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Three Johns lyrics
Genre: Rock
Atom Drum Bop (1984) 01. Atom Drum Bop [add]
02. Teenage Nightingales to Wax [add]
03. Do Not Cross the Line [add]
04. 3 Junk [add]
05. Firepits [add]
06. No Place [add]
07. Dr. Freedom [add]
08. Missing [add]
09. Son of Mud [add]
10. The Devil's Music (Merry at Their Toil) [add]
11. Class War [add]

Live in Chicago (1986) 01. Teenage Nightingales to Wax [add]
02. The Day the Industry Decided to Stop [add]
03. Awol [add]
04. The Devil's Junk [add]
05. 3 Junk [add]
06. Death of the European [add]
07. McDonna [add]
08. English White Boy Engineer [add]
09. Do Not Cross the Line [add]
10. 20th Century Boy [add]
11. The World of the Workers [add]
12. Windolene [add]
13. Kick the Dog [add]
14. Do the Square Thing [*] [add]
15. Rooster Blues [*] [add]
16. Reds Strike the Blues [*] [add]

World by Storm (1986) 01. Sold Down the River [add]
02. King Car [add]
03. Demon Drink [add]
04. Johnny, The Perfect Son [add]
05. Torches of Liberty [add]
06. Atom Drum Bop [add]
07. Death of the European [add]
08. Coals to Newcastle [add]
09. The Ship That Died of Shame [add]
10. The World by Storm [add]

Death of Everything & More (1988) 01. The King Is Dead (Four Words Too Long) [add]
02. Bullshtiaco [add]
03. Moonlight on Vermont [add]
04. Go Ahead Bikini [add]
05. Spin Me Round [add]
06. Nonsense Spews from My Song Machine [add]
07. Humbug [add]
08. Fast Fish [add]
09. Downhearted Blues [add]
10. Never and Always [add]

Deathrocker Scrapbook (1988) 01. Incredible Wendy Frith [add]
02. Nightmare [add]
03. Snitch [add]
04. Burn While You Learn [add]
05. Hello Dickie [add]
06. Conversation With Freud [add]
07. Is Your Brain Your Own? [add]
08. Mouths to Feed [add]
09. You're Not Like Manson, Are You? [add]
10. Mountain Man [add]
11. Buzz Be Goode [add]
12. Machinery Seeds [add]
13. Cheap Computer [add]
14. We Won't Wobble [add]
15. Peter's Advertising Agency [add]
16. One Fine Day [add]
17. High Standards [add]
18. The Press Is a Toad [add]
19. The Ballad of Colin Buggers [add]
20. Compensation [add]
21. Fill Me Up [add]
22. Spider Spaceship [add]

Eat Your Sons (1990) 01. Black Heart [add]
02. Skeleton Man [add]
03. Eat Your Sons [add]
04. Key Largo [add]
05. Smashtime [add]
06. Sometime [add]
07. Toleration [add]
08. Book of the Dead [add]
09. Jason's Dream [add]
10. Thunder and Rum [add]
11. Desire for Chaos [add]
12. Beat It on a Rock [add]
13. In the Here and High [add]

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