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David Hirschfelder lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Shine [Original Score] (1996) 01. With the Help of God, Shine [add]
02. The Polonaise [add]
03. Did He Win? [add]
04. Will You Teach Me? [add]
05. Scales to America [add]
06. Scenes from Childhood "Almost Too Serious" [add]
07. These People Are a Disgrace [add]
08. Raindrop Prelude [add]
09. Your Father Your Family [add]
10. Tell Me a Story, Katharine [add]
11. Backstage [add]
12. Punished for the Rest of Your Life [add]
13. Moments of Genius [add]
14. La Campalesson [add]
15. Letters to Katharine [add]
16. 1st Movement Cadenza from the Rach 3 [add]
17. Night Practice/Parcel from Katharine [add]
18. As If There Was No Tomorrow [add]
19. The Rach. 3 [add]
20. Complicato in Isreal [add]
21. Raindrop Reprise [add]
22. Bath to Daisy Beryl [add]
23. Gloria [add]
24. Hungarian Rhaposdy No. 2 [add]
25. Prelude in C Sharp Minor [add]
26. The Flight of the Bumblebee [add]
27. Rach. 3 Reborn [add]
28. Goodnight Daddy [add]
29. A Loud Bit of Ludwig's 9th [add]
30. Sospiro [add]
31. What's the Matter, David/Appassionata [add]
32. La Campanella [add]
33. Familiar Faces/Rach. 3 Encore [add]
34. Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera [add]

Elizabeth (1998) 01. Elizabeth: Overture [add]
02. Love Theme-Arrest [add]
03. Tonight I Think I Die [add]
04. Walsingham [add]
05. Night of the Long Knives [Byrd: Domine Decundum Actum Meum] [add]
06. Coronation Banquet [add]
07. Love Theme [add]
08. Aftermath [add]
09. Parliament [add]
10. Rondes I & VII [Susato: Dansereye] [add]
11. Conspiracy [add]
12. Ballard [add]
13. One Mistress, No Master [add]
14. Nimrod [Elgar: Enigma Variations] [add]
15. Requiem: Introitus [Mozart: Requiem] [add]

Hanging Up (2000) 01. It's Too Late [add]
02. Flashback-Eve Crashes [add]
03. Conference Call [add]
04. Paralysed Cowboy [add]
05. Memory Lane [add]
06. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [add]
07. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
08. Lou Missing [add]
09. Eve and Maddy Are Hondas [add]
10. Flashback-Eve and Dad Dance [add]
11. Mums in Big Bear [add]
12. Eve and Ogmed [add]
13. Disconnect/Georgia's Arrival [add]
14. Georgia on My Mind [add]
15. Drive to Hospital [add]
16. Lou Dies [add]
17. Thanksgiving [add]
18. Once upon a Time [add]

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