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Maurice Mattei lyrics
Genre: Folk
Ring of Smoke (0000) 01. Ring of Smoke [add]
02. Fifty-Three Counts [add]
03. Carnival Delivery [add]
04. Bankers and Brokers [add]
05. Welcome to Richmond Park Downs [add]
06. On the Outs [add]
07. The Lights of Town [add]
08. There He Goes Again [add]
09. Crawford Heights [add]
10. Don't Be That Way [add]
11. Slim & Peg [add]
12. You Kept Me Here Waiting for This [add]

Grandview (1995) 01. Lover Man [add]
02. Evanston [add]
03. Katie Dear [add]
04. The Whore of Corryville [add]
05. Jimmy Saders [add]
06. Volpina [add]
07. Half a Dozen Roses [add]
08. Grandview [add]
09. Knoxville Girl [add]
10. Black Tie Affair [add]
11. Widow's Walk [add]
12. Asa K. [add]
13. Slag [add]

Welcome Love (1998) 01. He's Just Like Me [add]
02. The Losin' Kind [add]
03. Where You Goin' Now? [add]
04. You Can Take What's Left [add]
05. Jane Gang [add]
06. Anchored in Dust [add]
07. Backwards, Down the Stairs [add]
08. If Love Is a Song [add]
09. Lost on You [add]
10. Lilly of the Snowstorm [add]
11. (She Wants) A Lot of Something Else [add]
12. Not Anytime Soon [add]

Girlongirl (1999) 01. Half a Mind [add]
02. Some Doors Are Always Open [add]
03. Worthless Treasure [add]
04. South of Duchess [add]
05. Losers on Parade [add]
06. The Man You Called [add]
07. Gentleman Bride [add]
08. Draggin' My Heeels [add]
09. Not Enough to Stay [add]
10. Jimmy Kane [add]
11. I Won't Worry About You [add]
12. Last Boy Standing [add]
13. Treacled Harlot [add]
14. Legal Limit [add]
15. Long Before I Knew [add]

Maurice Mattei and a Room Full of Victims (2003) 01. California Man [add]
02. Cousin Amanda [add]
03. I Won't Worry About You [add]
04. Western Skies [add]
05. I Want It Back [add]
06. He's Just Like Me [add]
07. Set the World on Fire [add]
08. Jimmy Kane [add]
09. 100 Coffins [add]
10. Twenty Foot Drop [add]
11. Let Me Know [add]
12. Half a Mind [add]
13. Lover Man [add]
14. Crown Vic [add]

Dead Rails (2005) 01. Breakdown Lane [add]
02. When Did I Surrender? [add]
03. Southern Lean [add]
04. Bridgetown Girl [add]
05. Whatever Happened to George? [add]
06. Dead Rails [add]
07. Old Detroit [add]
08. The Palace Roses [add]
09. My Baby Left Here Walkin' [add]
10. Big Bells Ring [add]
11. Someday, That'll Be Me [add]
12. You'd Be Wrong [add]
13. Better Put Cassandra Down [add]
14. That's Close Enough [add]

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