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The Judybats lyrics
Genre: Rock
Native Son (1990) 01. Native Son [add]
02. Daylight [add]
03. Convelescing in Spain [add]
04. Don't Drop the Baby [add]
05. She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) [add]
06. Incognito [add]
07. In Like With You [add]
08. Woman in the Garden [add]
09. Waiting for the Rain [add]
10. Counting Sheep [add]
11. Perfumed Lies [add]
12. The Wanted Man [add]

Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes ... (1991) 01. Our Story [add]
02. She's Sad She Said [add]
03. How It Is [add]
04. Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow [add]
05. Margot Known as Missy [add]
06. Witches' Night [add]
07. Is Anything [add]
08. Poor Bruised World [add]
09. Animal Farm [add]
10. Saturday [add]
11. Lullaby, Weren't We Wild [add]
12. When Things Get Slow Around Here [add]

Pain Makes You Beautiful (1993) 01. All Day Afternoon [add]
02. Ugly on the Outside [add]
03. Being Simple [add]
04. An Intense Beige [add]
05. Geography [add]
06. Wasting Time [add]
07. Incredible Bittersweet [add]
08. Scarlett [add]
09. Trip Me Up [add]
10. La Dulcinea [add]
11. My Dead Friend [add]
12. Pain (Makes You Beautiful) [add]

Full-Empty (1994) 01. What We Lose [add]
02. Drought [add]
03. Happy Song (Settling) [add]
04. Sorry Counts [add]
05. Don't Wait for Me [add]
06. In the Maroon lyrics
07. Wounded Bird [add]
08. Stupid-Cute [add]
09. Jive Talkin' [add]
10. Regret Revisited [add]
11. Stoned [add]
12. Liquid [add]
13. The Cachet of Misery [add]
14. The Lake [add]

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