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Richard Harvey lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Shroad for a Nightingale: The Screen Music of Richard Harvey (1996) 01. Shroud for a Nightingale [add]
02. Hostages [add]
03. The Assam Garden [add]
04. Doctor Finlay - Mission of Mercy/End Titles [add]
05. G.B.H. Prefume [add]
06. G.B.H. From a Cold Land [add]
07. Defence of the Realm [add]
08. A Small Dance [add]
09. Doomsday Gun [add]
10. Jake's Progress - Jake's Story [add]
11. The Wimbledon Poisoner [add]
12. To Each His Own [add]
13. Dancing With the Dead [add]
14. Shape of the World [add]
15. Deadly Advice [add]
16. Game, Set & Match - The Bridge [add]
17. Game, Set & Match - The End Game [add]

Animal Farm [Original Television Score] (1999) 01. Storm of Judgement/Main Title [add]
02. Dumb Animals [add]
03. Meeting in the Barn [add]
04. Old Major's Last Words/Beasts of the World [add]
05. We Can Help Ourselves [add]
06. The Battle of the Barn [add]
07. At Last We Were Free [add]
08. In the House/Commandments [add]
09. The Harvest and the Flag [add]
10. The Pigs Take Control [add]
11. The Big Battle [add]
12. Snowball Banished [add]
13. Long Live Animal Farm/The Windmill [add]
14. Let Me Explain [add]
15. Jones Destroys the Windmill [add]
16. Glorious Leader Napoleon! /Squealer's Song [add]
17. All Hens Are Criminals! /The Pigs Get Drunk [add]
18. Guilty! [add]
19. Boxer's Fate [add]
20. More Equal Than Others [add]
21. The Song of the Grateful Duck lyrics
22. We Were Never Free [add]
23. End Titles [add]

Arabian Nights [Orginal Television Score] (2000) 01. Sultan Shariar's Dream [add]
02. Main Titles [add]
03. The Brother's Fued [add]
04. Scheherazade's Decision [add]
05. Ali Baba in the Treasure Cave [add]
06. 'Open Sesame! '/Black Coda [add]
07. Kasim's Fatal Mistake [add]
08. Coda's Men Search for Ali [add]
09. Under Cover of Darkness/Thieves Sent Tumbling [add]
10. Another Story... [add]
11. Bacbac-The Death of a Funny Man [add]
12. Aladdin and the Princess [add]
13. In the Tomb of the Warriors [add]
14. The Genie of the Lamp [add]
15. The Storyteller [add]
16. Aladdin's Wish [add]
17. Shazzanan's Army [add]
18. The Heart of Princess [add]
19. Aladdin's Perfect Dream/The Illusion Shattered [add]
20. Mustappa's Victory [add]
21. Another Happy Ending [add]
22. Amin and the Sultan's Madness [add]
23. The Three Brothers [add]
24. The Magic Carpet [add]
25. Into the Great Desert [add]
26. The Final Battle [add]
27. Conclusion/End Titles [add]

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