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DJ Melo-Mix lyrics
Genre: Rap
Greatest Mixes, Vol. 29 (1997) 01. Genuine Pony Remix (Intro) [add]
02. It's an Everyday Thing to Roll [add]
03. Just Don't Bite It [add]
04. Dopeman [Remix] [add]
05. Cradle to the Grave [add]
06. Drag Rap [add]
07. Strictly Business [add]
08. Look at What I See [add]
09. Servivin the Game [add]
10. Hail Mary [add]
11. Real With This [add]
12. West Side Sold Up [add]
13. Paul Revere [add]
14. Free Style [add]
15. Keep Tryin' [add]
16. Fades Em All [add]
17. Friends [Beats] [add]
18. Break'um Off [add]
19. Freaky Tales [Beats] [add]
20. Let the Bass Go [add]
21. Cherish the Day [add]
22. Last Night [add]
23. Crownhill Interlude [add]
24. Born to Roll Beats [add]
25. Check It Out [add]
26. For Life Beats [add]
27. Do You Like Criminals? [add]
28. More Bounce Beats [add]
29. Friday Beats [add]
30. Swamp Again [add]
31. Remember Where You Came From [Remix] [add]
32. Feel the Bass Again [add]
33. Time to Check My Crack House [add]
34. I'm a Ho [add]
35. On & On [add]
36. Bomb A## Pu##y [add]
37. Get Stupid "Fresh", Pt. 1 [add]
38. Nobody Disses Me [add]

Return to the Mothership (1997) 01. "Crush on You" Mixed With "It's Yours" [add]
02. "Hypnotize" Mixed With "I Ain't No Joke" [add]
03. "More Bounce" Mixed With "You Remind Me" [add]
04. "I Always Feel" Like Mixed With "Rock the Bells" [add]
05. Sucker M.C.'s Mixed With "Rock the Bells" [add]
06. Marley Marl Scratch [Mixed With "Friends"] [add]
07. Return of the Mack Mixed With "Jam Master Jay" [add]
08. Mothership Interlude [add]
09. So Many Tears Mixed With " Where Is Your Love At" [add]
10. "Born to Roll" Mixed With "Crush" [add]
11. Lovin' You Tonight/Knowledge Me [add]
12. "Hella Tight Track" Mixed With "They Call Me Gucci" [add]
13. Paul Revere Mixed With "Steelo" [add]
14. "For Life" Mixed With "One More Chance Remix" [add]
15. "You Gots to Chill" Mixed With "Night & Day" [add]
16. All a Dream Mixed With Drop the Bass [add]
17. Mad Shot Outs [add]

Gangsta, Gangsta: Melo-Mix Is A Soldier, Vol. 30 (1998) 01. Drink a Yak/You Don't Wanna Go 2 War [add]
02. Mary Jane [add]
03. Let Me Hit It/Freaky Tales [add]
04. Situation on Dirty [add]
05. How Ya Do Dat/Hail Mary [add]
06. It Ain't My Fault/Paul Revere [add]
07. Unpredictable/You're a Customer [add]
08. We Can Dance/Love 4 tha Game [add]
09. Track by D.J. Mello [add]
10. No Limit Soldiers/Cherish the Day [add]
11. All a Dream [add]
12. Prank Phone Call Interlude [add]
13. On & On/Time to Check My Crackhouse [add]
14. Space Age [add]
15. Break 'Em off Somethin'/Where Ya Love At [add]
16. Weed & Money/New York, New York [add]
17. Tallahassee /People Don't Believe [mix] [add]

Who Bout It, Vol. 2 (1998) 01. 2nd Chance [add]
02. You Know I'm a Ho [add]
03. Weed and Hennesey [add]
04. The Man Right Chea/Scream [add]
05. Don't Play No Games [add]
06. Boo Yow/Homies & Thugs [add]
07. I'm a Soldier [add]
08. Freestyle Rap [add]
09. Better Than the Last Time/My Life [add]
10. Tear da Club Up [add]
11. Watch You Enemies [add]
12. F*#k Faces/Soldiers [add]
13. Money Stacks [add]

Pimpin' Ain't Dead (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. 4, 3, 2, 1 [add]
03. Hot Spot [add]
04. I Ain't Havin' That [add]
05. Rosa Parks [add]
06. Make Some Room [add]
07. Ha [add]
08. Ghetto Fabulous [add]
09. Hold Me [Beat] [add]
10. Push Me Off [add]
11. Sittin on Chrome (Beat) [add]
12. Rich Niggas [add]
13. Stack Yo Chips [add]
14. Bounce Wit Me [add]
15. Friday [Beat] [add]
16. Tha Shiznit [add]
17. Da Goodness (Beat) [add]
18. Freekz of da N-Dustri [add]
19. I'm a Ho [Beat] [add]
20. Do You [add]
21. Take You There [add]
22. Pushin' Weight [add]
23. What'cha Gonna Do? [add]
24. The New Beginning [add]
25. It Ain't My Fault, Pt. 2 [add]
26. Can I Get A... [add]
27. Unify [add]

Swervin' on Seventeens (2000) 01. Swervin/G-Stak Whoa [add]
02. Born to Roll [add]
03. Hot Boyz [add]
04. Wobble Wobble [add]
05. Lookin' for da Chewin' [add]
06. It Ain't My Fault [add]
07. You're a Customer [add]
08. U-Way [add]
09. Dope Man Can I Get A... [add]
10. 25 Lighters [add]
11. Southside [add]
12. Sex Faces [add]
13. 187 [add]
14. Country Grammar (Hot...) [add]
15. Suck My Dick [add]
16. 2 Bitches [add]
17. Snoopy Track [add]
18. Xxplosive [add]
19. Mary Jane [add]
20. Straight Gangstaism [add]
21. Come Clean [add]
22. Whistle While You Twurk [add]
23. Try Again [add]
24. Put Your Hands Where [add]
25. Friends [add]
26. Vivrant Thing [add]
27. Hypnotize [add]
28. I Ain't No Joke [add]
29. What Chu Like [add]
30. Sucker M.C.'s [add]
31. More Bounce to the Ounce [add]
32. Aim Steady [add]

Game for Yo Azz (2001) 01. Buck Bounce [add]
02. Explosive [Beat] [add]
03. Bad Boys [Beat] [add]
04. Been There, Done That [add]
05. I Can Tell [add]
06. The Last of a Dying Breed [add]
07. Hail Mary [Beat] [add]
08. Dead Wrong [add]
09. Gun Slinger [add]
10. Everlasting Bass [Beat] [add]
11. Chickenhead [add]
12. On and On [Acapella] [add]
13. Whoa [add]
14. Vendetta [add]
15. What You Want [add]
16. Feel So Good [add]
17. Lights Out [add]
18. Nigga Whatever [add]
19. 1-900-Hustler [add]
20. Down 4 My N's [add]
21. B**cH Before My Dog [add]
22. Make a Way [add]
23. Born to Roll [Beat] [add]
24. Look Me in the Eyes [add]
25. What's Your Fantasy [add]
26. Wise Guy [add]
27. Big Truck Boys [add]
28. Outro [add]

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