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The Bar-Kays lyrics
Genre: R&B
Soul Finger (1967) 01. Soul Finger [add]
02. Knucklehead [add]
03. With a Child's Heart [add]
04. Bar-Kays Boogaloo [add]
05. Theme From Hell's Angels [add]
06. You Can't Sit Down [add]
07. House Shoes [add]
08. Pearl High [add]
09. I Want Someone [add]
10. Hole in the Wall [add]
11. Don't Do That [add]

Gotta Groove (1969) 01. Don't Stop Dancing (To the Music), Pt. 1 [add]
02. If This World Were Mine [add]
03. In the Hole [add]
04. Funky Thang [add]
05. Jiving Round [add]
06. Grab This Thing [add]
07. Don't Stop Dancing (To the Music), Pt. 2 [add]
08. Street Walker [add]
09. Yesterday [add]
10. Humpin' [add]
11. Hey Jude [add]

Black Rock (1971) 01. Baby I Love You [add]
02. I've Been Trying [add]
03. You Don't Know Like I Do [add]
04. Dance to the Music [add]
05. A Piece of Your Peace [add]
06. Six O'Clock News Report [add]
07. How Sweet It Would Be [add]
08. Montego Bay [add]

Do You See What I See? (1972) 01. Do You See What I See? [add]
02. God Is Watching [add]
03. Be Yourself [add]
04. You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me [add]
05. You're Still My Brother [add]
06. I Was Made to Love Her [add]
07. Your Good Thing (Is About to End) [add]
08. It Ain't Easy [add]
09. Love Pollution [add]
10. People, Unite to Save Humanity [add]
11. In the Hole [*] [add]
12. Copycat [*] [add]
13. Memphis at Sunrise [*] [add]
14. Medley: Son of Shaft/Feel It [add]
15. I Can't Turn You Loose [add]

Too Hot to Stop (1976) 01. Too Hot to Stop, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Cozy [add]
03. Bang, Bang (Stick 'Em Up) [add]
04. Spellbound [add]
05. Shake Your Rump to the Funk [add]
06. You're So Sexy [add]
07. Summer of Our Love [add]
08. Whitehouseorgy [add]

Flying High on Your Love (1977) 01. Shut the Funk Up [add]
02. Standing on the Outside [add]
03. Woman of the Night [add]
04. Whatever It Is [add]
05. Can't Keep My Hands off You [add]
06. Let's Have Some Fun [add]
07. Attitudes [add]
08. You Can't Run Away [add]
09. Flying High on Your Love [add]

Money Talks (1978) 01. Holy Ghost [add]
02. Feelin' Alright [add]
03. Monster [add]
04. Money Talks [add]
05. Mean Mistreater [add]
06. Holy Ghost [Reborn] [add]

Light of Life (1978) 01. Get up 'N Do It [add]
02. Shine [add]
03. I Lean on You [add]
04. Give It Up [add]
05. Love's What It's All About [add]
06. I'll Dance [add]
07. We're the Happiest People [add]
08. Are You Being Real [add]
09. Angel Eyes [add]

Injoy (1979) 01. More and More [add]
02. Move Your Boogie Body [add]
03. Running in and Out of My Life [add]
04. Girl I'm on Your Side [add]
05. Loving You Is My Occupation [add]
06. Today Is the Day [add]
07. You've Been [add]
08. Up in Here [add]

As One (1980) 01. Boogie Body Land [add]
02. Say It Through Love [add]
03. Work It Out [add]
04. Bodyfever [add]
05. Take the Time to Love Somebody [add]
06. Open Your Heart [add]
07. Deliver Us [add]
08. As One [add]

Propositions (1982) 01. Propositions [add]
02. Tripping Out [add]
03. Anticipation lyrics
04. (Busted) [add]
05. Do It/Let Me See You Shake [add]
06. She Talks to Me With Her Body [add]
07. I Can't Believe You're Leaving Me [add]
08. You Made a Change in My Life [add]

Dangerous (1984) 01. Dangerous [add]
02. Dirty Dancer [add]
03. Make Believe Lover [add]
04. Dance, Party, etc. [add]
05. Freakshow on the Dance Floor [add]
06. Lovers Should Never Fall in Love [add]
07. Loose Talk [add]
08. Sexomatic [add]

Banging the Wall (1985) 01. Your Place or Mine [add]
02. Banging the Walls [add]
03. Paper Doll [add]
04. Sex Driver [add]
05. Dance Your Body, Desara [add]
06. Love Don't Wait [add]
07. Missiles on Target [add]
08. Gina [add]

Contagious (1987) 01. Certified True [add]
02. Don't Hang Up [add]
03. Many Mistakes [add]
04. Freak City U.S.A. [add]
05. Contagious [add]
06. Something in the Air [add]
07. This Could Be the Night [add]
08. Time Out [add]
09. Touch [add]

48 Hours (1994) 01. Introduction [add]
02. She Can Get It [add]
03. The Slide [add]
04. If It Takes All Night [add]
05. Irresistible [add]
06. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right [add]
07. 48 Hours [add]
08. Out of My Mind [add]
09. X-N-Yo-Sex [add]
10. Read Between the Lines [add]
11. Mega Mix [add]
12. Seque [add]
13. Master [add]

The Real Thing (2003) 01. Hey Y'all [add]
02. Glad You're My Lady [add]
03. Holla If You Like That [add]
04. Give Me My Heart Back [add]
05. Let's Git Bizzy [add]
06. Is the Party Tight [add]
07. My Everything [add]
08. Never Say Never [add]
09. We Can't Stay Together [add]
10. You're My Joy [add]
11. Barkays [add]
12. Long Time Comin' [add]
13. Just 2 [add]
14. Step-N-Slide [add]

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