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Militant lyrics
Genre: Reggae
Targeted: Our Story (2001) 01. Love Intro [add]
02. Lots of Loving [add]
03. Don't Forget About Jah [add]
04. Hey You! (From Dolls to Balls) [add]
05. That's Not What I Want Girl [add]
06. Herb Smoking [add]
07. Fire Interlude [add]
08. Chant We a Chant [add]
09. One Day [add]
10. Foot and Mouth Desease [add]
11. Rasta Style [add]
12. What Yu Want Mi to Do ? [add]
13. Can't Get Over You [add]
14. Targeted Interlude [add]
15. Living a Lie [add]
16. No Man Nuh Greater Than Dust [add]
17. Nooo ! [add]
18. Fight for a Cause [add]

Odyssey (2003) 01. Blacks Move In [add]
02. Ooh God ! [add]
03. Women Want to Be Worshipped [add]
04. Patois [add]
05. No Joke [add]
06. Non Driver Bwoy [add]
07. Poppin So Puff [add]
08. Red, Gold & Green [add]
09. George Bush No! [add]
10. Know Yu Self [add]
11. Jam Dung We Grow [add]
12. Wha Dem Promoting [add]
13. Dear Pastor [add]
14. Medeaval Times [add]
15. Lion Meets Leopard [add]
16. Dooms Day Asteroid [add]
17. Odyssey [add]
18. Why Yu Call the Rasta [add]
19. You and Me [add]
20. Your Job [add]

Struggle (2004) 01. Dear Lord [add]
02. Can't Wait for Death for Justice [add]
03. Raid Us and Slave Us [add]
04. Ghetto Man [add]
05. Respect the Woman [add]
06. Interlude [add]
07. Can't Take the Truth [add]
08. Jesse Owens [add]
09. Tom Coleman [add]
10. Blood Have to Run [add]
11. Targeted Interlude [add]
12. Targeted Remix [add]
13. Skin So Black [add]
14. Industry Interlude [add]
15. Commercial Junkie [add]
16. People Resisting [add]
17. What Is Militant ? [add]
18. Revolutionist [add]
19. Asylum [add]
20. Wish I Wasn't Born [add]
21. Three Million (Nuclear Bribe) [add]

What a Life (2005) 01. Simple Life [add]
02. Half a Cup of Tea (Multi Language) [add]
03. Tree of Life (Moringa Oliefera) [add]
04. Secrets Leak Out [add]
05. Rasta Dude [add]
06. Fighting Day and Night [add]
07. Mr. George Weah [add]
08. Suddenly It Hits You [add]
09. Jan - Ja - Weed [add]
10. There Goes Another One [add]
11. Wash Dat Dirty Butt [add]
12. No Veggie [add]
13. Wrinkled Face (Old Man) [add]
14. World in My Head [add]
15. No Where to Hide [add]
16. What Is a Man Worth [add]
17. Yaw Yaw Yaw [add]
18. Selma Two Pickney [add]
19. Sell What You Gotta [add]
20. Sexually Frustrated [add]
21. Old Man Sitting on the Bench [add]
22. So Much to Be Thankful For [add]
23. Sorry Mama [add]

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