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The Brothers Johnson lyrics
Genre: R&B
Look out for #1 (1976) 01. I'll Be Good to You [add]
02. Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks [add]
03. Get the Funk out Ma Face [add]
04. Tomorrow [add]
05. Free and Single [add]
06. Come Together [add]
07. Land of Ladies [add]
08. Dancin' and Prancin' [add]
09. The Devil [add]

Right on Time (1977) 01. Runnin' for Your Lovin' [add]
02. Free Yourself, Be Yourself [add]
03. "Q" [add]
04. Right on Time [add]
05. Strawberry Letter 23 [add]
06. Brother Man [add]
07. Never Leave You Lonely [add]
08. Love Is [add]

Blam!! (1978) 01. Ain't We Funkin' Now [add]
02. So Won't You Stay [add]
03. Blam!! [add]
04. Rocket Countdown/Blastoff [add]
05. Ride-O-Rocket [add]
06. Mista' Cool [add]
07. It's You Girl [add]
08. Streetwave [add]

Light Up the Night (1980) 01. Stomp! [add]
02. Light up the Night [add]
03. You Make Me Wanna Wiggle [add]
04. Treasure [add]
05. This Had to Be [add]
06. All About the Heaven [add]
07. Smilin' on Ya [add]
08. Closer to the One That You Love [add]
09. Celebrations [add]

Winners (1981) 01. The Real Thing [add]
02. Dancin' Free [add]
03. Sunlight [add]
04. Teaser [add]
05. Caught Up [add]
06. In the Way [add]
07. I Want You [add]
08. Do It for Love [add]
09. Hot Mama [add]
10. Daydreamer Dream [add]

Out of Control (1984) 01. You Keep Me Comin' Back [add]
02. Lovers Forever [add]
03. Do You [add]
04. Let's Try Love Again [add]
05. I Came Here to Party [add]
06. Out of Control [add]
07. Save Me [add]
08. Tokyo [add]
09. Dazed [add]
10. It's All over Now [add]

Funkadelia (1994) 01. Stomp! [add]
02. Dancin' Free [add]
03. Ain't We Funkin' Now [add]
04. Real Thing [add]
05. You Make Me Wanna Wiggle [add]
06. Come Together [add]
07. Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks [add]
08. Funk It (Funkadelala) [add]
09. Light up the Night [add]
10. I Came Here to Party [add]
11. You Keep Me Comin' Back [add]
12. Love Is [add]
13. It's You Girl [add]
14. Do It for Love [add]

Brothers 'n' Love (1996) 01. Treasure [add]
02. Strawberry Letter 23 [add]
03. Land of Ladies [add]
04. Dancin' and Prancin' [add]
05. Runnin' for Your Lovin' [add]
06. Blam!! [add]
07. I'll Be Good to You [add]
08. Love Ballad [add]
09. Stranger [add]
10. Where Did We Go Wrong? [add]
11. Lady Love [add]
12. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again [add]
13. (Won't Cha) Stay with Me [add]
14. April Love [add]

Strawberry Letter 23: Live (2004) 01. Opening Instrumental [add]
02. Ain't We Funkin' Now [add]
03. I'll Be Good to You [add]
04. Thunder Thumbs & Lightnin' Licks [add]
05. Land of Ladies [add]
06. Family Affair [add]
07. If You Want Me to Stay [add]
08. Strawberry Letter 23 [add]
09. Get the Funk Out Ma Face [add]
10. Instrumental [add]
11. Word Up [add]
12. Bass & Drum Solo [add]
13. Stomp! [add]
14. Opening Instrumental [multimedia track] [add]
15. Ain't We Funkin' Now [multimedia track] [add]
16. I'll Be Good to You [multimedia track] [add]
17. Thunder Thumbs & Lightnin' Licks [multimedia track] [add]
18. Land of Ladies [multimedia track] [add]
19. Family Affair [multimedia track] [add]
20. If You Want Me to Stay [multimedia track] [add]
21. Strawberry Letter 23 [multimedia track] [add]
22. Get the Funk Out Ma Face [multimedia track] [add]
23. Instrumental [multimedia track] [add]
24. Word Up [multimedia track] [add]
25. Bass & Drum Solo [multimedia track] [add]
26. Stomp! [multimedia track] [add]

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