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Sir Millard Mulch lyrics
Genre: Rock
To Hell with All of You, I Just Wanna Grow My Vegetables! (1999) 01. Grant Schumacher Destroys Hollywood for the Girl [add]
02. The Heroic Origin of the Bionic Handed Grocery Bagging Man [add]
03. With Nina Gordon with David Bowie [add]
04. Don't Mistake Me for Miss January [add]
05. On a Quest for Strange Socks, The Resurrection [add]
06. One Day, I Shall Return, A King, And Obliterate [add]
07. Oodles of Noodles [add]
08. Can We Go to the Chinese Theater? [add]
09. Ode to Bob Pomeroy [add]
10. Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite Dust II [add]
11. Things Beyond Things (Devin Townsend) [add]
12. James Pitts in Bondage (Techno Version) [add]
13. The Cheap Plastic Toy Is Now Broken [add]
14. From the Odor, I Assume You Are a Resident on TH [add]
15. Lessons in Life, Thank You for Your Condescenden [add]
16. Have You Been to the School? [add]
17. Thwaoyijwgmv! Anthem/Welcome to My Mud Hut/E [add]
18. Amy/A Daily Meditation [add]

50 Intellectually Stimulating Themes (2000) 01. An Essay on Milk [add]
02. A Brief History of Broccoli [add]
03. 15 Interesting Things to Do With Tiny Chairs II [add]
04. I Bought My Love a Bungee Cord [add]
05. The Keeper of the Carrot [add]
06. The Boy With the Perfectly Square Butthole [add]
07. On a Quest for Strange Socks, R.I.P. [add]
08. Infinitesimal Beads of Graphite Dust [add]
09. Vegans from Outer Space Pt. 1 & 2 [add]
10. At the Zoo [add]
11. The Happy Birthday Song [add]
12. Ice Skating With an Intelligent Jen Ireland [add]
13. 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls) [add]
14. Shit Rag #1 [add]
15. Take Off! [add]
16. Last to Know (Faith No More) [add]
17. Strapping Young Lad Medley (Syl) [add]
18. Tent Rentals (Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.) [add]
19. Grandpa Al vs. The Hoth Wampa [add]
20. Donald Treglia's Nickname [add]
21. Soap? [add]
22. Who? [add]
23. A Letter from Nostradamus [add]
24. An Educated Guess (Simon Said...) [add]
25. Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast! [add]
26. Who Is Brad Freeze? [add]
27. Seventeen (Winger) [add]
28. Mrs. Alan's Camera - Abridged [add]
29. Get Out of My House! [add]
30. John Pt. 1 [add]
31. Mr. Apocalypse Tells His First Lie and Orders a Dr [add]
32. Is Phillip's Brother a Squirrel? [add]
33. A Review of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged [add]
34. 15 Interesting Things to Do With Tiny Chairs I [add]
35. Old Lady Had a Weiner [add]
36. Smooth, Baby, Smooth [add]
37. The Definition of the Lemon - Live [add]
38. I Like Short Songs (Dead Kennedys) [add]
39. Bat [add]
40. James Pitts in Bondage [add]
41. Mr. Rosenberg's Guide to Success in Communication [add]
42. Kathleen [add]
43. Battle Hymn of the Suburban Horticulturalist [add]
44. The Hardest Bone in Frank's Body [add]
45. A Lecture on Coffee [add]
46. Freeze Five [add]
47. The Puppet and the Shovel [add]
48. Onion [add]
49. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) [add]
50. I Got Bit by a Hamster [add]

