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Brenda Holloway lyrics
Genre: R&B
Every Little Bit Hurts (1964) 01. I've Been Good to You [add]
02. Sad Song [add]
03. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
04. Too Proud to Cry [add]
05. Who's Loving You [add]
06. Land of a Thousand Boys [add]
07. Suddenly [add]
08. Embraceable You [add]
09. Unchained Melody [add]
10. A Favor for a Girl (With a Love Sick Heart) [add]
11. (You Can) Depend on Me [add]
12. Can I [add]

...Together (1999) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Just Look What You've Done [add]
03. Starting the Hurt All over Again [add]
04. How Many Times Did You Mean It [add]
05. Lonely Boy [add]
06. You Can Cry on My Shoulder [add]
07. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
08. When I'm Gone [add]
09. My World Is Crumbling [add]
10. You Made Me So Very Happy [add]
11. Think It Over (Before You Break My Heart) (AKA Reconsider) [add]
12. You're Gonna Love My Baby [add]
13. I'm So Glad (AKA the Right Track) [add]
14. Reconsider (Reprise) [add]
15. Untitled [add]
16. Untitled [add]
17. Untitled [add]
18. Untitled [add]
19. Untitled [add]
20. Untitled [add]
21. Untitled [add]
22. Untitled [add]
23. Untitled [add]
24. Untitled [add]
25. Untitled [add]
26. Untitled [add]
27. Untitled [add]
28. Untitled [add]
29. Untitled [add]
30. Untitled [add]

It's a Woman's World (1999) 01. Walk Right Back [add]
02. It's a Woman's World [add]
03. And I Will Sing a Song for You [add]
04. Never Forget Your First [add]
05. A Perfect Rendezvous [add]
06. Don't Keep Runnin' (In and Out of My Life) [add]
07. I'll Keep You Dry Through the Rain [add]
08. No Regrets [add]
09. Easier Said Than Done [add]
10. (When the Time Comes) For Saying Goodbye [add]

My Love Is Your Love (2004) 01. On the Real Side [add]
02. Lend a Hand [add]
03. Stay Close to Me [add]
04. I Got a Bone to Pick with You [add]
05. Reconsider [add]
06. When I'm Gone [add]
07. Be a Man [add]
08. Give Me a Little Inspiration [add]
09. He's My Kinda Fella [add]
10. Love and Desire [add]
11. Starting the Hurt All Over Again [add]
12. Hung Up on Your Love [add]
13. You Didn't Say a Word [add]
14. Train Keep on Movin' [add]
15. I'm Gonna Love You [add]
16. So Soon [add]
17. I Still Love You [add]
18. My Love Is Your Love [add]
19. Cathedrals [add]
20. Cashing In [add]
21. I Can Feel Him Slipping Away [add]
22. I'm So Happy [add]
23. Baby, Baby Don't Waste Your Time [add]
24. I'm Gonna Change [add]
25. I'll Never Stop Loving You [add]
26. Make Me Believe in You [add]
27. Your Song [add]
28. Don't Bring Me Down [add]
29. World Without Sunshine [add]
30. I Got the Fever [add]
31. Home Is Where the Hatred Is [add]
32. For All the Right Reasons [add]
33. All It Takes [add]
34. Fighting for What's Right [add]
35. You Gave Me Love [add]
36. Hot and Cold [add]
37. Every Little Bit Hurts [add]
38. You Made Me So Very Happy [add]
39. On the Rebound [add]

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