]
09. Firefly lyrics

Power (1980) 01. Power [add]
02. Struck by Lightning Twice [add]
03. Isn't the Night Fantastic [add]
04. How Can I Resist Your Love [add]
05. Shadow of Your Love [add]
06. Can't You See Sweet Thing [add]
07. Go for It [add]
08. I'm Coming Home [add]

Give Love at Christmas (1980) 01. Give Love on Christmas Day [add]
02. The Christmas Song lyrics
03. Love Comes With Christmas [add]
04. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
05. This Christmas [add]
06. Everything for Christmas [add]
07. Christmas Everyday [add]
08. Silent Night lyrics

The Temptations (1981) 01. Aiming at Your Heart [add]
02. Evil Woman [add]
03. The Best of Both Worlds [add]
04. Ready, Willing, and Able [add]
05. Open Their Eyes [add]
06. Oh, What a Night [add]
07. The Life of a Cowboy [add]
08. Just Ain't Havin' Fun [add]
09. What Else [add]
10. Your Lovin' Is Magic [add]

Reunion (1982) 01. Standing on the Top [add]
02. You Better Beware [add]
03. Lock It in the Pocket [add]
04. I've Never Been to Me [add]
05. Backstage [add]
06. More on the Inside [add]
07. Money's Hard to Get [add]
08. Like a Diamond in the Sky [add]
09. Don't Hold It In [add]

Back to Basics (1983) 01. Miss Busy Body (Get Your Body Busy) [add]
02. Sail Away [add]
03. Outlaw [add]
04. Stop the World Right Here [add]
05. The Battle Song [add]
06. Hollywood [add]
07. Isn't the Night Fantastic [add]
08. Make Me Believe in Love Again [add]

Surface Thrills (1983) 01. Surface Thrills [add]
02. Love on My Mind Tonight [add]
03. One Man Woman [add]
04. Show Me Your Love [add]
05. The Seeker [add]
06. What a Way to Put It [add]
07. Bring Your Body Here [add]
08. Made in America [add]

Truly for You (1984) 01. Running [add]
02. Treat Her Like a Lady [add]
03. How Can You Say That It's Over [add]
04. My Love Is True (Truly for You) [add]
05. Memories lyrics
06. Just to Keep You in My Life [add]
07. Set Your Love Right [add]
08. I'll Keep My Light in My Window [add]

Touch Me (1985) 01. Magic [add]
02. Givehersomeattention [add]
03. Deeper Than Love [add]
04. I'm Fascinated [add]
05. Touch Me lyrics
06. Don't Break Your Promise to Me [add]
07. She Got Tired of Loving Me [add]
08. Do You Really Love Your Baby [add]
09. Oh Lover [add]

To Be Continued... (1986) 01. Lady Soul [add]
02. Message to the World [add]
03. To Be Continued [add]
04. Put Us Together Again [add]
05. Someone [add]
06. Girls (They Like It) [add]
07. More Love, Your Love [add]
08. A Fine Mess [From A Fine Mess] [add]
09. You're the One [add]
10. Love Me Right [add]

Special (1989) 01. Friends [add]
02. Special [add]
03. All I Want From You [add]
04. She's Better Than Money [*] [add]
05. One Step at a Time [*] [add]
06. Fill Me Up [add]
07. Go Ahead [add]
08. Loveline [add]
09. Soul to Soul lyrics
10. O.A.O. Lover [*] [add]

Milestone (1991) 01. Eenie, Meenie, Miinie, Moe [add]
02. Any Old Lovin' (Just Won't Do) [add]
03. Hoops of Fire [add]
04. We Should Be Makin' Love [add]
05. The Jones' [add]
06. Get Ready lyrics
07. Corner of My Heart [add]
08. Whenever You're Ready [add]
09. Do It Easy [add]
10. Wait a Minute [add]
11. Celebrate [add]

For Lovers Only (1995) 01. Some Enchanted Evening lyrics
02. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
03. At Last [add]
04. Night and Day [add]
05. Time After Time lyrics
06. Melvin's Interlude [add]
07. Life Is But a Dream [add]
08. What a Diff'rence a Day Makes [add]
09. I'm Glad There Is You [add]
10. South Shell Interlude [add]
11. That's Why (I Love You So) [add]
12. For Your Love/You Send Me [add]

Phoenix Rising (1998) 01. Here After (Interlude) [add]
02. Stay lyrics
03. False Faces [add]
04. How Could He Hurt You [add]
05. I'm Calling You (Interlude) [add]
06. This Is My Promise [add]
07. My Love [add]
08. Tempt Me [add]
09. If I Give You My Heart [add]
10. Take Me in Your Arms [add]
11. That's What Friends Are For [add]
12. Just Like I Told You [add]
13. Stay [*] [add]

Ear-Resistable (2000) 01. I'll Just Go Crazy (Intro) [add]
02. I'm Here [add]
03. Your Love [add]
04. Elevator Eyes [add]
05. Selfish Reasons [add]
06. Kiss Me Like You Miss Me [add]
07. Party [add]
08. It's Alright to Be Wrong [add]
09. Proven & True [add]
10. Got to Get on the Road [add]
11. I'll Just Go Crazy [add]
12. A Little Bit Lonely [add]
13. One Love One World (Interlude) [add]
14. Error of Our Ways [add]

Awesome (2001) 01. Awesome Intro [add]
02. Hurt So Bad [add]
03. 4 Days [add]
04. Lady [add]
05. Forget About It [add]
06. Awesome [add]
07. Raceforyourheart [add]
08. Swept Away [add]
09. My Baby lyrics
10. Open Letter, My One Temptation Interlude [add]
11. So Easy [add]
12. A Love I Can See [add]
13. That's How Heartaches Are Made lyrics
14. I Feel Good [add]

Legacy (2004) 01. Still Tempting [add]
02. 'Round Here [add]
03. Stay Together [add]
04. Somethin' Special [add]
05. Fifty Fifty Love [add]
06. Love to the Music [add]
07. You Are Necessary in My Life (The Wedding Song) [add]
08. Mr. Fix It [add]
09. All the Wrong People [add]
10. Baby It's Me [add]
11. Why Can't We Be Lovin' Friends [add]
12. Never Let You Down [add]

In Japan [live] (2004) 01. Plastic Man [add]
02. I Can't Get Next to You [add]
03. Love Woke Me Up This Morning [add]
04. Medley: Get Ready/My Girl/The Way You Do the Things You Do [add]
05. The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) lyrics
06. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) lyrics
07. Could Nine [add]
08. Introduction of Band and Group [add]
09. A Song for You [add]
10. Masterpiece lyrics
11. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) [add]
12. Papa Was a Rollin' Stone [add]

Reflections (2006) 01. Can I Get a Witness [add]
02. Reflections [add]
03. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) [add]
04. Don't Leave Me This Way [add]
05. This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) [add]
06. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing [add]
07. I Hear a Symphony [add]
08. Try It Baby lyrics
09. Ain't No Mountain High Enough lyrics
10. Ooo Baby Baby [add]
11. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted [add]
12. Never Can Say Goodbye [add]
13. I'll Be There [add]
14. Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) [add]
15. Reach out and Touch (Somebody's Hand) [add]

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