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Peter Banks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Two Sides of Peter Banks (1973) 01. Visions of the King [add]
02. The White House Vale/On the Hill/Lord of the Dragon [add]
03. Knights/The Falcon/The Bear [add]
04. Battles [add]
05. Knights (Reprise) [add]
06. Last Eclipse [add]
07. Beyond the Loneliest Sea [add]
08. Stop That! [add]
09. Get Out of My Fridge [add]

Peter Banks (1973) 01. Vision of the King [add]
02. White House Vale [add]
03. Knights [add]
04. Battles [add]
05. Last Ellipse [add]
06. Beyond the Loneliest Sea [add]
07. Stop That! [add]
08. Get Out of My Fridge [add]

Instinct (1994) 01. No Place Like Home [add]
02. All Points South [add]
03. Fogbound [add]
04. Stikcy Wicket [add]
05. Shortcomings [add]
06. Code Blue [add]
07. Angels [add]
08. Swamp Resort [add]
09. Instinctive Behavior [add]
10. Dominating Factor [add]
11. Never the Same [add]

Self-Contained (1995) 01. Radio Foreplay [add]
02. Endless Journey [add]
03. More Foreplay [add]
04. Massive Trouser Clearance [add]
05. Lost Days [add]
06. Away Days [add]
07. Two-Rides [add]
08. Self-Contained [add]
09. Clues [add]
10. The Three Realms [add]
11. Tell Me When [add]
12. Funkin' Profundity [add]
13. It's All Greek to Me: The Great Dionysia [add]
14. It's All Greek to Me: Erotokritos [add]
15. It's All Greek to Me: Less Talk [add]
16. It's All Greek to Me: Oriental Bent [add]
17. It's All Greek to Me: In an Idyll Momentum [add]
18. It's All Greek to Me: Unnatural History [add]
19. It's All Greek to Me: Greekspeak [add]
20. It's All Greek to Me: The Great Stifado [add]
21. Thinking of You [add]

Can I Play You Something? (1999) 01. Can I Play You Something ? [add]
02. Bang/Crash [add]
03. Peter Gunn [add]
04. Hippie Loop [add]
05. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream [add]
06. You Better Move On [add]
07. Beyond and Before [add]
08. Beyond and Before [What Bass ? Mix] [add]
09. Lima Loop [add]
10. Grounded [add]
11. For Your Love [add]
12. Flowerman [add]
13. Flowerman [add]
14. Yesterdays [add]
15. Electric Funeral [add]
16. Electric Funeral [Radio Fun Mix] [add]
17. Cinnamon Touch [add]
18. Get Yourself Together [add]
19. Created by Clive [add]
20. Images of You and Me [Radio Fun Mix] [add]
21. I Saw You! [Bang/Crash] [add]
22. No Time [add]

Reduction (1999) 01. Diminuendo in Bloom [add]
02. Tone Down [add]
03. The Age of Distortion [add]
04. Fade to Blue [add]
05. Fathat [add]
06. As Night Falls... [add]
07. Consolation in Isolation [add]
08. Dirty Little Secret [add]
09. As Ever [add]
10. Pirate's Pleasure [add]
11. Rosa Nova [add]

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