How to Sell the Whole F#@! ing Universe to Everybody... Once and for All (A Commercial (2003) 01. Principles of Egyptian Salesmanship [add]
02. Dr. Whilton Popple's Personal Slave II [add]
03. Fantastic! [add]
04. Brian Tracy Caeser Salad [add]
05. Chariots of the Sales Gods [add]
06. I'm an Artist and I Shouldn't Have to Work for a Living! [add]
07. Hardball 2 (Estradasphere) [add]
08. Cap'n Jack's Straight-From-The-Can Applefish! [add]
09. James Pitts in Bondage IV: Moving Target [add]
10. Maximum Volumizer [add]
11. Higher (Creed) [add]
12. H2o2verphone Telethon [add]
13. The Boy with the Perfectly Square Butthole Strikes Back [add]
14. Drink the Secret Milkshake [add]
15. Every Child Is a Creator [add]
16. I Don't Wanna Be a Salesman! [add]
17. Ring Around the Hedgehog [add]
18. Metronomes & Make-Up [add]
19. You're Not My Hero Anymore [add]
20. Brunch with Bronco Nagasaki [add]
21. Not Ready for Retail? [add]
22. Check out Our Exclusive Fall Season Spectacular of Indestructibl [add]
23. When the Sales Gods Compute Your Karmic Worth, You Can Join Your [add]
24. Let's Move [Dance Mix] [add]
25. The Monkey Steals the Peaches [add]
26. Fake Boobies! [add]
27. How to Pretend You're Stupid Like Everyone Else So You Can Becom [add]
28. I Hate Retro! [add]
29. Poking the Eye of the Beholder [add]
30. Prelude to Mundus Imaginalis [add]
31. Dennis Rodman Fukking Basketball 1998 [add]
32. Mary Go Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy! [add]
33. Ultimate Radio Interview That Will Make Me Famous Forever [add]
34. The World Is Brainwashed Catering, LLC [add]
35. What Is the Concept Behind This Huge, Unlistenable Album? [add]
36. Hemisphere III: Hermes [add]
37. If a Composer Falls in the Woods... [add]
38. Tj's Original Surrogate Activity Soup! (Made from 100% Instead O [add]
39. The Best Job in the World (Sales Is) [add]
40. The Ultimate Artistic Medium Is the Consciousness of Other Peopl [add]
41. Food Pirates of Galpheve IV [add]
42. Normal Life Is Boring! [add]
43. No-No, The Headless Ant [add]
44. There's a Market for Everything But Me [add]
45. God Bless the Riaa! [add]
46. Coagula et Solve or Something [add]
47. Bad Imitation of Buckethead? [add]
48. Food Magnetizer [add]
49. How to Quit Your Job and Make Millions! [add]
50. Sir Millard Mulch's Olde Tyme Parade of Magickal Amusements [add]

Fanatical Video Game Retroverse 1995-1999 (2005) 01. Cropduster 2000 (Video Game Intro Theme) [add]
02. Meteor Shower 3 (Video Game Theme) [add]
03. Hypertask Industries (Consumer Safety Video Jingle) [add]
04. Dr. Apple Batter's Meltdown (Commercial Jingle) [add]
05. Cryptic Glyphs Special DVD Edition (Strategy Game Theme) [add]
06. Olfactory Seizure Mayhem! collapse of the Monkeyfarm (Children' [add]
07. Sanitation Squad 3D (Ending Credits Theme) [add]
08. Slappin' with Ham Sammy (Creative Writing Video for Kids Soundtr [add]
09. The Neverending Video Game 2 (Radio Program Score) [add]
10. Aquarium! (Jingle & Sound Effects) [add]
11. Mexican Stand-Off Maniacs (Talk Radio Show Jingle) [add]
12. Dark Kingdom of Obscure Metal Monsters IV (Video Game Score) [add]
13. MZX2 Slam! Slam! Bang! Pow! Auto Warriors! (On-Line Cartoon) [add]
14. Ohio Vice (Handheld Game Soundtrack) [add]
15. XXX KKK (On-Line Commercial Jingle) [add]
16. Cocaine Wars II : Eat Sh*t, Colombia! (Video Game Soundtrack) [add]
17. Olfactory Seizure Mayhem! (Video Game Theme) [add]
18. Welcome to Duncan's Logging (Video Jingle) [add]
19. Med School Maniac: The Taming of the Flu (Medical Film School TH [add]
20. Dr. Lemmystein's Castle 4: The Maze of Twelve Months (Video Game [add]
21. Ekki Jui Jui and Kavi Magi (Children's TV Series Jingle) [add]
22. Rumble-Ball 2640 (Kid's Video Game Jingle) [add]
23. The Great Cookie Escape (Children's Film Score Theme) [add]
24. Sorry Mom! (TV Drama Theme) [add]
25. Delicious and Dangerous: Pounding a Pound Cake [add]
26. Welcome to Skratchball International (Corporate Training Video T [add]
27. The Japanese Monster Squid vs. Bad Eddie (Children's TV) [add]
28. The Association of Peeksqui Monsterbots Theme [add]
29. Mt. Etherbridge to Magnanamon (History Documentary Score) [add]
30. Let's Get Wicked! (Children's Video Theme) [add]
31. Naughty Swedish Toboggan Coaches (Score/Soundtrack Exerpts) [add]
32. Another Hand on Mars (Sci-Fi Documentary Theme) [add]
33. Koppie Vonblonde Takes on Manhattan (Music Video Theme) [add]
34. The Kid Who Ate 10,000 Hamburgers (Children's Educational Video) [add]

The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth (2006) 01. Radio Promo Is the Answer to All My Problems... [add]
02. Tiki Bar Revolution [add]
03. The Mysteries of the Universe Are Revealred to Morons, Pt. 1 [add]
04. The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth [add]
05. James Pitts in Bondage Y2K [add]
06. While They Were Rockstars [add]
07. The Great Strength of Our Order [add]
08. Green Milk Conspiracy [*] [add]

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