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Scarlet's Well lyrics
Genre: Rock
Strange Letters (1999) 01. Miss Twinkle's Been on Holiday Again [add]
02. Why Do Spirits Haunt Ruby Auburn? [add]
03. The Water-Shrew Shuffle [add]
04. Sweetmeat [add]
05. What's Mr. Pinkwig's Favourite? [add]
06. The Narison [add]
07. Edo Meridiem [add]
08. Willy Whispers [add]
09. The Mayor's Song [add]
10. The Spell [add]
11. The Captain's Song [add]
12. Petite Bouree [add]

Alice in the Underworld (2002) 01. The Return of the Hesperus [add]
02. Night of the Macaw [add]
03. The Ballad of Johnny Freak [add]
04. River [add]
05. Dream Love [add]
06. The Mystery's Mother [add]
07. Purple Rushes [add]
08. Death [add]
09. Dream Land [add]
10. Cerberus [add]
11. Diary of Edwardian Beetroot [add]

The Isle of the Blue Flowers (2002) 01. Isle of the Blue Flowers [add]
02. Old McGhee [add]
03. Dark Dreams Aboard the Hesperus [add]
04. Clop's Birthday [add]
05. Dragon [add]
06. Street of a Thousand Fools [add]
07. Luminous Creatures [add]
08. Pirate [add]
09. River's Treasure [add]
10. Lord Fishgarlic's Last Expedition lyrics
11. Fragment of a Parchment [add]
12. Azul Como el Diablo [add]

Dream Spider of the Laughing Horse (2004) 01. The Dream Spider of the Laughing Horse [add]
02. The Curse [add]
03. Billy Buttock's Requiem [add]
04. Blubberhouses [add]
05. Walking with the Beast [add]
06. Endymion Sleeps [add]
07. Plundering the Matriarchal Larder [add]
08. Big Dipper on the Spearman's Floor [add]
09. How the Cypress Made Apollo [add]
10. I Walk in Endless Silence [add]
11. De Natura Deorum [add]

Black Tulip Wings (2006) 01. Savage [add]
02. Mermaid [add]
03. You Can't Get the Staff [add]
04. The Stars That Fall on Hairy Tim [add]
05. Narcissus in the Maze [add]
06. My Tender Years [add]
07. Black Tulip Wings [add]
08. To One in Paradise [add]
09. The 364th Quest of Gerald the Eerie [add]
10. Salamander [add]
11. Evening Star [add]

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