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Neal Casal lyrics
Genre: Rock
Fade Away Diamond Time (1995) 01. Day in the Sun [add]
02. Maybe California [add]
03. Free to Go [add]
04. Leaving Traces [add]
05. Bird in Hand [add]
06. These Days With You [add]
07. Cincinnati Motel [add]
08. Feel No Pain [add]
09. One Last Time [add]
10. Open Ground [add]
11. Detroit or Buffalo [add]
12. Sunday River [add]

Rain, Wind & Speed (1996) 01. Hands on the Plow lyrics
02. Name in Vain lyrics
03. Break Even lyrics
04. Virginia Dare lyrics
05. Angels on Hold lyrics
06. Annabelle lyrics
07. To Look for You lyrics
08. All the Luck in the World lyrics
09. Best to Believe lyrics
10. Piolet's Song [add]
11. I Will Weep No More lyrics

Basement Dreams (1998) 01. Dad Downstairs [add]
02. No One Said a Word [add]
03. Basement Dream [add]
04. I Run and Hide [add]
05. Doghaus Gospel [add]
06. Outskirts [add]
07. Fremont Row [add]
08. Free Light of Day [add]
09. Doghaus Trance [add]
10. Widowmaker [add]
11. Kid on Trumpet [add]
12. Neal's Blues [add]
13. Oil in My Lamp [add]
14. Nothing Left to Prove [add]
15. Me and Queen Sylvia [add]
16. Delaware Station [add]
17. Promises to Keep [add]
18. The Very Last Time [add]
19. St. Cloud [add]
20. Wisest of the Wise [add]
21. Denver Song [add]
22. Highway Butterfly [add]
23. Dad Again [add]

Anytime Tomorrow (2000) 01. Willow Jane [add]
02. Fell on Hard Times [add]
03. Lucky Stars [add]
04. Sweetvine [add]
05. Ocean View [add]
06. No One Above You [add]
07. Eddy and Diamonds [add]
08. Just Getting By [add]
09. Camarillo [add]
10. Time Down the Wind [add]
11. Raining Straight Down [add]
12. Too Much to Ask [add]

Return in Kind (2005) 01. Debris [add]
02. With Tomorrow [add]
03. Too Late [add]
04. Be Real [add]
05. It's Not Enough [add]
06. Miss Direction [add]
07. It Won't Hurt [add]
08. The Portland Water [add]
09. Yellow Kid [add]
10. There's a Reward [add]

No Wish to Reminisce (2006) 01. You Don't See Me Crying [add]
02. Sleepng Pills in Stereo [add]
03. Grand Island [add]
04. Death of a Dream [add]
05. Too Far to Fall [add]
06. Sundowntown [add]
07. Lost Satellite [add]
08. Remember What It's Like [add]
09. A Message You Can Send [add]
10. Down a Strange Street [add]
11. Traveling After Dark [add]
12. Freeway to the Canyon [add]
13. Saw Stars [add]

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