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Ronny Elliott lyrics
Genre: Country
A Postcard from Jack (1998) 01. Blue Dreams [add]
02. Tell the Killer the King Is Dead [add]
03. If I Had You [add]
04. Postcard from Jack [add]
05. The Road to Rock & Roll [add]
06. White Knuckle Flight [add]
07. Bring Me Your Love [add]
08. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong [add]
09. The Teist Came from Tampa [add]
10. Dancin' With the Man in the Moon Again [add]
11. Carlos Diego [add]
12. Anything Else But You [add]

Ronny Elliott (1999) 01. They Don't Rob Trains Any More [add]
02. South by So What [add]
03. My Nerves Are Bad Tonight [add]
04. She Sold the Silver [add]
05. How Many Stars [add]
06. Tahitian Inn [add]
07. Dogs of Havana [add]
08. Same Three Cords [add]
09. Talkin' to the Man in the Moon [add]
10. Hotel Room in Jacksonville [add]
11. Best I Can Do [add]
12. Hereos [add]

Poisonville (2001) 01. Room 100 [add]
02. Burn, Burn, Burn [add]
03. Poisonville [add]
04. When Mr. Blues Came to Town [add]
05. Letter from a Birmingham Jail [add]
06. Born in 1947 [add]
07. Bluer Than You [add]
08. Dirty Dreams [add]
09. Bitter Breeze [add]
10. Irish Rockabilly Blues [add]
11. I Watched Her Tango [add]
12. Bury Hime Like a Prince [add]
13. Oh, Susannah [add]

Magneto (2002) 01. Loser's Lullaby [add]
02. Broke Heart Blues [add]
03. Wrong Side [add]
04. Last One Standing [add]
05. Ballad of Wayward [add]
06. Camera Zone [add]
07. Me and Rock Bottom [add]
08. Degas in New Orleans [add]
09. Oscar and Toulouse and the Heartbreak Kid [add]
10. Last Days of Tampa Red [add]
11. Halloween in Germany [add]
12. I Hear Mr. Shine Passed [add]
13. Ed Brown Meets Chuck Berry [add]

Hep (2003) 01. Nowhereville [add]
02. Slim Harpo's Heartbeat [add]
03. Expat Blues [add]
04. All the Way to Louisville [add]
05. Blind Side of the Heart [add]
06. Poets and Scientists [add]
07. Jack's St. Pete Blues [add]
08. Nothing About Heartache [add]
09. Elvis Presley Didn't Like Tampa [add]
10. Time I Spent in New Orleans [add]
11. Hurry Up to Meet the Angels [add]
12. A Great Depression [add]
13. Gorgeous George [add]

Valentine Roadkill (2005) 01. Valentino's Dream [add]
02. Hope Fades [add]
03. The Blue Girl Says Yes [add]
04. You Already Did [add]
05. Do Angels Ever Dream They're Falling [add]
06. Lottie [add]
07. Mr. Edison's Electric Chair [add]
08. No More War [add]
09. Walk to the End of the World [add]
10. Powder and Lead [add]
11. When Idols Fall [add]
12. I Don't Hear Freedom Ring Anymore [add]
13. War Scarred Horses [add]

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