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Genre: R&B
Invitation to Love (1980) 01. Shake It Up [add]
02. Invitation to Love [add]
03. Magnetized [add]
04. Hello Girl [add]
05. Skate Lovers [add]
06. Carry On [add]
07. Do It Again [add]
08. Sooner or Later [add]
09. Beyond the Horizon [add]

Joystick (1983) 01. To the Roof [add]
02. Joystick [add]
03. Swoop [add]
04. Until You [add]
05. Rock With Me [add]
06. Straight Out of School [add]
07. Now That I Have You [add]
08. Laughin' at You [add]
09. T'Mata [add]

On the One (1983) 01. Party Right Here [add]
02. Cheek to Cheek [add]
03. On the One for Fun [add]
04. Don't Get Caught in the Middle [add]
05. A Love Song [add]
06. Bad Girl [add]
07. Nice Girls [add]
08. Stay a While With Me [add]
09. We Have More Than Love [add]

Jukebox (1984) 01. Let It All Blow [add]
02. Keep You Comin' Back for More [add]
03. She's the One [add]
04. Dream Girl [add]
05. Heartbeat [add]
06. Undercover Lover [add]
07. I've Been Waiting [add]
08. Main Attractions [add]
09. So Much Love [add]

Hot Spot (1985) 01. If Only You Were in My Shoes [add]
02. Hot Spot [add]
03. Paranoid [add]
04. All the Way [add]
05. S.C.L. and P. (Style, Class, Looks and Personality) [add]
06. She Used to Be My Girl [add]
07. When You Needed Roses [add]
08. Slow Rap [add]

Rock the Room (1988) 01. Anticipation [add]
02. Single Girls [add]
03. Open Sesame [add]
04. One Time Lover [add]
05. Body Drum [add]
06. Huff and Puff [add]
07. All the Way [add]
08. Rock the Room [add]
09. Once in a Lifetime Love [add]

Under the Streetlights (1995) 01. Tryin' to Get My Groove On [add]
02. Dance With Somebody [add]
03. Under the Streetlights [add]
04. Give Me Just a Little Bit [add]
05. Fly Away [add]
06. Let's Talk About Funk [add]
07. Dazz [add]
08. It's Your Party [add]
09. Love Is a Bitch [add]
10. Nasty Boogie [add]
11. I Like You [add]
12. Ten Toes [add]
13. Dazz Mega Mix [add]

Double Exposure (1997) 01. Double ZZ [add]
02. Swoop [add]
03. Joystick [add]
04. Keep It Live (On the K.I.L.) [add]
05. Knock! Knock! [add]
06. Heartbeat [add]
07. There I Go [add]
08. Let It All Blow [add]
09. Let It Whip lyrics
10. Double ZZ (Reprise) [add]

Here We Go Again (1998) 01. Bop Gun [add]
02. Sho' You Right [add]
03. Girl Got Body [add]
04. Do Popppa Do [add]
05. Downstairs Lounge [add]
06. Ride [add]
07. Summer Swim [add]
08. I Wanna Be With You [add]
09. The Things I'd Do [add]
10. Oh What a Night [add]

Time Traveler (2001) 01. You Are My Starship [add]
02. What's Up in Your World [add]
03. Ain't Nuthin' But a Jam Y'all [add]
04. Love Don't Make No Sense [add]
05. She's My Lady [add]
06. Girl You Got a Body [add]
07. Oh What a Night [add]
08. Do Poppa Do [add]
09. Get off My Groove [add]
10. Nasty Groove [add]

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